Meghan and her PR team publish an old video for PR where she talked about racism

Meghan Markle details her experience with racism, recalling her mom being labeled the N-word, as she shares her dream of raising kids in a more ‘open’ world in 2012 video that has gone viral amid the Black Lives Matter protests

Lather, Rinse and Repeat


MeAgain Markle will be treated to ‘breakfast in bed’ by Prince Harry and son Archie and will enjoy a video call with Doria on Mother’s Day in LA, royal expert claims

  • Grant Harrold, aka The Royal Butler, shared his predictions for the US holiday
  • Claimed Meghan will be ‘spoiled’ by son Archie, one, with his father’s help
  • Due to social distancing, Duchess of Sussex will be unable to see mother Doria
  • Grant said the pair are likely to enjoy a video call to mark Mother’s Day in LA 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry eye up £10million LA mansion with ‘granny annexe’ flat for mum Doria

Sources say Meg, 38, and Harry, 35, want to find a property with large grounds for them and Archie — plus a “granny annexe” flat for 63-year-old social worker Doria.

Tonight one said: “Once quarantine and lockdown are over, Harry and Meghan will be moving into their new pad — and they want Doria to be included in these plans.

“She is hugely independent though, and doesn’t want to be in their space.

“She will have her own granny annexe.

“The family have been joking that Meghan and Harry will now have a babysitter on tap, but the reality is Meghan doesn’t trust many people and Doria is her rock and her biggest champion.

“Harry has also grown close to her so, believe it or not, he was receptive to the idea of living with his mother-in-law.

“Obviously, under lockdown, they won’t be moving house any time soon but they are both looking forward to laying down more permanent roots in Los Angeles, and ­making it home.”

Meghan throws her father under the bus in new People Magazine PR article

Her mother Doria wasn’t really around when Meghan was a kid/teenager. Her father raised her and gave her everything she wanted, she was his ‘princess’.  This is just another ridiculous PR article because of the Thomas/letter/Dailymail lawsuit. 

Desperate Meghan publishes another PR article about her Project Angel Food PR stunt

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Just call us Meghan and Harry!’ Duchess confided it felt good to finally be ‘out and about connecting with people’, as couple made 20 visits for Project Angel Food because of her mother, a devotee of founder Marianne Williamson


Meghan and Harry have no shame and leak photos of their Project Angel Food PR stunt to the press – proving once again that they only do charity for PR

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are pictured for the first time in LA delivering food packages during lockdown for a non-profit in masks and gloves after Duchess wanted her husband to see the city ‘through the eyes of philanthropy’

Like I said, you can see on the photos that the copyright is owned by BackGrid – Meghan’s favorite paparazzi agency. Project Angel Food seems to have a PR deal with the Sussexes because the executive director Richard Ayoub  immediately gave an interview and praised Meghan:


Throwback: Meghan was so desperate to ‘have a US designer represented at her wedding she gave a 15 minute speech’, fashion house reveals

Meghan Markle was so desperate for a US designer to be represented at her wedding she made a ’15 minute speech’ imploring a brand to work with her.

The 38-year-old had her wedding dress made by Parisian fashion house Givenchy, but approached brand Oscar de la Renta to make another special outfit.

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the creative directors behind the brand, revealed Meghan phoned them up with lengthy speech on how “important” it was for her for the US fashion house to be part of the celebrations.

Fernando, speaking in Tatler’s October issue, revealed the Duchess phoned him personally on his mobile to deliver her pitch.

He said: “Meghan was adamant about having an American fashion house represented at the wedding since she’s American.

“She called me directly. I had no idea she was able to do that or had my number – and gave me a 15 minute speech about why it was important to her.”

But rather than asking them to make her bridal gown, Meghan instead asked them to make an outfit her mum, Doria Ragland.

Fernando added he thought Meghan wanted to work with the brand for her wedding dress, saying: “I assumed it was her own wedding dress but at the end she said: ‘And would you be interested about making this dream come true for my mother’?”