Duke and Duchess of Cambridge try shearing in Cumbria today


QE & PW Have Spoken Anon

I love love love the Charles at 70 documentary. It shows he’s a very kind soul. In regards to MM, he was trying to do the right thing. Now that mega tea is being spilled on that horrible woman, I wonder how Charles feels about being hoodwinked by her charm and manipulative behaviour. I absolutely LOVE the seating arrangement at the Hall tonight. The monarch has spoken. I also love how far away they are sitting from Catherine and William…William has spoken as well. XXXX

Charles! He seems like a very kind person. Just genuinely happy in this stage of his life doesn’t he? πŸ˜ƒ
I think Charles just wants his son Harry to be happy and the whole world can tell he is not which can’t be easy on Charles. But he also has to put the monarchy first and I doubt he will allow this behavior to continue much longer.
The seating arrangement tonight was definitely a message that PH & MM are not in favor. William has shown recently that he wants nothing to do with MM. He sees her for what she is and he has zero respect for someone like her. The Queen also sees right through her. William and HM have been spending more and more time together according to reports so I have a good feeling that the seating arrangements were done by them, together! He didn’t want MM there and since she was, he made sure she was far enough away from him and Catherine so they didn’t have to play at small talk. He wants MM & PH out of KP and their toxicity away from his wife, children, and duty to the monarchy. You don’t have to be told that even, you can see it all over his face when he is around them. Which I am sure you can agree!
Thank you Anon!
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QE & PW Have Spoken Anon