Anon submitted: Princess Beatrice Is Engaged

Anon submitted: Princess Beatrice Is Engaged

Princess Beatrice has become engaged to property tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Buckingham Palace has announced

I hate to say it but I don’t trust him. He always looks at the cameras and enjoys the attention a bit too much.

Thanks for your opinion,…

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It comes from a Democrat

It comes from a Democrat

“CNN “experts” are wrong. Trump listens to everyone”. I don’t expect CNN and MSNBS to admit that they have been wrong all this time. At least, some Democrats have the courage, to tell the truth.

Congratulation to Rep. Matt Cartwright for reaching across the aisle! We applaud the Presidents…

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The Duke and Duchess Have a Baby Boy and Harry is over the moon! Congratulation!

The Duke and Duchess Have a Baby Boy and Harry is over the moon! Congratulation!

So Harry is a father and a very happy one. A son just what he wanted. JD nothing can convince me she was ever pregnant. So a surrogate it was. And they covered it up. Home birth and all. I wish this poor babe the best with these two as parents and being used by Meghan as a tool he will need it. One hopes for the best. But they covered this up broke their own rules other peers have to live by.…

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