Take it with a grain of salt, low level gossip rag

Guess  Demi’s team won’t let the story die


Man, the poor guy can’t catch a break! He said something sweet and the gossip is going to have them engaged next week, even though they have never met. How long have I been saying he broke up with Lucy? Beginning of October. Demi had nothing to do with it.

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To be honest JD I don’t think Henry Cavill did anything wrong by congratulating Demi Lovato ,on her blue belt even if it was months lates. But the way her”fan pages” are carrying on and milking it is so desperate. He just commented and liked the blue belt pic not scrolled through like her. Her “fan pages” aka pr need to cool it, it is so embarrassing to see them tag her and random guys in there posts. WTF?

No, he didn’t, I still can’t find, or no one has shown that she is staking his site. Fans will be fans. Doing just a bit of research does show some red flags, of course, I remain cautious for Henry. 

She states something big is coming.  What? And why wear your undergarments to tell everyone.

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JD, I’m laughing my ass off – yesterday Demi didn’t even follow Henry, but today oh lord she followed him and liked his older bjj pics. Someone is looking desperate 🤣🤣

I know, right, I didn’t want to look in the closet but damn!  I recommend not following her. 😂😂😂😂😂😂.  Good luck to her! 

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Oh jeez thirsty Demi Lovato is milking the one Henry Cavill comment for all its worth. Henry probably forgot already about it. He posted a similar comment to the Nomis crew today kind of a congratulations. Demi is coming off as a wacko and still needs help. Henry has followed and liked a lot of other celebs but they never react like that. This girl needs not be in the public eye, she is no role model for young girls.

You guys bring me screenshots of Demi’s comments, you know the drill. 

Yes, I saw that too with Nomis crew freezing their buns off.

 I agree she is no role model for anybody. Demi is preachy, my foster daughter thinks she is just awesome being so confident when in fact she has issues. Jumping from one relationship to another relationship is a bit chaotic, and it doesn’t send positive vibes to me.  Nobody wants their young adult kids doing that. 

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Haha that pic Lovato posted today after Henry liked one of her posts. Now she posts a pic in lingerie because she thinks Henry is watching. Lol looney and desperate.

I did a quick look around, she was dating a girl,  MMA guy she deleted all his pictures, comes out say she is single. I can see trouble on the horizon… get kleenex boxes, ready girls.  She said big news coming. Anyone check the blinds out? Let’s look ladies!! 

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Since Henry Cavill News said he likes the photo because he also does bjj and called it “bjj family” it is safe to say he was just being nice. Girl he knows how messed up she is, he’s not looking for trouble. Definitely too much of a handful for Henry to consider dating, look Lucy was too much and Demi is so much worse.

Okay, I did point those less than good qualities, he loves BJJ and promotes it. Good for him!  I really believe he’ll be careful not to let things get out of control, like Lucy next time around. 

Guys, he is a grown man he is going to hook up occasional. That’s why I say dating really sucks. 

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Wasn’t he great on the Gramham Norton show?  Come on he made you laugh, it’s funny😂😂😂

Yeah yeah since Henry Cavill liked the bjj pic and commented with his work Instagram I think that it is probably work related. Also Lovato got the blue belt 6 months ago and he just was aware of it, so no real knowing each other there. He was just being nice and also picking up new fans while at it. Henry is way too smart to get tangled with all of that baggage Demi Lovato has and he doesn’t like trouble.

Yes, no biggy he has always promoted Brasil martial arts.  Demi doesn’t follow him back. It’s okay, I pointed out what anon wanted to hear.  Martial arts is an excellent way to center yourself, more then great moves, but Demi is still his physical type that I won’t take back. 

They don’t know one another. 

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