Harry and Meghan have taken the mystique away from being Royal

Hollywood Harry and his celeb wife have robbed the Royals of the mystique they once enjoyed.



We just woke to find our royals are exactly like us, so why do we fall for it? I was willing to go the distance for Prince Harry.

After the doxing, the royals left me with a sour taste in my mouth. They tried to embarrass us, after all the larping to save little lord Fauntleroy bum. Why didn’t they just say No?


The senior Royals are lovely, but they are getting on in years. These two buffoons are a valid option?  I’m sorry, but they are fake.


Trump was always right about the NYT

They got forced to change the headline. Imagine that!!!! Pelosi is being quiet while AOC and the radical left push back against the newspaper.


What is going on, JD? Are they out of their mind? Castro’s brother outed the list of Trump donors? They all focus on El Paso and do everything possible to avoid talking about Dayton. They are protecting Elizabeth Warren as a front runner? I understand that Beto and Castro have no chance, but Warren actually does.

The New York Times was forced to change its front-page headline for Tuesday’s newspaper amid an intense backlash over its portrayal of Donald Trump’s statement on the twin mass shootings that left 31 people dead.


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Representative Joaquin Castro, a Democrat from Texas, questions Robert Mueller, former special counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice, during a House Intelligence Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.


Mueller made his reluctant, long-awaited appearance before Congress Wednesday, resisting pressure from Democrats who hoped he’d reveal additional information about his investigation of President Donald Trump. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images


OMG, I have tears in my eyes, I think I’m pretty informed doing this day in and day out.  As you all know, I’ve been doxed on the front pages of the London tabs, and it’s not fun. However, I wasn’t in immediate danger of Antifa and anti-socialist leftist. It’s so surreal that I can’t believe this is happening to our beloved country! Are they being drugged?


Some Qanons are implying that this is not a coincidence. Who is the only agency in the US capable of such treachery, CIA, NSA??  They loved college campuses in the past.


I posted in the past how easy it was to subdue people like Hitler did and posted the classroom experiment a professor did in California.  I’ll try to find it for everyone.


I was watching Fox last night and saw what the times did, and it’s insane to have this much power, are we in a communist state right now? It sure seems like it.


Get this, Castro outed one of his donors as a Trump donor! They are not going to support him anymore! This act must fall under ethics or election violation if not, there should be.


Trump has said over and over about this tragedy, and he is going to work with bi-partisanship to enact better gun laws. He was visibly shaken along with Mike Pence.


Note the El Paso shooter drove over 600 miles and pulled over to a random Walmart to grab a bit to eat before murdering innocent people.  This doesn’t sound right to me.


Dan Bongino said you have to wait until information comes forward and it’s still early in this investigation before you jump to conclusions as the Democrats did.  This act makes me questions everyone’s motives.


I don’t know if I have this right, but the police stopped another act of violence in Florida that was supposed to happen at a Walmart! WTH!  A local newscaster started to report the Florida incident and stopped to report the texas act.  I’m going to say it, sleeper cells??


MSM hasn’t done boo about the Ohio shooter who was a left supporter of Warren. The gunman had a bad reputation for having a hit and rape list in high school.  He was clearly unhinged and supported Antifa!

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I’m disgusted by these actions, and the inability of the progressive left silence about these morons disrespecting our police force.  Our country needs some love injected back into them.


Pray for peace and stay alert to any kind of violent talk, please, report them, call the police. Stop the violence!


thank you anon, God bless America🌸😎😞

Reporting hacking to the FBI

If anyone has been hacked by a sugar, here is the link to get the reporting to the FBI started if in the US. Hacking is both a state and federal crime. If anyone is doxxed as a result of the hack, they have grounds to prosecute the doxxer(s). If a private investigator is involved, they have to be registered and certified in the state of those being investigated. PIs are not allowed to do a number of things like come onto your personal property, bug your car, hack email/computers/phones, access medical records, run your credit, etc. PIs ARE required to follow the law and cannot make an arrest on behalf of law enforcement. Naturally, sugars don’t take the law into context before acting. They can hide behind the veil of VPN all they want. The government has people that can track them down hell or high water and specialize in this alone.


Thank you anon, I so appreciate the help, 🌸😎

Macleans~ Meghan Markle has some explaining to do~ trolls/bots


I’m so grateful for this article! I have tears, the only thing I did that day was stuck up for Camilla Toimeny, she was being attacked ruthlessly.  There wasn’t any reason for it.  Here is the proof!

Then later Vin and I were doxed for taking people opinions and saying we don’t want to give Meghan Markle attention anymore.

I still await an apology from Charlotte Wace and Peter Sheridan publicly on the Daily Mail.  You forgot to mention, Enty, The Entertainment lawyer.

What kills me is I love my reporters and always pointing them out, they are in trenches getting the stories.  We rely on them or we wouldn’ t have blogs or twitter accounts.

They are going to continue their work, and I suggest they contact the Daily Mail there’re tons of them there.  JKR and I worked on building a list.  MM and anti-Brexit messages.

, Josh Feldberg, Richard Palmer, Rebecca English, Camilla Tomieny, the friends of jeresydeanne.com thank you for your hard work.  Vin and JD are so grateful for your hard work.



We have officially turn off ask on tumblr as of today

Thank you so much for all of your anons, you will still see excerpts of what we post.  Join us in the forum for self serve posting regarding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

We no longer give AF about them, he made his bed and now he’s got to lie in it.  We wanted to do this before the doxing, that ‘s a one trick pony.

This is what Vin and I think about everyone involved in that.

Anonymous said: The daily mail constantly throws shade at MM

The daily mail constantly throws shade at MM so I can’t believe them of all people have exposed her “haters”!

This is what I don’t get, and I’m the troll? I was broken hearted the most, and I promoted them like crazy.  I still like the femail writers, well except CW who did shoddy reporting.  She didn’t follow up herself to see what the posters were all about, who wrote it.  I said Enty, the entertainment lawyer said… They left that out. I’m careful to CYA, cover your ass.

What she did do was call all commenters out.  Dummy forgot I came from the DM comment section with most of you. We needed more than ten comments. We help pay for her salary.  We buy products that are advertised there.

What her article archived was a backlash against MM where Richard Kay had to be called in by the Royal family?  The response was huge!  I’m grateful to all of you to come out against this doxing.

Not only was in it the mail online but also on the front page in London and spilled over to the Sun. Maximum damage was what MM crisis PR wanted.

I’ve been wondering why didn’t they hit skippy? I’m not even remotely close to what she posts calling Meghan “IT” “Meggit” showing black drooling Mastiffs with Markle’s berets.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


Mark Di Stefano – Media will no longer be able to look up your personal information

They have abused their privileges! Now they are going to Facebook, lock those accounts down!

Plan B

If you cannot have your own home Hypno birth, then go for birth on foreign soil. By their request, an invitation to use them as cover. To cement royal blood into their country, as well as into the RF. Intriguing, maybe somewhat true.

She did say to a person in the crowd when she was wearing that Di 2.0 red coat that, “her friend went into labor 12 weeks early.” Was it 12? That’s three months early. I can’t keep all of this stuff straight. The houses, the letters phone calls, the timelines! And, HM celebrates 67 years with no fanfare. PP stops driving, mon dieu, time is going by fast.

Will Toronto paper spill more? Can’t even find them, but I’m not on Twitter. Please post if they resurface. Anyway, I’m taking some Advil and going to bed. My head’s spinning. Stay safe, this doxing has got to stop.

What happened to silly gossip? It’s all legal “get you” now, kill you, your hamster and your right to point out funny things that make you go, “Hmm.”


Toronto news was just posted, and I hope they spill more and hope they are legit. We can be leary of all newcomers to this party.  MM can’t stop leaking, and I think she is going to have a baby in her arms this month.  Please come back hmm anon!  thank you so much 🌸😎💋

torontonews ~ twitter

Anonymous said: This nonsense between family members

This nonsense between family members and continuation makes it appear brf approved and supports them or else it would have stopped. Before puts, restrictions on media often why not now? Doxing blurs with cyberbullying id illegal in states like Florida. Any threats to cause harm. Harass incl.
The other night they came out guns a blazing and now this pile of 💩💩.
😉Thank you for the tip! 💋💋