If you are a reporter drop something in the cup

We worked hard for free for over two years with ZERO support, reporters please put something in the cup. Some folks on the tumblr community are questioning why I chose a business site. Again Skippy led us here, and Skippy abandoned us here. I like what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, and I’m not forcing anyone to believe a fairy tale anymore.  Prince Harry is with Meghan Markle. They don’t live separate lives, and they do live together. I reblogged some stuff that includes a certain blogger from tumblr, I …

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We do accept tips, buy us a cup of coffee

We noticed that many have ad blocker and that’s okay, we understand, but we bust our butts day and night for $4.95. lol Please be kind and drop something in our tip cup on https://jerseydeanne.com  to those people who have loyally taken care to ensure this website goes on thank you so much. 💋💖 it’s safe and private with PayPal, we don’t save any information. Your donation will remain anonymous. look for the coffee cup on the front page.   Vin wants a new wig and I Like to get ads out there …

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