Potential Joe Biden running mate mayor tells Black Lives Matter ‘enough is enough’ after eight-year-old girl was shot dead as her mom drove through barricade where Rayshard Brooks was killed

PRAY! Shut down these so-called Protest!


Tents on the sidewalk, renamed streets and an armed man with a coffee cup: Inside Seattle’s CHOP zone as Trump warns ‘we’re going to go in there’ if officials fail to clear the area

Seattle a once beautiful city is turned into a toilet, drug-infested morons! Federally, we aren’t picking up the tab for this, it’s going to be out of the taxpayers who live there.  Vote Republican if you don’t want to see this crap any longer!  Remember, the Democrat party is cool with the happenings of CHOP. Who are the sane people? Anyone? You don’t see this shit happening in the Red States.


Have you listened to Tucker, OMG he is spot on and snarky! So funny

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JD do you know if The Sun and the DM are close to each other? I know that they often copy articles from each other but do they have a close (business) relationship?

No, they don’t, they are competing for market share, they do piggyback stories. We are guilty here, if you read the stories you will see where the info came from another media outlet. I try to go back to the origins of the story it may take me several clicks to get there. 

The paper you are getting the info from may take a creative license to make it as salacious as possible. 

You have to look at the language on who brought the article, is it just a speculation article, is it an advertorial or clickbait? Is it a PR article? 

It can be lots of fun debunking and doing deep dives. 

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Inside CHAZ: Protesters dance, sing and order vegan pizza in Seattle’s six-block Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone where cops are kept out by armed patrol – as Trump brands them ‘domestic terrorists’ and orders Dems to take back the city NOW

  • Protesters have taken over a six-block zone in Seattle which they are calling the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) 
  • Trump called them ‘domestic terrorists’ and ‘ugly anarchists’ and ordered Dems to take back control 
  • While some of the protesters are armed and standing guard at entry checkpoints, the majority are not 
  • On Wednesday night, they ate free vegan pizza that had been delivered and watched Paris is Burning 
  • There are free stations giving out sunscreen, hand sanitizer and snacks, and live musical performances 
  • In Portland, protesters tried briefly to set up their own free zone by moving police fencing 
  • They played beach ball, flew paper planes over the fence to cops and danced before dispersing at 2am
  • The protests come amid growing national distrust of police in the wake of George Floyd’s May 25 killing 
  • Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan told Trump on Thursday to ‘go back to your bunker’  

Enough is enough already! If the Dem’s don’t stop this the President has the right to call in the military. I think that’s what ANTIFA wants. Many people will die, we aren’t fooling around anymore. 

George Soros, the asshole sits back while his paid army gets blown away and arrested as domestic terrorists. That’s federal with sentencing that requires 80% fulfillment. 

The country is sick of this crap! We want ANTIFA put down! 

God Bless our President!

George Floyd funeral turns on Trump as speaker Rev. Lawson says ‘first thing we have to do is clean out the White House’ to rid America of ‘the prejudiced and bigoted’

IDIOTS! Trump came out against the violence done to George! Didn’t anyone bother to read his tweets?

Something is bothering me, when EMT is called out it automatically comes with Fire rescue no matter what state you live in.  Also, they start working on the subject on the ground, IV’s, and CPR. Why didn’t that happen? 

I also noticed the cop was pressing and depressing. We are missing a huge part of the video. My guess this was a setup.

  • Opportunity zones
  • Lowest black unemployment ever
  • Education reform
  •  Trump isn’t a racist

Piers is an idiot

I thought of this yesterday when Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany compared his ludicrous march from the White House to nearby historic St John’s Church, where people protesting about the murder of George Floyd had set off a small fire damaging the basement, to Britain’s greatest Prime Minister visiting London neighbourhoods hit by German bomber planes during the World War II Blitz.

This is bullshit! He did not use tear gas on protesters so the president could go for a walk.  The Church in question is historical and all people were welcome there, even during the time of Lincoln. This is the church all presidents use. We are under attack by far-leftists groups that want to take over America.

That’s okay Pierce the rioters set fire to the church that welcomed slaves during Lincoln and the civil war. Asshole! 

I had mentioned before that I think that Pierce could be in on it because who would carry on this? 

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