My comment on the DM

Meghan’s PR or her fans reported my comment on the new Meghan article, but the DM has decided not to delete it. Meghan and her people are nasty morons.

We would like to let you know that your comment made on “Blogger behind hit website documenting Meghan’s fashion reveals she thought the ‘ambitious’ star was ‘too good’ to settle with Harry,

07/06/2019 at 11:30 has been reinstated on MailOnline


The Daily Mail reviewed it and decided that your opinion was okay, but make no mistake it’s a paid article.  Meghan will be at the trooping of the colors, and they want people talking about her.

I had to double check a Canadian Group Effervescence owns the site out of Vancouver.  Maybe this girl from Virginia started this, but it’s Canadian.

Remember this is not tumblr no need to put parenthesis in with your link.

Thank you for your ask, 🌸😎


How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

Let me show who wrote this.  I’m going to be doing an info dump this week, and Peter Sheridan pay attention


Cruel Meghan Markle trolls blast Royal Family as ‘stupid’ and ‘arrogant’ after they threaten to report abusive comments to cops

Internet users – many from America – claimed the Royal Family had no right to threaten them for voicing their “disgust” at royals such as Meghan Markle

You can take this a few ways, get angry about it or look at as something the press isn’t allowed to say.  I do play devil’s advocate and will continue to do so.  People do need to think and feel with their heart before posting.
This is an incredible situation built to evoke emotion and its worked beautifully with the help of the most potent PR money can buy.  They have gaslighted the hell out us again to evoke an emotional response.
By the way, @Peter Sheridan, Googie, and Barb are from Aus, and there are many from all over the world. There are other authors besides me posting which you got later after you submitted damning information and intentionally removing the source, that one I’m still mad about. If you wanted to work with me instead of against me, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would need to negotiate some guidelines.
I need a new cell. I can’t hear a bloody thing, I can’t afford now, renovation is a bitch.

Anonymous said:Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today

Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today on the latest article about Sam and Meghag. I wrote that Meghan will probably claim after the divorce that the palace forced her to stay away from her father. Sad how comment board manipulation has become normal since Christian Jones is the new PR guy.
No evidence of that anon. What I did find there may be some hacking or bot behavior in the comments.
Comments are appearing, disappearing and materializing right before our eyes.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎
best rated without up arrows 
new best rated                                                         

Anonymous said: So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail.

So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail. They are still trying to get rid of critical comments about MeMeMeghan. Apparently, everybody has to think she is perfect and has to LOVE, ADORE and WORSHIP her. She’s a true narc.
Meghan Markle is treading on free speech! She calls her self a Democrat, yeah right, socialist!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎🍌

MegSux  submitted:Comments on the DM

Comments on the DM

I’ve stopped reading the comments on the DM but a friend of my still reads there and says people have problems on the Morocco articles again. Comments disappear and people get immediately red arrowed etc. She sent me some comments:

yellowbeeez, washington, United States, less than a minute ago

Palace PR Staff are out in force today downvoting comments. They are in damage control mode after the obscene NY trip. You can’t silence us all forever, we aren’t a bunch of “Samanthas,” wake up and get these two out of the spotlight now if you want to save any last respect for the Monarchy, but I think the damage is irreparable.

tts, jaxin, United States, 2 hours ago

Comments being deleted. No opposing opinions allowes. Whats next, no free speech in the home?

null, 1 hour ago

My comment was deleted yesterday !

Citizen, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 59 minutes ago

I noticed the same that anything too negative even if true is not being published or is deleted so Meghan;’s PR team very busy… There was something about Meghan ’s friends are considering taking DM to court as such negative press about NYC baby shower,


Thank you for the comments MegSux,! 🌸😎JD

Anon is happy not to read the comments anymore

I have to say I’m feeling much better since I stopped reading the comments in MeAgain’s articles. Her fans are just too toxic and the manipulation from her and her people is just ridiculous. Now I’m only reading the headline and the article, that’s it.
I understand it’s hard you get in there and think you are doing your best. You make friends as I did with Felix, Luffy, Googie, little group of troopers. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. We always have blogs.
Thank you anon 🌸😎

JKR submitted: DM removing best rated comments, MM & H

DM Removing Best Rated Comments

The DM has removed the best rated comment because it was not a “I love MEagain” comment. The new top comment is about how lovely Meghan looks.

JS, Somerset, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

How on earth did this comment suddenly gain so many upvotes?

Anne747, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago

I hope these 2 celebrities are paying for all this PR fixing on these comments and not the British public I wonder if they get paid more for working out of office hours?

DottiG, SC, United States, 11 hours ago

I see Meghan’s P R is at it again. These comments are laughable. Nice manipulation of upvotes.

Axel Ives, Covington, United States, 10 hours ago

Dotti, you are correct! I wonder how much is paid for the fake upvoting? Either way, it¿s pretty damn pathetic when you have to pay people to post positive comments and fake upvotes on your behalf!

The Mickey Finn, Garden Of My MInd, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

HOW did that get to be Top Comment… the view of DM voters is the opposite!

DottiG, SC, United States, 9 hours ago

Axel… she needs a refund. She’s clearly paid too much for her 4 P R teams and with no “real” return. No one likes her and the more she is shoved down everyone’s throats, the more she’s hated. She just can’t stand it.

DottiG, SC, United States, 9 hours ago

ALL of these stupid pro-Meghan comments are saying the exact same thing!! It’s painfully obvious. The desperation of Meghan and her P R teams is palpable.

Helena G, London, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

Smart, DM! Putting this as the top comment so we can all point out that she has had botox which is a no-no when pregnant. I see what you did there. Thank you.

Mrs. Rabbit, Georgia, United States, 8 hours ago

FAKE TOP COMMENT – the REAL one has vanished (we knew this was coming) because the PR team didn’t get the glowing comments they sought.-

Jaded politics, Marquette, United States, 8 hours ago

What happened to the top comment?? The comment and all of its replies were just removed! Come on DM!!

Audene Marie, Ohio, United States, 8 hours ago

Anyone remember when DJT had thousands of red @rr0ws and HRC had twice as many greeeen? But who won? F@ k3 arrows here, we are not f00|ed

Iseult, North Coast NI, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Oh dear, the real top rated commment has gone so this pro-Meghan one is in its place! If that doesn’t prove desperation I don’t know what does, but at least we now know the DM is allowing this to happen. Sorry, but that won’t make her more popular, fake popularity is as bad as a fake person, and the public aren’t that easily fooled. Funny how Kate doesn’t need this sort of desperate tactic to look popular, she actually IS popular and doesn’t need silly PR manipulation to prove it.

HeavilyModded, ModCity, Canada, 7 hours ago

Bet top comment got pulled because L@iney was getting dissed. It has happened before. Harry’s wife is very protective about one of her favourite Spin Doctor Syncophants.

Me Again08, All Over, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

How did the real “Top Comment” totally disappear all of a sudden??!

NorthbyNortheast, Pluto, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago

This is the top rated comment? Yeah right…. how much she paying you for the up votes?

Gypsmo, Uk, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago

PR at work to make this top comment haha-

LeavingForever, overthere, Croatia, 2 hours ago

So the DM//KP deleted the real top comment overnight. Because the top comment was something about her terrible fashion sense. Nice one, Meg.

Aezejlya, Middle of nowhere, United Kingdom, 27 minutes ago

Wow, I haven’t seen a fake upvoted comment since all the pre Brexit vote articles. Very sad that someone has bothered to do this.

Aida submitted: DM is at it again! Top comments being deleted

Top Comments Deleted

The DM and KP have deleted two top comments on the main article.

Now is this the top comment:

oh_dear, Swindon, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

She is gaining some weight on her face, and it really suits her. Everyone seems to dislike her, but I think she looks lovely here.

Anonymous said: No comments allowed last night

No comments allowed last night when the article was posted and then suddenly they appear and surprise, the top comments are written by her PR team to manipulate public opinion. The Father gets a check to play along and all is fine, Nope nothing has changed. Most do not care for Meghan and most don’t care for the constant press for Harry who is down the line in the Firm. The focus should be on Charles and William.

Ignore her! Why go there? You know this going to happen, that’s the part don’t get.


thank you anon, 🌸😎