Ella Bache Skin Care

This is googie second request for Ella Bache Skin Care and she apparently started with taken care of burn victims. That gets me interested, I’d be happy to support a person like this. Let’s find out more about her and fine work.

Our story started in 1936 with revolutionary cosmetic chemist, Madame Baché. She was a modern woman – determined, intelligent and ambitious – who knew that improving the condition of a woman’s skin could not only improve her overall appearance, it could also make her feel great and more confident about herself. Madame Baché recognised that the standard way of diagnosing skin types by dry, oily or normal was over simplistic. Instead she moved skincare into a new era, where solutions were individually tailored based on the skin’s condition at a cellular level.

Ella Baché has become a uniquely Australian story thanks to the inspiration of Edith Hallas. Married to Madame Bache’s cousin, Edith brought Ella Baché to Australia in 1954, leading her on a lifetime journey resulting in the creation of one of Australia’s most enduring and respected skincare companies.

We are now the country’s largest skincare franchise network, with products and services available in over 150 salons nationwide, and over 60 years experience in training and education.


Our Philosophy

We’re strong believers in the philosophy that ‘no two skins are alike’. This means skin has its own set of characteristics and is constantly undergoing change. Age, diet, stress, environmental influences and seasonal changes all affect the skin. Choosing skincare products off the shelf can be a hit or miss affair. Ella Baché Therapists are experts at performing a consultation & diagnosis before recommending the products and treatments to help return skin to optimum skin health.

Products are available in the US available on Amazon and other retailers.