X22 Report- US/China Deal will be the final nail in the The Globalist Economy



X22 Report -Trump restructuring US economy – Biden – Attacks on Feds

NY Times on Trump’s Economy

NY Times on Trump’s Economy

It put America to work, and Americans Companies may decide to come back to America with New tax incentives. The tariffs are needed with unfair trade balance in China over decades. We built the New China with American dollars along with many other countries currencies buying  Chinese…

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Symptoms of the U.K.’s failures

The U.K. has been on a slippery slope for a while, but the BRF’s inability or refusal to deal with Meghan Markle “for the things going on behind the scenes” is absolutely foolish. In the financial circles, questions have been raised as to whether the U.K. even knows which side of their bread is buttered on. Even before Markle arrived on the scene, the U.K. raised a couple of eyebrows with their sycophantic gestures to China. (And please note, there IS a difference between diplomacy and sycophancy.) It raised serious questions as to how desperate and unstable the U.K. REALLY must be in order to stoop so low.

Now with the trade war going on, China will fall (trust me, they WILL fall. You don’t have to believe me, but serious investors have already stopped investing resources there; remember, the quantity don’t always reflect quality; the investors who are still pouring money in are investing other people’s money or the ones WITHOUT the insider knowledge who think this slump is an opportunity not the beginning of the end.) By sucking up to China while refusing to play nicely with the U.S., the U.K. showed that they’re incapable of realizing their “place” in the world. 

People don’t have to agree or like what I write; I’m just a messenger at this point; I just come to tell you the things I hear. Many of the U.K.’s choices from their relationship with China to their inability to keep a whore out of their royal family have shown that they’re a failure. It doesn’t matter WHAT Meghan Markle and co. used to get her there, it’s the fact that she IS a “HRH” (Don’t make me laugh. If the investors laughed at how someone who never “earned” respect like Kate is a HRH, HRH has literally become a joke now that a “ho who never even got to Hollywood” has one too.)  The investors have already begun to leave and they will continue to leave.

Just a note to the most ardent royalists: when you really love someone, you don’t shield him or her from the truth. Digging your head in the sand and refusing to look at the truth of what’s going on is not optimism; it’s a denial. Also, denying voices of people from other countries mean denying their money as well. They may be “your” royal family, but their beloved country depends on OTHER countries’ money. It’s the fundamental principle of economics. By the way, ordinary “plebs” are the last to hear about these sort of events. (You just have to think back on the housing crisis of 2008 to realize that the smart investors already washed their hands long before the crisis and it was the ordinary people who suffered.) By the time WE know the U.K. is falling, it would have already fallen. And your beloved BRF will be the first to be blamed and the first to go. 


Roseberry, thank you for your opinion, I agree with China argument, there are very wealthy people with zero scruples wanting declines in certain countries it will be ripe for the picking. There is a time to polite, and then there is a time to pick up a big bat and swing.