Queen’s aides hit a deadlock and a Message to Harry from JD

Queen’s aides hit a ‘deadlock’ as they try to finalise details of Megxit deal and the future of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after couple announced plan to quit royal life

  • Buckingham Palace was expected to release statement on the future of Prince Harry and Meghan ‘imminently’
  • But several issues remain to be ironed out like security and titles, while senior aides try and thrash out a deal
  • Prince Harry is still in Britain after meeting with the Queen at Sandringham, while Meghan remains in Canada 


Of course, they were deadlocked, it’s not as simple as putting one foot in and foot out. Once you head down this rabbit hole, there isn’t anything to come back too.

Meghan Markle, with her lamebrained ideas and Harry wanting to please her every whim, has come to this.

Harry could have said years ago; I don’t want to be a working royal, Dad.  He didn’t, he got on with it and did a fantastic job.  Enter Meghan, and everything is Woke this and Woke that, she utterly exhausting.  I’m continuously exhausted blogging about her, and I wanted to go in a different direction, one that had to with my country and the problem it’s facing about the WOKENESS here.

All of the WOKE is brought to by Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Where their vision of global elitism is being rejected all across the world, wake up!  They want you to become the bottom rung, the universal third-world nation without any free speech, do as your told and nobody gets hurt. If you should happen to verve off course, then we send ANTIFA in to make it right.

You let her in Harry, and now people are waking up saying why do we need a monarchy?  One by one, they will leave because you didn’t take your time to find out what Markle was all about. You have to know she is fucking you over, and if you don’t, you should wake up to that fact. You never marry your hooker, there I said it. Where most of your friends had a night in Markle and paid for it, you must be proud that most of your friends diddled your wife.

Now, Harry, why do you suppose she has all her clothes and furniture in storage back in Canada? She claimed that they were shipped over to England?  Why do that if you’re going to stay married? Let me take a shot in the dark; she never planned on staying married to you. One could say she was sent to you on a mission to break up the monarchy. How am I doing so far?

You know greed gets in the way of the mission, and she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. So she schemed with her Hollywood cronies that don’t give a rats ass but the bottom line.  Starting a foundation that she could steal from heck she already doing it now.  Those poor elephants that everyone cares for won’t get the money they deserve because it’s all going towards PR.  You’re a nasty prat because, after all these years, you still have mummy issues.  I’m sure that Meghan had ripped open that old wound to aggravate it and nurture its negativity. Now, you hate the nation that loved you.

So, here we are still talking about your wifey after three years, ugh! Tell her to stay there and cancel all her credit cards.