People are tired of the RF

People are not happy with the RF at the moment, you just need to read the best rated comments on these articles:


The best-rated comments are slamming the Royals! Best leave the great unwashed to ourselves, we don’t have acres and acres to wander around.

Nobody wants to hear from Prince Charles at the moment when he is on the board with Bill Gates, Pirbright Institute that has a patent on Coronavirus. Prince Charles is part of the new world order, globalist. I doubt highly he had Wuhan Flu and if he did I speculate that vaccine was good to go for him. 

queen corona

Rumors have it that Gates vaccinate people to make them sterile for population control. Conspiracy theorist contends that the vaccine that’s coming will have the mark of the beast. They will be able to track everyone’s movements. 

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The Daily Mail has blocked me from making comments on Harry articles

Little old me commenting on the Daily Mail, What are they afraid of? Yet my colleague Sarri, posted what I wanted to say without question.

Are they poor losers since doxing me and others? These were your comments from the heart. You have the right to criticize your representatives.  It was a bloodbath for the Daily Mail and people came out against my Doxing. We had about 10k comments on that Charlotte Wace hit piece.

Next time you see Harry and his Troll Meghan Markle together there will be happiness between them. However, that’s not what’s really going on, its a play.  MM is working him hard and screwing with his head.

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I’ll be surprised if she shows up for Commonwealth day. When you get ghosted from Meghan Markle, she wants nothing to do you.  You should expect photos from different charities on her Instagram page. She won’t be giving any photo ops from people she hates. It looks likes backgrid and splash news.

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What’s shocking is Harry wanted to sue Splash News for his privacy out in the country. Even though Meghan hired them to do this.

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When will Harry wake up? When will honest reporting happen? Dan Wooten is the only man that had the balls to report it correctly. I hope and pray that he continues to ask questions.

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Harry, Wake up!


Anon submits: Meghan’s PR team forgot to delete the “mean” comments about their wannabe queen

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Today we look back to Christmas 2018, and The Duchess of Sussex's visit to Brinsworth House, a residential and nursing care home in Twickenham, owned and run by the Royal Variety Charity. Each year, the UK’s much beloved Royal Variety performance is held in aid of the Royal Variety Charity of which Her Majesty The Queen is Patron. Funds raised from the show and throughout the year, help entertainers from around the UK who need support and assistance as a result of old age, ill-health, or hard times. At Brinsworth House, The Duchess joined residents singing carols and making Christmas decorations, as she unveiled a traditional 'Royal plaque' which is proudly displayed on the entrance hall wall, not far from one marking the 1976 visit of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Last Christmas, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended their first joint Royal Variety performance at the iconic London Palladium. Since HRH’s visit, the Royal Variety Charity has completely refurbished Brinsworth House’s kitchen and dining room, enabling residents to feel even more at home, in their new home. #RoyalVarietyPerformance @royalvarietyperformance Photo © PA

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“This is the engagement where she literally all she asked everyone was what their name was and how long they’d been there. There are awkward compilations online”

“Back when they actually worked? No, my bad. She has never really worked for the UK🙄🤦♀️”

“Hope Harry is on his way back home ASAP in one of those private jets to be with his ill grandfather”

“When the other person in the marriage is (always) an after thought 😂😂😂”

“No visit to the care home this year? Just a photo glorifying yourself for a quick little photo-op visit from a year ago? The photograph is centered on Meghan, not even on the old gentleman!”

“But can’t be bothered this year to do anything! Hopefully the new year will bring news that the royal family will be scaled back then none of us will have to pay for these two or the other ones who waste taxpayers money!”

“Is that the visit where you couldn’t get your coat to leave fast enough?”

“please more pictures of the duke’ not you because you are nothing without the Duke.. 😂”

“Why are you deleting my question? When are you going to launch the Armed Forces Mental Health Initiative you announced way back in June on Armed Forces Day? #ptsd #veteran @ministryofdefence @seac_glennhaughton”

“No xmas card??? It does make a person wonder if the rumors are true and they are on seperate vacations…trouble in paradise???”

“I’m so happy they aren’t going to walk with the Cambridge’s and the children to the queens Christmas mass🙏I hope they miss every year and it’s just the main royals. Charles, Camilla William, Kate, George, Charlotte, Louis 🙏”

“Please take another 6 week sabbatical 😊”

“With the news Prince Phillip has been taken to hospital today Harry at least should be ashamed of not being there with them at Xmas.”

“if the other, actually hardworking royals marked the anniversary of each engagement, they would be posting every day! only when you do such little work does every little thing necessitate such pomp and circumstance. poor little Rachel needed 5 months maternity leave and then another 6 week break! not fit for the royal life at all!”

“Wooooow. Hard working and saving the planet…Flying around, taking pictures, finding the camera… The world will be better place. Thanks instagram!”

“Haha queen of spotlight. Old photos are still uploaded, the base of a losing claim to Cambridge’s popularity”

“A has been. You are not fooling anyone anymore.”

“still needs the spotlight on her when she’s doing nothing 😂 GO AWAY RACHEL NO ONE CARES!”

“Aren’t you being vanish from the court of the Royal family that is why you don’t release your Christmas card or you are going to drop it on Christmas day to steal the moment from the Royal family? How is your 6 week vacation megsy? Busy on Instagram? 😀”

“Is H still a prince? Is he still Harry? Or what is he? If he is in just one picture out of four?”

“How long have you been here” x 100. Very original 🙄. Nothing new, so dig up old posts 🙄 but don’t miss calling yourself “HRH” 🙄. Heard it before …yawn”

“Sunshine Sachs earning their $$$”

“Why is Harry’s only photo at the end? Looks like he’s just thrown in as an afterthought”

“How about calling for Prayers for Prince Phillip instead of drawing attention to yourself for something you did last year? Guess your to egocentric and busy complaining to share compassion or caring for your new family, you used to be excited for, the family you never had 🙄”

“Glam shots of yourself much?”

“What about “H”? Where is he?! Why does it ALWAYS have to be about you?? Oh ya….narcissists have to have it that way.”

“Wow! 3 pics of the Duchess vs only 1 pic of the Duke! Self importance showing through again!”

“Nice Job keeping Harry away from his family, now his beloved Grandfather is in the hospital and all I can think is what a shame that Harry didn’t have this Christmas time with him ! Selfish MM .. Doria could have clearly made the trip to England ! Maybe MM doesn’t have good relations with her family but Harry was very close to his until she came along !!”

Oh shit! Looks like the palace isn’t helping Meghan any more, She must be on her own. 

Thank you anon, 🥰

Anon said: Comments MM

Are you still reading the comments on MM articles? I had to stop reading them; it’s just too much. I liked the comments on the Daily Mail, but MM is every day in the news, and her fans, fake friends, and family are so annoying…


It’s not worth bringing back comments anymore, I started this when Meghan was commenting, and we had a legit war of words. Now, it’s turned into a frenzy that I’ve said over and over again, Stop giving Meghan Markle air, #NoAir.  People don’t realize you are making her happen, stop making Smeg happen. No press is an excellent press for the woke one. Let her die out, which is what the BRF would want.

I get that people want information, and to keep hashing up old pictures and articles is falling right into her hands!  The more you hate on Smeg, the more she can preach this Diana 2.0 crap to Harry. He falls for it and wants to be the knight in shining armor as she sucks all the mojo out of him.

Smeg’s PR brought back her family right on cue for Sunshine Sachs, a PR strategy to get people talking about her. Remember, Smeg needs money! The more you click, the better she makes out. Don’t buy whoah is me narrative; she is a shark that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The backers are Hillary and George, and they want the open society narrative (communism). They are hateful people.



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Why you gotta to be so mean?

Why you gotta to be so mean?

Social Media Keyboard Warriors, or are they Shills?
The President of the United States Twitter Account

I like to stop by the president’s twitter account and see what’s up, maybe say Hello and add a positive comment. Today, I started reading some of the people’s comments to our President and boy was I shocked!  My grandmother would have washed my mouth out with soap!

When did we become so…

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My comment on the DM

My comment on the DM

Meghan’s PR or her fans reported my comment on the new Meghan article, but the DM has decided not to delete it. Meghan and her people are nasty morons.

We would like to let you know that your comment made on “Blogger behind hit website documenting Meghan’s fashion reveals she thought the ‘ambitious’ star was ‘too good’ to settle with Harry…

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How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

Let me show who wrote this.  I’m going to be doing an info dump this week, and Peter Sheridan pay attention

Cruel Meghan Markle trolls blast Royal Family as ‘stupid’ and ‘arrogant’ after they threaten to report abusive…

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Anonymous said:Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today

Anonymous said:Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today

Anonymous said:
Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today on the latest article about Sam and Meghag. I wrote that Meghan will probably claim after the divorce that the palace forced her to stay away from her father. Sad how comment board manipulation has become normal since Christian Jones is the new PR guy.
No evidence of that anon. What I did find there may be some hacking or bot behavior in…

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Anonymous said:So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail.

Anonymous said:So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail.

Anonymous said:

So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail. They are still trying to get rid of critical comments about MeMeMeghan. Apparently, everybody has to think she is perfect and has to LOVE, ADORE and WORSHIP her. She’s a true narc.

Meghan Markle is treading on free speech! She calls her self a Democrat, yeah right, socialist!
Dick -tater

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🍌

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MegSux  submitted:Comments on the DM

MegSux  submitted:Comments on the DM

MegSux ( submitted:

Comments on the DM

I’ve stopped reading the comments on the DM but a friend of my still reads there and says people have problems on the Morocco articles again. Comments disappear and people get immediately red arrowed etc. She sent me some comments:

yellowbeeez, washington, United States, less than a minute ago

Palace PR Staff are out in force today…

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