Ghislaine Maxwell will appear in court next week for bail hearing via videolink from ‘hell-hole’ jail as prosecutors demand she remains locked up as she has the money and connections to flee US

  • Ghislaine Maxwell is sitting in jail in Brooklyn awaiting her first court hearing 
  • Date has now been set for July 14 at 1pm, and will take place via video link 
  • Judge and two lawyers will be the only participants, aside from Maxwell herself 
  • She is facing child sex trafficking charges that could see her jailed for 35 years

Porn star Ron Jeremy, 67, makes his first appearance in court after he was charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting another

  • Charges were announced against porn star Ron Jeremy, 67, on Tuesday 
  • He has been charged with the sexual assault of four women, the LA DA said 
  • Jackie Lacey’s office said prosecutors are recommending bail at $6.6 million
  • He faces a possible maximum sentence of 90 years to life in prison in convicted
  • A number of women had already accused the porn veteran of groping them
  • That led to Jeremy being banned from most of the industry’s high-profile events
  • Jeremy recently made headlines for asking the public to help save his tree 
  • The 67-year-old tweeted photo of himself hugging a tree on May 16 with the caption: ‘I need your help. help me save my tree’

US ‘requests UK hands over Prince Andrew to appear in court over Jeffrey Epstein links’

The US Department of Justice has allegedly approached the Home Office requesting that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, answers questions over his links to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Meghan’s “five friends”


Thomas Markle is ready for court showdown with Meghan

‘If he is called, he will come’: Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha says their father Thomas is ready for court showdown with the Duchess in ‘trial of the century’ against Mail on Sunday

If she can do it to ours, she will do it for you. 

Watch out for this one, I have a very bad feeling about this 


Uncle Harvey arrives at court -Playing victim

Harvey Weinstein, 67, arrives at court with a walker after complaining about back injury as judge increases his bail to $5MILLION and warns him not to let his health get in the way of January trial

Cut me a 🤬 break! Is the fix really in for this 🤬tard?