Mexico can do more

Trump is right. Mexico can do a lot more to stop the flow of people from Central America. Those people who refuse to accept food, shelter, and work permits from the Mexican government should be turned around. Pure and simple.

The US can’t simply open up its southern border and let all the people from Mexico and Central America in. You can like Ben Carson or not, but he is right. “We cannot provide free housing for illegals. We must put our people first.”

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I agree with this anon! We must put our citizens first! If you read and researched the links there are groups promising these people a pot gold at the end of the caravan rainbow.

The Mexicans are offering them what they want and they turn it down, Why?  To me, it sounds like that group is telling these folks to do that.  They claim that it isn’t political but I suspect the donors are.

I bought this to the citizens of the village last night and they were stunned!  Their opinion was if they can push back Mexican Polizia they should be able to push back gangs! One said, the Mexican police just stood aside and let them past. They said the same, our people first.

LA is in crisis mode, skid row is full of epidemic disease, our first responders are now suffering and it’s entered a building there.  Many on Skid row are drug addicts, where do they think these drugs come from? MEXICO!!!!!!!!!  We have been fighting the war on drugs for decades with little help from Mexico as their military is corrupt as hell!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎




Have you seen this video of Uncle Joe?? Wow! a must watch video

This video is all over the internet now. After I watched it, I asked myself two questions. Is Uncle Joe a racist? Who is a bigger racist, Biden or Trump? LOL


Joe Biden once spoke about jailing employers who hire “illegals,” said sanctuary cities shouldn’t be allowed to violate federal law, and argued a fence was needed stop “tons” of drugs coming into the country from “corrupt Mexico.”

“Folks, I voted for a fence, I voted, unlike most Democrats — and some of you won’t like it — I voted for 700 miles of fence,” Biden told the group. “But, let me tell you, we can build a fence 40 stories high — unless you change the dynamic in Mexico and — and you will not like this, and — punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when, in fact, they hire illegals. Unless you do those two things, all the rest is window dressing.”

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“Now, I know I’m not supposed to say it that bluntly, but they’re the facts, they’re the facts. And so everything else we do is in between here. Everything else we do is at the margins. And the reason why I add that parenthetically, why I believe the fence is needed does not have anything to do with immigration as much as drugs,” Biden continued. “And let me tell you, something folks, people are driving across that border with tons, tons, hear me, tons of everything from byproducts for methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin and it’s all coming up through corrupt Mexico.”

But his past comments on a border barrier and sanctuary cities are similar to positions Trump has taken as President — stances that many Democratic candidates have attacked during the campaign.

LOL, And they are telling us that Trump is a racist?


Holy crap on a cracker!  Oh please make this trend! The American people are being steered, who else wants to run? I’ve seen Hillary wants to run again. This is CNN reporting this, why?  A Liberal mainstream media just stabbed Joe in the back.

The Republicans knew that ICE and the wall were in the care of the Democrats. You can’t tell me that CNN all of a sudden is throwing the Sheriff under the out of control tractor trailer?? Really?? What’s the catch?

Could it be Bernie’s camp? Socialist Bernie, running at a time of prosperity, that poo is not going to fly with the middle class.

Or maybe the Dem’s know that the pedo stuff is about to come out.  Politics is a dirty game.

Thank you anon, loved this ask! 🌸😎


Explanation of Public Relations from dyedwool ~ tumblr this is a good one

An in-depth look into PR happening with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I always said a PR is likened to a lawyer they will represent their client zealously and with no laws that say they can’t.

I’m not even shocked to read this, but it does feel good to see it in writing. I’ll be back another post of her, speculating, nudge nudge, wink, wink.

No Milk for Free part three

No Milk for Free part three

No Milk for Free
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle PR Concoction
By JD 🌸😎

Sorry to keep you all waiting, I needed the time to write this down.

Markus Anderson is the guy you want for a friend. If you are a starlet or starving artist willing to do anything to make it to the top Soho is the place for you. The entertainment business is shady, and everyone’s got their hand in your cookie jar.  So does…

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No Milk for Free part three

No Milk for Free

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle PR Concoction

By JD 🌸😎

Sorry to keep you all waiting, I needed the time to write this down.

Markus Anderson is the guy you want for a friend. If you are a starlet or starving artist willing to do anything to make it to the top Soho is the place for you. The entertainment business is shady, and everyone’s got their hand in your cookie jar.  So does Markus, he looks a little creepy hugging people it’s like I got you now! And not in a nice way.

MA is the alleged middle man for getting girls to yacht.  They do have a dating list.  We knew MM was a sugar baby, but enty confirmed the yachting and said she wasn’t successful at it but there at least five men that have come forward and told their story to a writer.  You can make fortunes doing this.  I’m kind of thinking Lady Colin for the book.

PR agencies can get model, actresses yachting jobs, how awesome is that! A new way to pimp!

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(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Pictured above is Markus anon sitting close to him said he smelled like an ashtray and stale beer. Markle smelled and talked to herself from a PR backstage.

We know Markus was close with MM, traveling all over with her, pictured with her at Soho Openings.  He introduced MM to Misha Nonoo, and they became quick friends, snakes slither, getting closer to the prize.

Soho hunting grounds

Prince Harry was a regular at Soho houses, single, fancy-free, he likes his drink, but most Brits do.  Only Harry wants to talk he was ripe for the picking we all are, but something tells me he shouldn’t be chatting family business.

Let’s chat about Harry’s deal, one thing I couldn’t figure out until recently why Markle thought he could get her work in Hollywood? Weird right?  Well, that’s Harry’s deal, pickup line  I’ll get you a role, and the best is I’ll make you my Duchess.  Maybe, in the heat of passion, he told Markle that. I even said before nobody can hold you to this.  Just because I yell for Oh My God doesn’t mean we are setting up a lunch date.

You don’t give away the milk for free her mama told her, and she was more than happy to say it to the world.  She was dying to out this affair, and he saw other chicks.  What a perfect way to get back at him for using that line on so many women, you know the feminist yachter and all.  Plus she thought she knocked out all the competition. Harry did come through with the Soccer’s wife, and she turned the part down, not good enough. Is it lined with gold?

To me, I’m an old school some good-looking guys use women, and you know not to hook up with them.  That’s no longer acceptable which I applaud women.  Sounds better when I’m talking about it, LOL. Vin was like WHAT! We need to do audio together.

Markus thought this would be great PR for the club only they didn’t want that kind of attention. Royal anything comes with a lot of snooping around, but they have used the association, but they aren’t involved with sponsoring her. They have money problems all the time. Soho is a dog but the land rents well that’s a different story.   I hope the Soho anon comes back on. I miss him.

Possible coercion

There is a recording that the source told me and NYC  back in January 2017 and they said that it also implicates her. We didn’t worry about until spring when she was shopping it around using Kruger and Cowne. It was  35 million for the recording, and they said that Murdoch’s people turned it down. That never came out, and I hope it never does. It allegedly happened at Harry’s friend’s house a wild party that she recorded something going on. No, the RPO didn’t take anyone’s cell.  I do know whose house this is.

You remember good old Markus what swell idea to make a couple of bucks since Harry likes to talk, sweet friend, I’m speculating.

Meghan Markle IG, I do know where this is.

The confession

A source came on, a friend close to the situation confessed, it was later deleted by request for obvious reasons.  Man, it was terrible!  I’m nurturing, and I’m everyone mom’s I’ll listen to you all night long if you need someone to talk too.  This Anon happened on Christmas Eve 2016.  They must have drunk and let it all out.

The anon talked about how Harry’s friends gave him a hard time about her.  They were ready to ditch him if he didn’t get rid of her. Naturally, Harry got mad at them and that only made him closer to MM.

They talk about how much fun Harry is to hang out with, and he does get carried away. One night a girl laid on the top of the bar, and he snorted coke from her belly button, some random chic! There was lots of talk about drugs and alcohol recreational stuff.

Harry had his choice of honey’s and sent out widespread texts for a hookup.  That’s why you heard about he is quick to text from Margot Robbie and Cara.  That conversation went on for 4 hours. Later NYC asked me for a favor she said that Prince Charles wants that deleted. I think the friend wished that removed.  My opinion was they didn’t support Harry and have his back. Maybe they had regrets.

The source said that William told Prince Charles about the relationship and flipped out. PC told Harry she is an actress an attention seeker.  The conversation was loud and angry a chair was thrown. Camilla tried to reason with Charles and was supportive of Harry, PC got mad at Camilla.

Then the royal correspondents said Harry was digging his feet in the sand. They thought he would outgrow the infatuation and become bored.

Another tip was Prince Philip tried to talk some sense into him and slapped him across the face, Harry left running down the hall.

That was right before Remembrance Day when Markle was setting up Whole Foods walk-in Wellies. MM was going to get the Daily Mail to come to take pictures of her. Here are some pics that were taking below for whatever reason.

A DM anon came on and told me that they saw her pacing back and forth. The office was flipping coins to see who will go down and take the picture.  They have been on to her scam since day one.

Drugs and booze

Tips were coming in on both sides of the pond that know Markle personally and had dealings with her and they all said the same. She had a high tolerance for drugs and is very functional.  Oh great drug buddy, the worst kind. You don’t know the real person,  the sober person.  NYC said that she did go rehab before Harry, some speculated it was for opioids, but Enty said Coke that’s how Harvey paid her to play with her as well as Ratner. They said they had a good laugh that they had been there before Harry.

The source knew a lot about Markle, and she said she had work done on her nose because of the coke and refining in Toronto.  She added that she had a chin implant, why I have no idea.  Meghan was cute before Harry, but the Source said she changed her brand too much.

Done in Hollywood

NYC claimed the essays didn’t help her, Hollywood thought she was a joke, and most people rolled their eyes when mentioning her name. They thought she was a social climber.  Meghan was difficult to work with, and when you get a reputation like that, you go nowhere.   Her resume is basically like every struggling actor, get paid rate until she married Trevor that got her a small role on suits, he got kicked to the curb registered mail. Bye Trevor, thanks, dude!

This post is from SoAn

Pray for Harry he is broke

Pray for Harry – HM was not pleased with their “work” in the Commonwealth Tour (representatives have reached out and COMPLAINED about their demands and activities) and that there was a bigger focus on Meghan’s “pregnancy” instead of goodwill towards the places they have visited. The consequence may be that Harry will receive less help in the future – monetary and otherwise – SoAn
That goes with what Lily is saying; they are broke!  Harry had to pay her debts, and the spending is out of control.  It’s a general feeling of chaos, smothering, suffocation they both have over leveraged everything.  That include these patronages, and she needs to shut up and listen.  The problem is she can’t shut her mouth, and her control issues are crazy. Obsessive-compulsive with the Narcissism.

Crazy on the loose

Markle is losing her mind running around on the internet being an RPITA.  I blame her for the reporters being attacked, but the bloggers were attacked first and often.   Enty and Radar online have confirmed what I reported that Markle has social media accounts.  Rachel Redd, Sussex squad, Michelle Bell and she leaking severe stuff too. MM is viciously attacking her sister Sam.  Enty says her BFF follows those accounts.

Do we have to keep this up for two years?

Anon came to me saying two years, and people will be mad about the wedding costs. I’m not sure if that’s the palace saying that MM fan, but I just looked, California is anything under ten years it’s the amount of time you were married, she would only get a year. Child support is a meal ticket!!  Prince Charles has to watch out what he gives her.
We do care about Harry
 I would have packed in a while ago and re-joined life again, and I feel attached to this spiritually, it’s tough to explain.  I figured that if I repeated what’s been said to me then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for him. Harry is afraid about something coming out.  There is a bit of coercion, but it was his choice. MM would make him believe it was his idea anyway.
We have to figure out what it is. Is it preying on women? Then you have to respect Meghan hustle but to take it this far it means she is digging for gold.
I’m going to continue writing no milk for free and I know I’m jumping all over the place. I’m not a writer, and I was hoping for breezy to help me, but poof she is gone.  I liked her.
This post will be in the forum feel free to discuss and ask questions, comments, guests are welcome, and I’ll answer them later. Don’t forget to like our posts. We are Feeling a little unloved, and we are more than Prince Harry lol

Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry’s the Myth
Meghan Markle is making him Pay for womanizing
JD’s been sitting on information for two years about behind the scenes of the real Prince Harry. 

It’s a lot of information to process, together with my partner Vintage Scorpio we dive into some information that has been told to me privately.  JD’s is tired of the fighting going on between MM fans and Harry fans.  The screams…

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Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry’s the Myth

Meghan Markle is making him Pay for womanizing

JD’s been sitting on information for two years about behind the scenes of the real Prince Harry. 

It’s a lot of information to process, together with my partner Vintage Scorpio we dive into some information that has been told to me privately.  JD’s is tired of the fighting going on between MM fans and Harry fans.  The screams of racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, all isms!  The violent talk to reporters and bloggers, Tweeters, Grammars, It’s got to stop! 

Vintagescorpio and I want to unite people because we have no color on the internet.  We would be great friends, but there are paid people to get you to talk even fight about the Harkle’s. They don’t deserve your attention. 

There are no innocent sides in this, we don’t want to hurt anyone, but this needs to stop now!  People and groups of people are being targeted on purpose; nothing is natural about this. It’s fame game gone wrong with the attacks on the Monarchy institution that we love. 

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PEACEHAVEN, UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 03: (EDITORS NOTE: Retransmission with alternate crop.) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex make an official visit to the Joff Youth Centre in Peacehaven, Sussex on October 3, 2018 in Peacehaven, United Kingdom. The Duke and Duchess married on May 19th 2018 in Windsor and were conferred The Duke & Duchess of Sussex by The Queen. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)



Daily Mail~ insiders claim Jordon Barrett destroyed his modeling career

Celeb Culture and High Expectations

 by JD followed the Daily Mail link

“The insider went on to allege that the modelling industry has changed over the past decade, with its focus now moving towards models that represent healthy lifestyles.”

How funny is that? We have an Instagram full of hypocrites, wonderful. I’ve said this before don’t trust celebs, as you can see they are told what to portray, they are not honest to their fans. Jordan’s a young guy, and he drinks, he smokes, he does guy things. The expectation put on these actors and models is ridiculous! Fans become shocked when they find out they are actually human beings.

One thing all people in the entertainment industry should know, don’t mess with the press! Jordan took a swipe and boom; they outed your dad as a drug dealer. They will be on top of you Jordan for all the wrong reasons.

I told my daughters about Demi Lovato, and I get she struggles, okay, don’t buy into the therapeutic advice celebs dole out. You will be disappointed. Thankfully they weren’t damaged over her overdose, but I want to remind moms with teens to have the talk with your kids about following celebs. It’s okay to buy their albums, go to their movies, and even fangirl, but don’t take them too seriously.

An Example, some rockers committed suicide, The after-effects are followed by others doing the same.  Make sure you stay on top of who they support, you are their line between life and death.  God knows you have so much to do raising your kids without having some blogger telling more stuff you might have forgotten.  We downplay these to prevent more acts from being copycatted.

These young rich kids are going to get into trouble with drink and drugs.  One top model, I knew was going to make it and now she can barely stand up at a shoot. Nothing has changed in the modeling world. It’s still full of creeps; no one’s going to say a word until it’s too late. They didn’t have Jordon’s back; they threw him under the bus.

Keep your head on straight Jordan; you’re a beautiful kid, you need to grow up. You should apologize to this reporter, send a gift basket.

Taking a swipe? Kirk also questioned why so much attention was being given to Jordan (right), despite his less-than-positive reputation


Going Out On a Speculation Limb✨✨

JD and the wonderful contributors put on your thinking caps. I’m not buying the lawyers yet and their pathetic representation of A ROYAL no doubt. What a lame offer for an agreement, engagement and the all time stupid a wedding presumably legal. How does she pay for her lawyers pray tell lol? No way would the wedding of the year been called off 3 days before the event, the British public would have been enraged and rightly so. Begs the question, what sort of damaging stuff could they have on the BRF? Sex…check, nah if Vegas H nude photos didn’t shake the monarchy to reign him in ( single men don’t go to Vegas for a hike in the desert ) then what’s up with SoHo ? Vegas vs SoHo same thing different climate. Short of a tape with beastiality, sex with a minor or H is gay and financial misconduct what could it be then. I tend to agree that the race card is central to this mess at least for now. The optics of kicking her to the curb if not careful could be a problem. Imagine if they called the wedding off. No Markle’s at the wedding but a saintly mother was front and center.
I’m hoping someone from the RF spies in here and reads this. Harry is the forgotten clown the never going to be king, son and grandson. They’ve left him to his own naive devises which is heart breaking. He obviously wants attention and to be seen as a contributor to the family. Yet royals failed to see the pain behind the clown. Many families have this scenario but not on the world stage. I know he is an adult by age but not by experience with savvy social climbers. She’s good I’ll give MM that.
So what’s the real problem here? Scandal!!! oh please really anyone that studies history, read the history of the royals or visited the Tower of London, they are unflappable, I suggest marathon The Crown, it always wins.
JD when you talk to your sources ask some questions about the legal council why were they so ineffective or appeared to be and this charade went this far. I genuinely feel bad for H. My observation is, the feeling he might have of never measuring up add to that his legendary poor judgment mixed with always needing to be fix in the background or corrected. Even more unfortunate he was “ on the right track” going forward now this. H may not intentionally be the cause of this mess but he is the symptom. Supposedly the RF has a plan we see things hopefully changing but it’s woefully slow. What’s interesting to me, the only adult in the room appears to be H’s older protective brother taking the steps the queen and PC should have. By pulling back everything till she’s gone, clean out the house and do the right thing for a family member, then learn from this and rebuild.

I really like your ask! Let me speculate that he may be covering for family members, taking one for the team you might say. Soho is a breeding ground for abuse of humans. I’ll make this sticky so people can see it.

Thank you anon,  🌸🌸😎🌈

Private ask or not?

Hello If you think this is ok to post go for it lol. I’ve noticed MM behaviors of late, and she seems unsteady, dazed, confused not knowing what to do. H seems to have to guide her along. Quite frankly she looks high. I know the hand holding is their brand now, but some of the time it looks like he is supporting her, helping her up the steps, moving her along. Not all the hand holding looks affectionate imo more like assisting a drunk-high friend. During those times he looks annoyed and stressed I could only imagine which with the press around I wonder if H just wants to move her along. The series of pics at the bottom of the steps maroon dress no bump lol, before boarding to go back to Sydney she looked impaired. He was just get her up the steps.
Thoughts am I over reading this.

Anon, this is fine we are speculating, I agree with you. We talk about this issue all the time. I joked and called it the botoxic stare, but it’s scary. We saw comments from someone at Admiralty House claim, mood swings and treating the staff badly as poor Prince Harry apologized for her behavior. That is not normal.  It wasn’t just this tour that she looks inebriated.

Three separate private sources and Enty, the entertainment lawyer claimed that MM is into the hard stuff, enty said “Coke and booze.”  we suspected some kind of sedative, there are pictures out to show this may be true.

I thought maybe Harry was enabling her; she has a power over him, perhaps he doesn’t want to be proven wrong. Something to ponder over.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎