Daily Mail – Mario Lopez in trouble over opinion about transgender kids??

Mario Lopez did nothing wrong, and he can’t understand how parents let their children as young as three years old determine they want to be the opposite sex. Are children that aware?  It’s nonsense! Here we go with the leftist socialist speak!


Kids should be playing with toys, not ruining their lives for attention-seeking adults.  Kids will change their minds a million times! Let kids be kids.


Extra is owned by NBC Universal that backs the George Soros and Hillary narrative of gender-bending, limiting free speech and freedom of thought, calling people racist so you’ll fall in line. You know the Meghan Markle narrative to shame people. Don’t fall for it; resist this narrative!


Personally, I have no problem with LGBTQ, they are adults, and they made decisions. I would love to hear from trans people and tell me when they knew they were trans?  Maybe I’m missing something here because I can’t believe a three-year-old is thinking about their sexuality at that age.  I was a tomboy, and my mother used to say I should have named you Donald, I’m straight. Do you see what’s happening?


The globalist wants to reduce the population by abortion, gender-bending, racism, control the speech means controlling you.  They are part of the green new deal, climate change.  Only the few 1% get to indulge themselves. If they had their way you would never go anywhere and eat bean sprouts and grass all day.

Vote for Trump! Stop this insanity! Have faith in God!


Politically Correct BS

MM only cares about herself and only promotes herself but those idiots can’t see that.

And they never will. We have been saying this the whole time, but we get ridiculed and shit because of it. She will get what she wants and do what she wants. And no one can do a thing about it. The BRF wont do a thing about it. I can’t believe she is still a subject after all this time. SMH. Hope you are well, and everything else i say, yada yada yada lol


DM ~ World’s Smallest Surviving Premature Baby ~ Would you kill me? Think about this!

This is my argument against abortion, you may have reproductive rights but be intelligent about caring for yourself.  This is breathing, a living soul, could you kill this baby?  There are so many people that would love and care for your child. Think first.

The DM~ Katie Nichols chimes in the Sussex’s don’t have staff

Usually, I wouldn’t bring back any Katie Nichols she seems to me to be very sugary, but this is what caught my eye when choosing this article to post and I fell in a fit of giggles over this.  Really, they can afford mullion dollar wardrobes but can’t a nanny or a housekeeper? Not buying it.  Hands-on Harry!


well well well

Look at this AHPF has it – seems Harry the idiot filed an IPSO complaint against the DM over the coverage of Thomas Markle which is why (back before the wedding) is why the DM responded by outing Papa Markle’s arranged pap pics and fake heart attack. So Harry brought that fiasco on himself. Now having as usual not learned a lesson Harry is now running around suing people again. LOL, He will get the same result the press will out his and Meghan’s pr games.

We knew Meghan was running her own independent pr operation so in The Sun and the DM they admit that Meghan has her own pr. Hey, sugars it has been confirmed your idol is running a massive pr operation that is not connected to the royal pr. Wonder why she’d do that? LOL.

And now the privacy-loving Harkles (lol) use their baby to drive traffic to the IG account. LOL, and the pic is a tacky copy of the same pic Kylie Jenner used to drive traffic to her iG site with her baby Stormi. The difference is though the Harkle only got one mil + clicks, Kylie got 18 mil clicks.

Harry and Meghan are deep into joke territory now. And the comments on the DM are way past anger in into disgust with him and his escort wife. The stupidity on display here is mind-boggling. Worse, Harry has such lousy self-esteem that he thought this woman and this way was the only way he could get a kid. It really is sad and pathetic.


“She has often appeared to run her own publicity machine, in fact, disregarding courtiers in the process. “Indeed, insiders are laying last week’s PR fiasco around Archie’s birth at her door.”

Are you talking the spa article we posted that three times already, that one is perfect? The press is mad and I don’t blame them one bit! They ran this dangerous PR campaign on Race and attacked reporters with bodily harm. The harassment was out of control and it would take 5 minutes to send out a message to the uber fans and the LARPERS to stop attacking, but they chose a spa that nobody can afford.

The Sussex’s have nerve to try to sue the press, they really do know the score. You don’t bite the hands that fed you without a good swift kick in Givenchy pants. It’s tight rope walk relationship, the Sussex’s need the press to feed us information so we can give them free PR. The press makes money, and some bloggers make money, MM makes money selling clothes and products we can’t afford.  You sued over a parking lot when you called splash to do a flyover of the country bolthole!  An RPO career was ended due to that.

The dummies birth PR plan using a baby!  I know there is a baby, I will post some ridiculous stuff as sarcasm showing the hypocrisy of running a semi-secret privacy scam.  Dangling the babies feet as Michael Jackson did in Germany? What their idiotic plan does is cause people to fight, speculate, conspiracy theories there isn’t anything cute except for the baby. It’s wrong and Hollywoodish!

Thank you anon,

MM Child~ Here comes the tea, my friends

It’s in this article.


Some people in the DM comment section say Meghan has a daughter called Hannah.


I would love to have that comment! Meghan has a uber fan named Hannah!  Coincidence? She may have been in the crowd that hugged Meghan on one of the engagements.  It might be jelly belly day, let me get that.  She isn’t in this one, but its always fun to watch.

Found it!

It’s in Mio tweet, but you can’t see the girl that well and this is NZ which anything is possible in this shit show.

This may be for charity, but this is a free PR opportunity for the celebs.  They are going to act; accordingly, they have a misconception of the Monarchy, it’s not Hollywood which our little snowflake can’t quite figure out why people are scrutinizing her. How dare they!  Everyone should drink the kool-aid and STFU!  That’s not how it works sister. People have the right to scrutinize their representatives.

Thank you very much,  Max P! 🌸😎 You guys are on fire today!