MM press Secretary seems deranged

Meghan’s press secretary seems to be a deranged manipulator just like Meghan herself. He isn’t very smart if he thinks this is a good way to make Meghan more likable/popular.
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He is not MM personal PR, he belongs to the monarchy and taxpayers, to do his job responsibly.

The Duke of Cambridge is in charge at Kensington Palace, I suspect he is on to him, and I doubt he wants this dignified institution to be the Soho Palace.  The place where leaking is like running water, people’s lives are stake.   I don’t blame the Duke for coming down on people attacking his wife.  Kate didn’t sign up for Soho Cesspool House.

MM has turned it into her personal vendetta against people who dare to question her motives and call her out on spending,  mistreatment of her husband in the glossy magazine and that ridiculous bump!  Throw in her past, and this is what you get!

Thank you anon 🌸😎 let freedom ring, speak up!


Responsible vs WTF



Yeah. Because she is the future queen consort. There’s things she kinda HAS to avoid. lol



The Duchess of Cambridge- Family Line

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Has anyone else noticed a decline in the Sussex’s IG likes versus an increase in IG likes for the Cambridge’s? I wonder if the Sussex paid for IG likes via PR team or is their media presents dwindling due to past drama/backlash? I just noticed this today, but it could’ve been going on for a while.

Maybe they caught on to the MM tomfoolery!  We complained loudly, and…

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Daily Mail ~ Duchess of Cambridge visit community garden ~Islington

Daily Mail ~ Duchess of Cambridge visit community garden ~Islington

Here comes casual Kate! The Duchess of Cambridge dresses down in a £400 Dubarry jacket during a visit to a community garden as she returns to work with her first public engagement of the New Year

I was getting worried about the coverage

Country girl Kate, who turned 37 last week, cut a casual…

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