I went to border to help people. Members of Congress were shocked when I asked them to help, too

President Ronald Reagan once said that the most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” He should have added, “…to help and to have a photo op.”


God bless these people and congress wouldn’t help unload?  Might interfere in their lame photo ops! We can’t make this stuff up. People you’re all being lied too.  The leftist socialist democrats want open borders for their power of the vote. They are too dumb to know that the last people they will vote for is a socialist.

Do the numbers.  They don’t trust them!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋



If you are a reporter drop something in the cup

We worked hard for free for over two years with ZERO support, reporters please put something in the cup.

Some folks on the tumblr community are questioning why I chose a business site. Again Skippy led us here, and Skippy abandoned us here.

I like what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, and I’m not forcing anyone to believe a fairy tale anymore.  Prince Harry is with Meghan Markle. They don’t live separate lives, and they do live together.

I reblogged some stuff that includes a certain blogger from tumblr, I like the message, but not all of it and the reporters hit me hard.

Please, refrain from calling MM, IT , hillbilly ect.  it’s still your choice

Please note, I don’t agree with calling Meghan Markle trailer trash, or hillbilly or IT.  The nicest people I  know who are down to earth that live in the hills of North Carolina, you can gain 10 lbs eating biscuits and drinking moonshine.

Don’t make fun of where people live

One thing I would never do is make fun of someone’s home, and God gave you a roof and some people don’t have anything.  I didn’t grow up rich, I thought I had all the love in the world from uncles and aunts, and our home wasn’t great, but we had a roof! I was lucky to grow in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. My family worked hard to put their kids, my cousins, through university. That’s my mom’s side, and my father side is a whole different story.

To the reporters going through pages

If you are a reporter grabbing info put something in the cup, internet cost, every plugin, site costs it adds up it will be anon. I’m hoping to take this further beyond Prince Harry and MM.

We are over 40!

We are over 40, and more and more people are discovering the internet because their mobiles come with it.  That’s the vision for this site.  Entertainment, royals, hot sexy stars, learn how movies are put together and follow that journey. We are here to support the lifestyle of the baby boomers, and we still have plenty of life left in us. Celebrate it!

The shit show💩💩

None of us want this drama to continue, and I do hope that this comes to an end very soon.

I was part of the tumblr team since disbanded, that doesn’t mean I don’t support you, and please stop the backbiting.  This should be a time to unite and come together. If you don’t, I might think you want this shit show and are part of the dueling narrative going on.  Some of you are here for all the wrong reasons.

At one point something has to give on either team.  I suggest we find some middle ground and actually VOICE talk about it. We are human after all.

thank you for your time 🌸😎

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