Nunes calls out house Dems: New conspiracy theory everyday


Anon said: Why the numbers (code)

Anon said: Why the numbers (code)

The reason they’re writing in code (encrypted messages) is the same reason Jesus spoke in parables if you think about it. To confuse the enemy. Trump is sending messages that is exposing the deep state. The deep state if you didn’t know it is also the cabal, elitist, globalist, Illuminati, C_A, and blackhats. But the messages have to be decoded to understand what he’s really saying. Why won’t he…

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Anon submitted: Wake up folks!

Anon submitted: Wake up folks!

There are so many things wrong with this, and Michelle Obama didn’t introduce MM to Harry. I think it’s ridiculous to take a Tostitos commercial and claim it part of a conspiracy theory, and I don’t get the numbers stuff.

The Ivory commercial was a class project she fibbed, making it about herself like the narcissist she is.


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Readers Digest ~ Strangest Conspiracy Theories about Meghan Markle

Readers Digest ~ Strangest Conspiracy Theories about Meghan Markle

We do love to laugh at it!

One~ Meghan pregnancy is a fake, and we did receive tips in April that she was going to announce a pregnancy around Eugenie’s wedding and I received a tip that she was going to fake a pregnancy in August. The ever-changing bump size since it was…

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MM’s best role to date

MM’s best role to date

Maybe – just maybe – MM was hired by the RF to make Kate look good? It’s certainly worked!! 🙂 LMAO

Can you imagine if that were true?  The backlash would be like a tsunami.  Nah, to much potential blackmail at stake and considering the source how could they ever trust such a person?  It worked but  nah

Thank you anon 🌸😎


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