Enty Reveals ~ Scotland Yard/Kevin Spacey/ Prince Andrew

Enty Reveals ~ Scotland Yard/Kevin Spacey/ Prince Andrew

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 8, 2019

Apparently some of the recent interview between this famous police agency and the disgraced actor dealt with two underage residents of that country who had nothing to do with the actor, but everything to do with a royal who was present at the same time as the actor when it happened.

Scotland Yard/Kevin Spacey/Prince Andrew

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Who are those faves, huh?

Who are those faves, huh?

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter went on Twitter to tell the public that some of our faves will go down BIGLY! Ladies and gentlemen, ask yourselves, who are those “their faves”?

Huh? Hint: Nope, it not President Trump. He is not “their fave”. Never was, by the way. (He was not even a politician back then) …..

Right! It’s Madam Cyber Hack Golden Mo Mo and her hubby Baba Bill. “I didn’t have my own jet.…

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Good Morning! My friends! Oh the ghastly rumors we will find today

Good Morning! My friends! Oh the ghastly rumors we will find today

It appears the tabs are fighting mad at Meghan and Harry for getting cockblocked over being snubbed after they help support their causes and follow them during their work as royals.

UNSPECIFIED – UNDATED: (STRICTLY EMBARGOED FROM ALL USAGE UNTIL 00:01 BST ON FRIDAY MAY 10, 2019) (NO SALES) In this undated handout image provided by Shout on May 9, 2019, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan,…

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Our guesses on Meghan Markle birth

Our guesses on Meghan Markle birth

Originally I thought she already has the baby from the surrogate because the palace released that she didn’t want the delivery to be public and MM and Harry are going to do the photo shoot as she did before wi5th engagement picture.  You know the perfume ad. As time rolled on and we are down to the wire my next thought was reading all these ideas with the way out of this.


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Why was OPRAH invited to the #RoyalWedding? Submitted by anon

Why was OPRAH invited to the #RoyalWedding? Sex scandals at her school in Africa, her close alliance and support for #babyfarmer #JohnofGod (another sex cult), her procurement for #HarveyWeinstein, is she also a branded member of #NXVIM (nexium) the sex cult run by #Segrams heirs the #Brofman girls? How did she meet #MeghanMarkle? What’s HER role in the plot to stop #BREXIT by destroying the #BritishRoyalFamily?

Thank you anon, JD

Anon submits UK child abuse~ NXIVM ~ MM~ PH

Anon submits UK child abuse~ NXIVM ~ MM~ PH

#sextrafficking in the UK? #sexscandals #pedofiles the British public is sick of their politicians and MIGRANTS raping their girls and getting away with it.

What will they think when they find the #duchessofSUSSEX is a member and close associate of the #NXIVM sex cult and her sole mission was to go in and destroy whatever goodwill they had left? #SaveHarry.

Beware of controlled opposition. Harry…

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anon submitted: What does this picture have to do with MeAgain

anon submitted: What does this picture have to do with MeAgain

What does ^^^ this picture^^^ have to do with Megain? Read on.

Why might the Obama’s be avoiding Megain and Harry? Harry and B.O. were said to be friends, share the same globalist agenda–which means ending the BRF (which Harry may or may not agree with)–could it be that he has no issue destroying the institution that, perhaps, he believes–destroyed his mother?

There can be no REMAIN and a…

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$5 million to Markles ?

$5 million to Markles ?

I was wondering where you found that Harry and Meghan have paid her family $5 million? !!!!
And why isn’t his known? And it hasn’t shut them up? Yikes!

I posted the Enty, the Entertainment lawyer Blind item from CDAN.  The only thing is, was it paid to the Tom or Doria? Once you start paying you never stop paying. Thomas hinted to a sort dowery for marrying MM before the marriage, quite sure it…

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