CAA signs BLM Canadian Janaya Future Khan

CAA Signs Black Lives Matter Canada Co-Founder Janaya Future Khan

We can’t make this stuff up, CAA reps the actors that went to MM and Just Harry’s wedding. They also rep MeToo and TimesUp. Jussie Smollett is rep’d by CAA do you see a pattern here?


Why does an activist need a talent agency?  I don’t know the answer to this question.  Do you?


I love it! kitty says:

Rose McGowan called CAA out for doing what was essentially pimping women out . Sexual abuse in all its forms is business , a currency. Sex trafficking , slavery , theyre all part of the same business
TheTimes Out movement was a diversionary tactic to be seen to “drain the swamp ” to appease the general public who were clamouring for justice and to give the appearance of a new cleansed Hollywood . McGowan defended working with Victor Salva however, which didn’t help her at all . Her life with COG has haunted her .
They’re all connected in some way Deanne as we know, usually for political gain of some kind . All to one aim …our subjugation .
Interesting that Janaya Future Khan signed up with CAA . The original founders are with J Walter Thompson


I wrote what yachting is on twitter the other day and told what a PR agency and talent agency does to women. They are pimps to the sic bastards of this world. 


Union Leaders Say Back to Work Not Yet Finalized

Hollywood the land of make-believe that entertains millions around the globe; workers want to back to work.

They might be lefties, but they do have to eat and pay rent. How long did the Demotwats think they could hold out on everyone.  Hold your horses, Gavin, we need to go back to work you twat. It’s fine and dandy to keep the masses in check, but we are on a F**king schedule here.  You know the guy in the picture took that mask right off. 

DeadLine- Donald Trump On Netflix’s Tiger King and Joe Exotic’s Appeal For A Pardon

Trump said he’d take a look at it. It was a setup by former partner Jeff that stole his Zoo.  The guy turned around and did again with another partner. 

Since Joe’s incarceration, he has contacted Animal rights groups and spilled the beans with names and numbers. They are going down one by one. 

Personally, I feel as though Joe was a good animal daddy, in the beginning. His paranoia got to him, his loss of the Zoo by a grifter may have sent him bonkers, but I don’t think he gave that Con any money to kill Carole Baskin, who is just as guilty as the rest of them.

Deadline: Shows that are halted or delayed production amid coronavirus

Hang in there help is on its way.  Don’t be surprised when your favorite show doesn’t appear to have anything new to watch. It’s time to binge-watch some shows you might have missed.  

For example, I binged watched Damages on FX Hulu streaming. That was really good and brutal for lawyer show.  I also watched Blind Spot, I did start out viewing it, but Meghan And Harry got in the way. 

Why don’t you share some suggestions on shows to watch?