Justin Bieber suing two Twitter users for defamation over ‘malicious’ and ‘outrageous’ accusations of sexual assault


Let’s start looking for Articles that are false and send them to the proper people

They need to start suing these people for Defamation. As we have learned in the Kitty links Blue share memo is to spread lies, legit the hell out of the right. Let’s do it right back!

I suggest finding these articles and notifying the right people so they can sue the shit out of these people!

The lies are harmful to our country! They are saying our president is Stalin!  They have a right to their opinions, but when facts get mixed up with salacious gossip being sold as fact, then something has to be done.

The people are looking to NEWS to make their minds up and to say these things are ridiculous and downright harmful to our way of life.

Do your jobs and run down the leads; that’s your job!

Anon submitted: DM – Virginia Roberts describes having sex with Andrew

Anon submitted: DM – Virginia Roberts describes having sex with Andrew

Virginia Roberts describes ‘having sex with Prince Andrew aged 17 in bathroom of Ghislaine Maxwell’s London townhouse after he gave her vodka at a nightclub’ in her first TV interview along with five other Epstein accusers

[contentcards url=”https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-748…

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Meghan Markle would to have sue herself and prove it

Meghan Markle would to have sue herself and prove it

Anonymous said:
Wouldnt MM have to sue defamation herself? Her sugars can’t sue as they are not the ones being defamed. Going to court would open a can of worms that the lid will never get back on.
That’s correct Anon, it’s costly, and she has to prove she didn’t do it.  That would be opening a can of worms that can’t be put back. Yachting will be the last thing the press puts out. Meghan Markle…

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