Nadler desperately presses Wray about investigations

I saw this live, and I should have brought back the video, but I found this one. Jerry asked him again if any investigation was opened against the swamp rats.  Wray doesn’t say that there is but if there is proper predication for it.

In the original video, after Jerry asks him again about investigations, it pans back to Jerry, and he gulps, he knows the shit is going to hit the fan.  I feel his fear. 

The Dems are out of options, and we let them destroy themselves.

Everyone is saying Strock and Comey will be the first to go down, and I agree with that. But that won’t be the shocking wake up call America needs. We need a bigger fish.  It’s said that they reopened the HRC case, now that’s a big fish!  We got the Biden case going; they are all going to down!

People will try to save themselves, so I think Comey will snitch to try to save his skin. He is a 🤬ing coward.


Qanon – 3708 – More James Corney References Found DOJ Docs


search dep.justice and look what you find re corney📁📁
…confinned by then-FBI Director James 8. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent

James 8 Corney

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