This was not the British Royal Family doing, it was Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is the one that initiated this attack on the blogs, one thing a Narc can’t stand is the truth.  If she took the advice of Serena Williams,  then she is using her crisis management.

Why use crisis management?   The royal family has always used Don’t explain, Don’t complain, she opened pandora box now she does have some explaining to do.   I think this bad move of using personal identity is very telling.

Meghan, how do you think I’m supposed to look at 56 with all the issues I have, and I’ve changed since that picture 8 years ago, and I think my friend Vintage is a beautiful soul, aging isn’t a disease for goodness sake, and neither is race, join the human race, Markle. By the way, call your Dad!

I don’t go to other websites and troll people, they come to me.