Leaked email: talking points for the left against President Donald Trump! Important, read this!

1.) The very first bulletin in the leaked email is to remind people of allegations against President Trump. Yet nothing, of course, is said about Bill Clinton who rode on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” 27 times to Orgy Island..

This is absolutely sickening, and that’s why we felt the need to show you this.

The research shows the mainstream media is in the pocket of the elites and the Deep state.  Are they doing this as sort some delusional patriotism or they just being paid? I wait for that proof. That will blow them to pieces.  The country knows something is amiss with the media.


CNN is hate-filled racist shame on you for liking Trump. MSDNC is a straight-up fairy tales show. I’m waiting for unicorns to appear on news desks to tell you the world is ending in 12 years because you haven’t done your part!  If that’s the case, we should party like it’s 1999.  The rest of the MSM numbskulls better dropped the hate quickly because the Michael Horowitz is up to bat with the warrant investigation.


Sean Hannity nailed it with the partially unredacted memo proving that Hillary Clinton along with the DNC and GPS Fusion started this fairy tale of horrors against the We the people and the duly elected president of these United States!


Don Lemon attacks Rev. Owens for not calling the president a racist, SHAME ON YOU Don

Don Lemon was so disrespectful to this wonderful pastor who worked hard, has three degrees has advised many presidents.  Pastor Owens is an honorable man and tries to explain to Don Lemon, where he came from and how he overcame poverty.


Rev. Owens and other inner-city people of faith met with the president, and the president said How can we help the black community? Don Lemon continues to keep pushing his racist rant left wokeness ideology, George Soros and Hillary speak.


Turns on the Rev. Owens and attacks him over same-sex marriage with Obama, claims that he said that he called them pedophiles! Jackass! That’s not what he said, and Rev Owens doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.  Pedophilia has nothing to do with LGTQ!


I want to know why this man still has a job? Why is Zucker allowing this idiot to go on as he does? Don Lemon is openly racist and trying to evoke violence, and that goes for most of his staff.  Do you hate Trump that much you’re willing to flush your cable channel down the drain?

Who owns CNN?


Let’s dive into this so we can boycott some products. I know the president doesn’t like boycotts, but maybe some comments directed their way will make them think harder.

en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org

Cable News Network (CNN) is an American news-based pay television channel owned by AT&T‘s WarnerMedia.[1] CNN was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner as a 24-hour cable news channel.[2] Upon its launch, CNN was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage,[3] and was the first all-news television channel in the United States.[4]

While the news channel has numerous affiliates, CNN primarily broadcasts from 30 Hudson Yards in New York City, and studios in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. Its headquarters at the CNN Center in Atlanta is only used for weekend programming. CNN is sometimes referred to as CNN/U.S. (or CNN Domestic)[5] to distinguish the U.S. channel from its international sister network, CNN International.

The network is known for its dramatic live coverage of breaking news, some of which has drawn criticism as overly sensationalistic, and for its efforts to be nonpartisan, which has led to accusations of false balance.

As of September 2018, CNN has 90.1 million television households as subscribers (97.7% of households with cable) in the United States.[6]

Globally, CNN programming airs through CNN International, which can be seen by viewers in over 212 countries and territories.[7]


Trump presidency, AT&T ownership

The presidency of Donald Trump has led to many prominent controversies involving CNN. The network was accused by critics of giving disproportionate amounts of coverage to Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. CNN president Jeff Zucker defended CNN against the criticism, commenting that out of the Republican candidates, Trump was the most willing to give on-air interviews. Trump commented upon the allegations during his speech at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), jokingly referring to CNN as the “Clinton News Network”.[35][36]

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker

In January 2017, CNN reported that Trump had been briefed on a classified dossier which detailed compromising personal and financial information allegedly obtained by the Russian government. While CNN did not publish the dossier, Trump criticized the network during a press conference the following day, and refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, claiming that the network was “fake news“.[37] On June 26, 2017, CNN investigative journalists Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris voluntarily resigned after the network retracted an online article which incorrectly connected Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci to a $10 billion Russian investment fund. The network apologized to Scaramucci and admitted that the online story did not meet their editorial standards.[38] Zucker responded by stressing that the network needs to “play error-free ball” when it comes to any future stories about Trump.[39]

In July 2017, Trump posted a video on Twitter of himself tackling Vince McMahon on the ground during WrestleMania 23, edited to replace McMahon’s face with the CNN logo. The clip was considered to be a further expression of his opinions regarding the network’s quality of coverage. Several media columnists and Democratic politicians condemned the retweeted video, concerned that its substance—given the tone of some of Trump’s criticism of mainstream media outlets for what he deems as unfavorable coverage of him and his presidency—could encourage some of his extreme right-wing supporters to commit violence against journalists from outlets outside of the conservative media spectrum.[40][41] Later that month, a group of Democratic United States Senators, led by Amy Klobuchar, issued a request for information over allegations that the Trump administration was planning to use CNN as “leverage for political gain” in the process of clearing the proposed acquisition of its parent company Time Warner by AT&T—a purchase which was first announced in October 2016.[42][43] The Daily Caller reported that, in particular, the administration was seeking the removal of Jeff Zucker as CNN president. Although Trump had promised to block the acquisition entirely during his presidential campaign, Trump’s transition team later stated that the government planned to evaluate the deal without prejudice.[44][45][46][47]

Following the announcement of the acquisition, AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson stated that the company was “committed to continuing the editorial independence of CNN”.[48] In August 2017, Deadline Hollywood reported that AT&T had considered spinning off CNN and its stake in TMZ post-acquisition.[48] In October 2017, Stephenson downplayed the possibility that the ongoing tensions between Trump and CNN could affect the deal, stating that he “[didn’t] know what the relevance of CNN is in terms of an antitrust review”, and that AT&T did not plan to make managerial changes to Time Warner properties that were operating well, such as CNN.[49] Later that month, CNN launched a new promotional campaign, “Facts First”, in an effort to combat negative perceptions over the quality of its reporting. Using an apple to demonstrate metaphors for fake news and “alternative facts” (in particular, suggesting that one could persistently opine that the apple was actually a banana), the ads publicize a commitment to prioritizing accurate, fact-based reporting before presenting opinions on a particular story.[50][51] The ad became the subject of parodies, including one by The Daily Caller (which reversed the ad, and amended the slogan with “unless we are reporting on Trump”), and Stephen Colbert (which closed with the line “Now orange you ready to impeach?”), and was criticized by conservative publishers, Republican politicians, and on social media.[52][53][54][55]

On November 6, 2017, Stephenson met with Makan Delrahim, Assistant Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division, to discuss antitrust and concentration of media ownership concerns surrounding the acquisition, and possible options for satisfying them.[56][57] Two days later, major media outlets publicly reported that the Justice Department had recommended that either the entire Turner Broadcasting System unit, or DirecTV, be divested as a condition of the merger. The Financial Times went further, stating that it had specifically demanded the divestment of CNN.[58][59][56][60] Stephenson denied these reports, stating that he never offered to, nor had any intentions to sell CNN.[61][62] CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter noted that media outlets were interpreting the alleged recommendations as being either a genuine concern for AT&T’s scale following the merger, or a retaliatory measure by the Trump administration against CNN.[56]

At the DealBook conference in New York City the next day, Stephenson denied that the Department had demanded the divestment of CNN at all (stating that he had “never been told that the price of getting the deal done was selling CNN”), and that the company aimed to “get to a negotiated settlement”. However, he stated that if they were unable to do so, AT&T was “prepared to litigate”.[63][56] In a statement to CNBC, a Department of Justice official backed Stephenson, denying that there were any specific demands to divest CNN during the discussion, and considering the claims to be “shocking” and an attempt to politicize the situation. The official added that the Department had officially recommended either abandoning the deal entirely, or divesting DirecTV or Turner, but that it was open to other options for quelling antitrust concerns.[57] The same day, the watchdog group Protect Democracy sued the Department of Justice to seek information on whether the Trump administration had “improperly interfered with the Department’s review of the merger between AT&T and Time Warner, or has acted in that matter based on the President’s personal dislike of CNN’s protected speech.” The group had issued a Freedom of Information Act request for these details, but the Department had not responded.[64] On November 20, 2017, the Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit over the acquisition.[65]

The proposed merger was affirmed on June 12, 2018, after District of Columbia U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon ruled in favor of AT&T in the lawsuit. The merger closed two days later, with the company becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T under the renamed parent company WarnerMedia.[66][67][68][non-primary source needed] Under a proposed reorganization announced in March 2019 (which will involve the dissolution of Turner Broadcasting), AT&T stated that CNN would be moved into a new “WarnerMedia News & Sports” division led by Jeff Zucker, adding Turner Sports and the AT&T SportsNet regional sports networks to his oversight.[69]

On May 6, 2019, CNN launched a new studio at 30 Hudson Yards, as part of the migration of WarnerMedia’s operations to the facility from the former Time Warner Center.[70][71] In late May 2019, CNN International announced it was reducing its programming and staff based in London to reduce costs, with CNNI losing $10 million per year.[72]

Zucker used to run NBC Universal which has been influenced by the woke left, isn’t that right Meghan Markle? The rivers run deep in this screwed narrative.



Even fake news CNN cannot hide the truth

“JOE BIDEN Published 5 mins ago.

CNN’s David Gregory: Russia meddling happened on Biden’s watch” Sleepy Joe tries to reassure the public if he gets elected, Russians won’t have a chance to interfere with the US election? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha I have a question to Biden and former President Obama: Where the hell have you guys been in 2014, 2015, and 2016? Does Creepy Joe really believe people are that stupid to believe in his BS?


Joe, we have pudding tonight!



The Dems don’t have much competition for Trump

This is clearly an attack on Joe to make him go away, but he still got plenty of money to do more damage to the party.  In a way, he is a dying breed of moderate Democrats.

Trumps a machine!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋

We all know the solution.

“The current situation on the Southern Border represents an acute and worsening crisis,” Acting Inspector General Jennifer Costello said in a letter to Jim Crumpacker, the director of the Government Accountability Office-OIG Liaison Office.


“Our immigration system is not equipped to accommodate a migration pattern like the one we are experiencing now.” —-




In other words, the US immigration system cannot absorb the whole population of Central America. No amount of money pouring in the system will solve the immigration crises unless Congress steps up and close loopholes in the asylum process.


Reagan knew it, tried to fix it, and failed. Clinton knew it, tried to fix it and failed. George W. knew it, tried to fix it and failed. Obama knew it, tried to fix it and failed.


Trump knows it, but the only difference he is refusing to give up. He has exposed the system which has failed a long time ago and determined to finally fix it.

Embed from Getty Images


Obama was neither kinder nor more compassionate than Trump is. He deported thousands of illegals during his time in the office. In 2015, the immigration facilities were overwhelmed with families with children. Border patrol agents were doing their best with a limited amount of financial resources. Many illegals were released into the country. And some of them were deported later.


Trump campaign raised $105 million in the second quarter. Much money came from the Latino community. No Dems can compete with this number. Why? Because the progressive wing is dishonest and what they propose is not okay with the majority of the country. Any good doctor will tell you if you mix prescription drugs, highly likely you will get negative reactions. You will mix prescription policies, you will get bad outcomes.

Embed from Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 04: President Donald Trump speaks on July 04, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump is holding a “Salute to America” celebration on the National Mall on Independence Day this year with musical performances, a military flyover, and fireworks. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)


AOC ~ Stop lying! She stated it was a low turn out; there was every color of the rainbow there, that is what makes America great, Our undeniable patriotism. What happened to AOC’s?

Embed from Getty Images

Let us open the borders and give every illegal person free stuff. What will the outcome be? AOC wants to close all the detention facilities? Okay. Then when does she want to put all those people? In hotels? Or where? How many of them can she welcome into her condo? Think about this? And don’t forget every year, the US welcomes about a million LEGAL immigrants. They respect the law. They patiently wait for their documents for months, and even for years.

Embed from Getty Images

Brother lover, Wannabe Hollywood, General X from Buckaroo Bonzai


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, speaks as Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, right, and Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, left, listen during a news conference announcing college affordability legislation on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, June 24, 2019. Sanders is proposing to cancel the nation’s outstanding $1.6 trillion of student debt and offsetting the cost with a tax on Wall Street transactions. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images



Thank you anon for sending this ask in,  we proved there is a crisis, but the Socialist Democrat party chose to spin it and are still lobbing grenades at the President. The MSM is biased as all the depths of hell.


What makes me laugh is Latinos know that socialism doesn’t work, so these nimrods are putting all their eggs in the vote baskets and hoping every illegal immigrant will vote for them.  I know, JD they can’t vote, they are unlawful!  The naturalized Latino citizens tend to vote Republican…


Everyone should run from any candidate that keeps on the rhetoric of calling their citizens racists. They’re putting every light skinned Citizen as a white privilege! What the hell does that mean?  I take great offense to this and so should all of you! 


My grandfather used to work at the Philadelphia Bulletin, and he died suddenly living six kids and a wife. Instead of asking for a handout, they all went to work waiting tables at a diner, working in a hotel, fixing cars. Their determination to make it and not be the victim is something everyone should strive for in life.  Is that white privilege? It’s being American, Don Lemon!


Thank you anon, have a great weekend! 🌸😎💋 God bless America!

Fareed Zakaria is the first CNN anchor who admits Trump was right.

Fareed Zakaria, the CNN anchor, on Sunday said it “pains” him to admit it, but President Trump was correct that the U.S. finds itself in a crisis with asylum system and the number of new arrivals.

Embed from Getty Images

The host of “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” was also critical of asylum rules that he called “vague, laxed and being gamed.” Zakaria said asylum was initially intended for a small number of people in the most extreme circumstances, not as a process of immigration in itself. He said the rules need to be “substantially tightened.”

He pointed out that “many” current asylum-seekers often have “suspiciously similar stories” and employ “identical phrases.”

Do you think? Even the ACLU tells them what to say, and many groups are being funded now, I wonder who is supporting that?

Embed from Getty Images

Crypt keeper?? This is his MO and Killary Rotten Clinton

Embed from Getty Images

WASHINGTON – JUNE 3: Philanthropist George Soros (L) greets U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after she introduced him at the Take Back America Conference June 3, 2004 in Washington, DC. The conference aims to unite progressive issue groups as well as train for organizing campaigns in 2004 and beyond. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)


“Democrats have spent most of their efforts on this topic, assailing the Trump administration for its heartlessness,” he said. “Fine. But that does not address the roots of this genuine crisis. If things continue to spiral downward and America’s southern border seems out of control, Trump’s tough rhetoric and hard-line stance will become increasingly attractive to the public.”


Finally, someone not on the take!  It’s not hard to research who is doing this, who is helping to continue to create this chaos in our beloved country. Many groups have popped up since my original research for donations, anyone wishing to donate should take great care; this is the time when scammers come out of the woodwork.


As you see, regardless of troops and presidents in the triangle telling them not to go, the well funded continue to entice people with dreams of making money, it’s really the opposite, they will encounter swindlers, cartels, traffickers, death, rape, kidnapping,  Now why don’t they tell them the truth?  George, why don’t you tell everyone the reality of your globalist agenda?


George Soros and Hillary are enemy number one! IMO, of course.


Thank you anon, keep sending opinions, tweets, links, video, Let’s have the conversation! 🌸😎💋💋🙏🏼

AOC is full of sh&t !!!!

Her fall will be dramatic! “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

Officials push back on AOC’s border station claims, saying she is ‘misinforming’ the public” Even pastors who try to stay away from politics are calling her out on her BS. Nancy lost all the control over those id0ts.




Oh yeah, Nanny can’t control the big mouth and doesn’t realize her foot is stuck in her ass.

AOC is a nutter!  Did you know that Google is blocking the video of the Border Patrol video! Outrageous! can someone send that in?


Thank you anon, keep bringing comments, videos, tweets,🌸😎💋

Sean Hannity wham bam to the Moon Jimmy Acosta

“As I said to little Fake News Jimmy Acosta, you have not earned time on the number one show in all of cable news.  You can tell all your reps to stop begging my staff, the answer is no,” said Hannity. “Unlike you, I don’t peddle lies on the lowest rated cable network in America. Nor will I promote your lies on 618 of the best talk radio stations in America. Nor has anyone ever provided me scripts or talking points (another Acosta lie).”

If you look around the Main Stream News the talking points are all the same, hmmm I wonder who’s PR agency is feeding the scripts and how much are they getting paid for this?

I know the deal folks,  social media is inundated with PR trolls called LARP, live-action role players.  They follow a script and have multiple accounts with similar content.  The PR agency for Hillary R Clinton is Ken Sunshine, same agency MM had.

This situation is a struggle for Fox news albeit number one, against network and fake cable news such as MSNBC and CNN.  They are trying to get the truth out to the American, We the people.

Everything the MSM accuses President Trump of is something the Obama/Biden and Hillary Clinton already did! It’s the dog and pony show!

Everything should be made public. Even Don Lemon cannot avoid the reality any more.

“He is incredibly concerned and obsessed this investigation is going to throw him under the bus. And his view, at least from the people close to him, is, ‘Look, I was working on this dossier that people were paying for. I saw things that the Democrats were paying for. I saw things that seemed frightening to me and alarming. I went to old contacts of the FBI to tell them. I wasn’t a paid source in this case.’ That’s his view of it,” Rosenberg reported on Tuesday’s ‘CNN Tonight’ with host Don Lemon.
(Steele will tell the truth. He has no choice. The dossier was always a piece of garbage. FISA warrants were obtained based on garbage. Steele wants nothing to do with Comey and Brennan any more)

I posted the above in case anyone wants to question your link.  Here we go, first, thank you for sending this into me.  The biggest smile on my face right is bringing out the sunshine here in Florida!

As you all might know I’m a big fan of prime time news on Fox and I DVR it to keep up to date with the truth. Watching Tucker last night on DVR had me cracking up laughing over Don Limone, that’s right Tucker calls him that.

Don is the one that’s toxic race-baiter, and why is he including every white person as a racist neo-nazi? I refuse to accept his rhetoric, and I do love POC.  I don’t like Don, anyone can be an asshole, and Don easily fits right into that category.

Also, Tucker points out that Rachel Maddow is okay, MSNBC is a liberal news organization.  They don’t apologize or that but, CNN is supposed to nonbiased, and I get where he is going there.  Maybe they should proclaim the same. Something tells me the bosses at CNN are upset with Limone performance and not accurately fact-checking his resources. I wouldn’t be surprised if Don gets fired soon.

AT& T is being beaten up by the President of the United States of America a duly elected official. People who buy cell phones elected a businessman. This company owes it to the American people to be non-bias in it’s reporting. He is making people hate one another, how unAmerican is that?  That was my turn off against CNN, IMO Don’t you lecture me you 🤬tard! Nobody should talk like that, take your west coast Hollywood bullshit narrative somewhere else!

Thank you again for this,  Music to my ears! 🌸😎


I dont pay too much attention to poll but … This is the liberal media outlet

Welcome to reality. All numbers are out there for everyone to see.


They aren’t good for the MSM at all they are barely hanging on. Let’s find the links together to become a more informed audience.

This is April, and it’s gotten worse for the ATT company.

I don’t know how they can compare Entertainment news *fake news with Fox News, Fox dominates for being truthful and having far superior guests on their show with much more credibility and honor.  Isn’t that what news is supposed to be, credible, truthful so the American people can decide for themselves.

Thank you anon, for the ask! 🌸😎