Lovenowayworld said: MM didn’t like being chastised

Those pics reinforce my thought that either Harry has finally looked at the feedback on this train wreck of a tour and is taking charge or he got his ass whooped on the phone from London. At any rate, for once he looks like he has balls again. And Kween Meghan don’t like being chastised. Geez JD look at her – she screams narc. NPD all the way.
Look at that; he is defying her; it looks like all hell is going to break loose. I agree they got their asses chewed out! Harry can’t look her in the eyes, and she is staring back at him, like how dare you!  We are going to get trolled hard my fellow bloggers, hold the line, block and delete. We shall see what she has in store for him next.
Thank you Love

Meghan Markle PR Security Stunt was to over shadow the State Visit of the Queen Maxima

I am side-eyeing everything about her now. She wants to keep her name in the headlines at whatever cost. so her pr stunts escalate. so was this so-called

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security scare planned? she knocked the state visit right out f the headlines with this stunt. She sure doesn’t look rattled at all either. Even EA says she saw no reason for this. So is this another MM stunt?

Harry remove her from your life, wait until you see the pictures she wasn’t scared, she doesn’t want to be around ordinary people, she is Evita! MM is smug and pompous with no right to be.  I can tell by her look she not interested, she is being judgemental. Above is the death stare. Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎
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