Queen Deeply Upset at Harry & Meg’s exit , sparking palace Civil War

What we know so far: 

The Sun has learned Harry and Meghan wish to keep Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate and want their security bill paid for.

Frogmore Cottage was renovated recently at a cost of £2.4million to the taxpayer, while their reported six bodyguards cost £600,000 a year.

The pair also want to keep their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Even some of the couple’s most senior staff were not aware of their plans.

Our source added: “They want to keep Frogmore and some of their staff. But no one knows how that is going to work. Most of the staff had no idea until The Sun’s story broke.

“And they want to keep up their level of royal security. How is that going to work if they are off acting like celebrities.

We told last year how the couple have quietly built up a commercial team in Hollywood, including Meghan’s former business manager and PR company Sunshine Sachs.

The source said: “Make no mistake, Harry and Meghan intend to make a lot of money and start taking commercial deals as soon as possible.”

How stupid are they, they did it to themselves and then shot themselves in the foot again! They have no right to make a list of demands, they are foolish. 



DM – Prince Harry reveals details of TV Series with Oprah 🙄

DM – Prince Harry reveals details of TV Series with Oprah 🙄

I saw this yesterday and I thought do I want to promote this? Oprah is waist-deep in the pedo territory. Plus, she was never friends with Harry and Smegs and I couldn’t imagine why she was invited and given status as a family…

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Anon said: Could Meghan start TIG Blog again

Anon said: Could Meghan start TIG Blog again

Could Meghan start BLOGGING again? Duchess fuels speculation she is relaunching her Hollywood lifestyle website The Tig after her business manager filed to keep the trademark until 2021

Sure, why not, who’s going to stop her? Meghan does what she…

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Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Blind Item #9

There is a celebrity drug dealer in NYC who caters only to the elite. He has also killed off a few over the years. Apparently, he was told to be prepared to bring his best coke tonight for a very VIP guest. She has a lot of partying to make up on.


[contentcards url=”https://pagesix.com/2019/09/06/serena-williams-coach-worried-about…

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Could someone who understands this better please explain, do we know if actual legit people are unfollowing SR or are fake bot accounts being cleaned up and removed/deleted? Is there a way to tell? Seems like an awful lot pretty quickly. Either way it’s funny because H&M and the sugars seemed to really be obsessed with the number.



I don’t know. But it is pretty funny.🤣🤣🤣 BTW I couldn’t reach SussexIG from my laptop. 

I think SS are deleting old bots to add theirs. They can’t make it look too obvious. Sorry to burst your fun.

Dan Wooten getting a beating on twitter they are out and I hope he nails them for this. 

It’s Funny

Sunshine is back and just in time for old man Markle to make an appearance. Coincidence, nope, let the circus begin again. 

I guess we should be ready for the trolls and the super uber fake fans yelling the left woke speak. 

It was so peaceful without all the hoopla, well get ready folks black PR is back. That means doing whatever it takes. PR agencies are self-policing when you use the dark side, you get nasty! Just like Meghan Markle former yacht girl and Harvey Weinstein willing play toy. 

the beret 💩

I don’t know what makes Megsy think she is some sort of French bombshell cause she is always wearing those berets and it is really an awful look for her, especially with the scraggly wig. Obviously, she does not listen to her personal assistants so we can’t blame them. This is her.


That’s right, palace source confirms it, special…

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