Culinary1604 brings us Geralt of Rivia- Henry Cavill- Get Excited!

Henry at comic con









Henry Cavill brought to you by Culinary1604!! Get excited!

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Culinary submits Buzzfeed Meghan and Bey

1 2 3 How cute! aww

Allegedly, CDAN had a blind item that said something to the effect that Bey was not impressed and considered MM like the famous reality family.  Did she find out?

Oops, here it is

MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019

Blind Item #3

The permanent A+ list singer wanted nothing to do with the alliterate former actress. The singer put her in the same category as she does the reality family. Forced to take pictures but never going to be friends.


culinary1604 submits: Henry’s in Italy ~ fans pics!!

Culinary1604 submits: Henry Cavill

Culinary1604 submits: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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SMDH, she is never going to get it

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Oh, look cameras! Goodie!

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How much did former classmate pay to be there?  Is it hot under the tig wig?