Creepy porn lawyer LOL

Creepy porn lawyer LOL

“President Trump’s legal team is declaring victory, as a federal judge said in a court order Wednesday that the investigation of hush-money payments arranged by Michael Cohen – which Cohen claims were at Trump’s direction – has come to an end.”

I wonder if the idiot Avenatti really believed that his countless and ridiculous appears on CNN will help him in his pathetic lawsuit. By the way, how…

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People Are Highly Disappointed In Harry…

People Are Highly Disappointed In Harry…

Anonymous said:

Prince Harry is an utter disappointment. I never thought that he would bring such a mess into the british monarchy. He’s as unlikeable as his wife at this point.

Agreed. Agreed. This is a dumpster fire.


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Don’t forget Folks to send anons to the jerseydeanne website

Don’t forget Folks to send anons to the jerseydeanne website

I’m getting ready to go to sleep; the girls want to answer your anons as soon as they can. Vintage is always taking music request that you think fits today’s theme of SMACKDOWN for MM.

The woman has enormous brass balls trying to talk her way out of this one. We will bring back that pathic click bait so we can laugh at her for trying to beat down an old lady for a tiara. What happened to the…

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