DM~ Sarah Vine! I love her! Kate’s new stylist – it’s a must read article~ run!

Instead we see a woman in her prime: stylish, confident and positively radiant, nailing outfit after outfit in the style stakes — and it’s a joy to witness.


tumblr Anonymous said: Regarding Meghan’s Mirror

Regarding Meghan’s Mirror – it’s also funny how they sometimes know BEFORE the event what Meghan will wear. They have photos of her outfit etc. sometimes before she even arrives at the event.
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That’s so obvious by yesterday paid for article the Daily Mail ran yesterday.  Meghan continues her reign of PR terror on the good people of the world.

Please, who wants to look at that same type outfit but slightly different, that’s why I prefer this young lady!

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Tada! Duchess of Cambridge with the new family Rock star! Prince Louis!

Thank you anon for your opinion! 🌸😎


Wow, congratulations to Kate well deserved. Rank higher than Harry, but he will eventually get his rewards too.

And the cries of the sugars wailing and gnashing their teeth rending their garments sitting on dung heaps covered in ash to biblically bemoan what they will say is an undeserved honor. LOL.

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LOL, Let them, they will never get rank!  The Twinkies think this is a popularity game, and it’s not.  The Brits want tradition in their royal family that’s what makes them so unique. Kate has proven herself loyal, dutiful, public servant. HM gave a fantastic anniversary gift.

Note this was planned far in advance like all awards.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎