Hannity- democrats working to disenfranchise

Hannity: Democrats working to disenfranchise Trump voters


Anon said: Why the numbers (code)

The reason they’re writing in code (encrypted messages) is the same reason Jesus spoke in parables if you think about it. To confuse the enemy. Trump is sending messages that is exposing the deep state. The deep state if you didn’t know it is also the cabal, elitist, globalist, Illuminati, C_A, and blackhats. But the messages have to be decoded to understand what he’s really saying. Why won’t he just come out and say it? Because no one will believe it. It’s too much to comprehend. And the deeper they go, the darker it becomes. So the truth is revealed to those that seek for it. It’s the same way with scriptures, which is why the Bible is considered a mystery. Everything that is going on at the current time can be traced back to Revelation.

I remember reading what Samantha said, but how do you know she was telling you the truth? She has supposedly written two books. The first was supposed to be released when the baby was born. It hasn’t been. Samantha has had a million chances to reveal what’s really going on, but she doesn’t. So why believe Samantha?

I don’t believe in making people a believer. That’s for people who brainwash and manipulate. I can only lead you to the water, but I won’t force you to drink. That’s your choice. Free your mind, and the rest will follow. ☺


On the contrary Anon, it is up to you to prove the point, to educate the readers about Q.

The parables were so confusing to me in Sunday school and open to interpretation, why Jesus did it was so he didn’t land in jail but he did anyway. I understand BlackHat, spooks, the globalist bullshit narrative to control the world.  Take away our God-given Freedoms and liberty like they are doing to Europe.

The message must be sent as simply as possible not with some numbers BS about Tostitos, that was laughable!

You’re right, no one will believe it, this rabbit hole is deep, and will it ever get exposed as such?  I doubt it, prove the conspiracy with facts.

Samantha was working with team Markles, I suspect paid off to go away, have we heard from her recently? no.  Team Markle pulls her family out when she gets slammed in the Daily Mail comments which I’m waiting for their appearance after the blood bath Meghan took.  Unless the Royals caught on and are really pulling her in line, I also doubt that.

Meghan was desperate to become part of the Hollywood establishment; the only way she could do this was by marrying Harry. Her reputation in Hollywood was one of a social climber.  Meghan went to visit Creative Artist Agency before the Toronto IG we thought strange, but they invited their stars to the wedding. Opportunistic Networker willing to follow the Hollywood extreme left rhetoric.  Meghan is not a trans person, she may be many things, but that’s not one of them.

The deep state is Hillary Rodham Clinton cronies who are going to be exposed and indicted, she is a poor loser who is going to be charged with espionage on American Citizens.  She continued her bullshit into the Trump presidency something she proclaimed to accept but didn’t. Now she said no one is above the law, yep Hill you’re not either spilling bleach on a private server and taking hammers to cell phones.  People want to read that not some BS about numbers and Tostitos.

Maybe I’m not the blog for you.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Kitty adds to help explain this: 

The codes were debunked by a number of security and decryption analyst experts . One of these experts Mark Bannon said this was the work of an English speaking QWERTY user putting the fingers of both hands on the home row of their keyboard and” button mashing ” them . So no code apparently.

Parable was used as a tool to make the message easier to understand through the use of allegory allusion and metaphor , I dont understand the comparison , it’s a bit vague .

The Qanon phenomenon reminds me of the Flat Earth movement . It seems to be deeply rooted in (Christian ) fundamentalism . Very often during times of social and political upheaval sub cultures arrive with the answer to” the problem ” . Interestingly Anonymous also debunked this movement .

I thought it was also very interesting that an advert for a torch was inserted in the video 😁
Every situation is a retail opportunity!

Anon submitted: Wake up folks!

There are so many things wrong with this, and Michelle Obama didn’t introduce MM to Harry. I think it’s ridiculous to take a Tostitos commercial and claim it part of a conspiracy theory, and I don’t get the numbers stuff.

The Ivory commercial was a class project she fibbed, making it about herself like the narcissist she is.

Simply put Meghan Markle is a fame hoe, she is a plastic surgery junkie, with an alleged chin implant. Did you know she yachted? She would have been thrown overboard if she was trans. Meghan is an opportunistic social climber far left democrat pushing the Hollywood narrative as I have posted on the blog many times.  What about Ron Burkle? She went to the white house with him. At one time MM was a total a Hockey Groupie.

Mr. P calls people who attack him as Nasty and Nutty Nanny got called the same is she a satan worshipper? No, I don’t think so.

There has to be some reasoning. Now, I do believe in the child abuse that is clear with Jeffrey Epstein and some others from the wiki leaks. They are disgusting, vile people out there. I have to demand proof, and I want to hear from people if they give this any credibility at all.  Maybe I haven’t read enough about Q, but I do keep hearing the name.

This video was well produced, I wonder who paid for that?

Thank you anon, I do appreciate you bringing this to me. 🌸😎

Readers Digest ~ Strangest Conspiracy Theories about Meghan Markle

We do love to laugh at it!

One~ Meghan pregnancy is a fake, and we did receive tips in April that she was going to announce a pregnancy around Eugenie’s wedding and I received a tip that she was going to fake a pregnancy in August. The ever-changing bump size since it was first announced has led us to this conclusion.

two – A plot to take over America ~ I remember that one and laughed

three- Love Actually- huh??

four~ Meghan had to go home because she broke the shoe protocol~ where did that one come from?  Is lousy taste not part of the protocol? Should it be?  The queen doesn’t like wedged heels, that’s a dumb one, Kate loves her wedge heels.

five-  The royal family shut down the broadcast of their relatioship~ Oh dear Lord, will they ever go away?  We wish it could be shut down!

Six ~ Meghan is a sleeper agent for the US~ I’ve heard this one, and it was taken from the report that needed to be run down. There is another Meghan Markle that is younger and part of the US intelligence community.

It appears that Paul Bettany and Jimmy Fallon were joking about this one night and people take this stuff literally.   Time to take a chill pill. It’s really about Fame.


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Thank you, JD🌸😎

I got one for you, and I keep reading that other women of color were approached for this task.  MM, the thirsty one was chosen.

Okay, what if that were true to boaster polls for the current royals?  Now, that seems plausible today, when I saw those numbers on YouGov UK, wow!  There has always been the question of why her?

How can she afford this much PR?  MM was a minor actress.  The blind that Harry fell on the sword.

The more disgusting stuff she does it make the rest of them look good.  Discuss!

MM’s best role to date

Maybe – just maybe – MM was hired by the RF to make Kate look good? It’s certainly worked!! 🙂 LMAO

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Can you imagine if that were true?  The backlash would be like a tsunami.  Nah, to much potential blackmail at stake and considering the source how could they ever trust such a person?  It worked but  nah

Thank you anon 🌸😎