Anon is giving up on the Sussex’s

Anonymous said: I’m so done with Meghan (and also Harry). She can’t even dress right when she visits an animal shelter. Seriously, she’s an idiot. OMG ! It keeps getting worse! That is not talent, that makes it look worse Meghan!   Please don’t give up on the Royal family.  Kate is so much better this train wreck. Thank you anon 🌸😎💖 Advertisements

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1st as a dog lover and rescuer, that book pisses me off!!! She separated the 2 dogs, the selfless thing would have been to keep them together in Toronto! Then Beagle has his hind legs broke in “freak accident” WTF happened? 😡 How does a dog break both back legs???! The author and publishing company will lose money when they divorced, it’s revealed she’s a yachter and con artist! That’s how mad I am! 🤬

We have been warning, people need to read the blog and believe. MM is not what she sold everybody. The UK is for animal lovers, dogs come to the pub. They are part of everyday life, and MM made up a lame story. I wonder, Meg do you think this funny? It’s not, we are concerned for this little guy.  We won’t forget the lies, don’t forget Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein.  Thank you anon 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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