X22 report- Soon The World Will Understand, The Truth Will Shock The World


The truth is the LIBERAL LA Times!

The national shortage of N95 respirator masks can be traced back to 2009 after the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, when the Obama administration was advised to replenish a national stockpile but did not, according to reports from Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times.

The Trump administration is scrambling to replenish a stockpile of protective medical gear for healthcare workers and patients as the coronavirus sweeps across the nation. N95 respirator masks are one of the most needed medical supplies amid the outbreak. —– After the pandemic is over, it will be an investigation. Dems know they will have a hard time to blame Trump for everything and anything. The LA Times is trying to get ahead of it, and change the story. The Obama administration made mistakes, but Orange Man is bad. Nothing new here.

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We had big Tech donate their millions of masks. Companies across the land are pitching in to make masks like My Pillow and I’m going to buy two of his pillows just for him trying.

It is the fault of Dems including Cuomo, he had a chance to buy ventilators and didn’t in 2015. Nothing was restocked. That ship that turned around because the Chinese needed it more that was another optic.

We need borders and manufacture our own stuff, plain and simple.

I think a lot is optics to scare you, I’m not sorry for saying this but if they gave the proven medication we would not be talking about this right now. 20 to 30 days on a ventilator is crazy, where are the Z packs and the other drug at? See when it sets into Pneumonia that’s what kills you. Why the 🤬 are they not given the medication?

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Mini Mike Bloomberg drops out of the race- No kidding, Duh

What an extreme way of blowing half of billion dollars! He could have built homeless shelters for those in need. Fed the many, many people.

I think he was there to take away from Bernie, what a strategy!

They had Mayor Pete and Amy drop out and amazingly Biden’s dead campaign was resurrected from the flames of hell. I find it highly suspicious that this knucklehead won anything.  He lies through his teeth during his victory speech. Half of the stuff he said he’s going to do the President has already done it! What a moron, I hope President Trump points it out during his next rally.

George Soros must be hitting himself over the head as young people didn’t vote as he planned.


Dan Bongino was spot on about California, the votes went to Bernie.

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff went too far and the Former vice president is under investigation for his role in Burisma. I do hope people are paying attention to this.

Why would Democrats vote for a corrupt leader that gaffes and lies? Because the rest are woke racists and the world can’t handle that hippie-dippie nonsense. The global agenda nobody wants.

What will you get with Joe Biden?  More corruption, more pay for play, business as usual and you had better know your place and shut up.

Is Fox News moving to the left?  Just saying


Do you think It’s Orange Man Bad? No, Its Crazy Bernie LOL

Have HWood celebrities expressed their outrage?


Hell, No, they are sheep too begging for free PR! They can’t vote for the commie bastard even though the democrats like Warren and Clinton visited the American Communist party and made speeches there. I saw it in a documentary about the Democrat party. Dinesh should release those snippets to the public.  

I think it’s funny as hell as they rip one another apart. Bernie is going to send me to a re-education camp!  A gulag! 

Pete Boot edge edge is a puppet for George Soros and Hillary Clinton! 

Vote for Trump 2020; he is giving back our government to We, the People.

The Dems are corrupt and desperate. They are going to jail! 

Roger Stone jury foreperson’s anti-Trump social media posts surface after she defends DOJ prosecutors

“Roger Stone jury foreperson’s anti-Trump social media posts surface after she defends DOJ prosecutors.”
Go and read her Face book posts, then you will know why she defends Mueller’s prosecutors.


OMG, I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. I was in the zone looking posts, and I did find the one you are talking about. It’s a disgrace! How in the hell did they let that get by?  Mistrial!

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