The King of the Hollywood Blind Item Reveals All

BREAKING: Alliterate One is rumored to be using their fame as leverage to get lower prices on houses and/or Rent

Blind Item #1 – Royal Gossip

The alliterate one is rumoured to be using their fame as leverage to get lower prices on houses and/or reduce or very low rent. A friend who sells reality show ideas also has heard rumours She’s angling for a reality show. Desperation!

The top of the heap is rumoured to just want all of this to go away. She’s rumoured to have offered to help with money from her personal funds on the condition that they remain out of the spotlight. Apparently an agreement was made with monies paid and which they have already gone back on. Not surprising. Senior courtiers are calling them Mr and Mrs Davidson (alluding to David the duke of Windsor) Ouch

Another credible source has said that the upcoming nuptials will be canceled. Rumour is that the fiancee can’t keep it in his pants. As if she didnt know.

Rumour from my friends is that the top of the heap is also regularly meeting with the recent anniversary celebrator. The older one really likes her and is grooming her big time. Lots of jealousy from other family members.

More rumours and talk about the next in line/rumours about dementia and him being hard to handle. One story I was told is that due to the dementia male caregiving staff have to work with him exclusively because sexually inappropriate acting out behaviours have happened with female carers. This is not uncommon with dementia. Sad

Come on Enty that’s Bullcrap and you know it

Blind Item #4

For the time being there are about ten-fifteen Secret Service agents who were pulled from bank crimes and other investigations to help protect the former actress and her celebrity husband. The number will probably go down as the rotation process for their permanent security can begin again. Currently that team is frozen in place and won’t be able to do their normal two week rotations back home. Also supplementing are county law enforcement personnel. The US is picking up the bill for about 70% of the $20K a day cost which will go higher once everyone starts moving around again.

Anon Said: Meghan – Disney

Meghan Markle signs a voiceover deal with Disney in return for a donation to an elephant charity in latest hint at her future career plans

This is a PR article, she made that deal months ago and Enty the Entertainment lawyer said as much. 

CDAN Blinds – human rights violators and more

Blind Item #8

The former sex trafficked victim turned assaulter/procurer/pilot has not hundreds, but thousands of recordings of the billionaire pedophile and his victims. She is the caretaker. Is there a royal recording? Apparently the recordings are not labeled with names or dates, so there would be a lot of digging required.

CDAN – Blinds on Royals and Ghislaine Maxwell

Blind Item #9

According to the former assistant of the madam/procurer turned voice over actress, the madam said she had audio recordings of the disgraced royal taking kickbacks for favorable trade agreements.

Anon submitted: Queen and Prince Charles told Andrew to ‘step down’ from royal life

Prince Andrew cast out: How distraught Duke of York was summoned to Buckingham Palace by Queen and Prince Charles and told to ‘step down’ from royal life amid fallout from his friendship with pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The second interview was put on mothballs since they couldn’t make up their minds who to blame for this disgusting fiasco.  First, it was the secretary and then Fergie, now it’s best he steps down.

Not so fast, he must account for the wealth he has accumulated over these past years.  Prince Andrew has opened up a can of worms that will devour him and the rest of the family.  The British royal family covered for Prince Andrew’s past deeds; this isn’t an oops moment.

Not when Enty, the entertainment lawyer, has excused Prince Charles for the exact same thing as Prince Andrew.  I knew that Prince Charles had hired call girls for his young sons, but were they call girls or sex slaves.  It’s a service he has used in the past when the boys were teenagers. Had did he know about these services?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

CDAN- Enty the Entertainment lawyer- Blind Item #5

CDAN- Enty the Entertainment lawyer- Blind Item #5

Blind Item #5

I knew the PR team was nuts, but they pitched a story yesterday to the US tabloids that everyone else should get out of the way and let the alliterate royal’s husband be King. Yeah.

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Never mind the Markles. What about Andrew ? Kitty Links!

The Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, as expected, was not particularly revelatory.
Nothing was shown that can’t (with a bit of digging ) be found on the internet.

What Dispatches did reveal was that a senior member of the British Royal Family had a friendship with a notorious and prolific sex offender.

Headline news? Apparently not. The public and media obsession with Prince Harry and his wife continues unabated.

Distraction from 100’s in your country that was abused! Per Enty, the Entertainment lawyer. He also mentioned a while back that Kevin Spacey is a witness, and they celebrated buying back thousands of photos with a $25k bottle of wine!

Remember when the Queen took Meghan on an engagement?

There are 4,000 reasons spanning 4 decades for this engagement. All those photos were supposed to be auctioned off today. It’s because of Sparkle’s hype that they were able to stop them from being auctioned without people noticing.  I would hate for HM to have done this for nothing. Just wanted to let you know there is a reason for everything.
I never posted this until today, could this be why Andrew was celebrating?  Was it something else? 


Where are our priorities JD? I do believe this question must be asked, and we must look inwards to find the answers to what is really going on and whether we will allow ourselves to be corrupted indirectly by our need to live vicariously through these people.

It’s sickening! 

Here are the latest links regarding the Duke of York and the Daily Mail offering regarding the Dispatches documentary

These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

This is full of links within the article itself. Some were redacted or removed from the MSN outlets that ran them but are still available as a PDF.

Jeffrey Epstein Again Disappears From View, but What About Mossad?

Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel

How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

The News Week article is pretty good. If Trump did what Reagan did, he would be impeached.  Double Standards. 

All these articles are quite long, with excellent links for further research.

Kitty ❤❤❤

Thank You, Kitty! 💋💋💋💋

Still fantastic research all with receipts, you knock it out of the park every time. The Harkle debacle is bound to die down soon.  The connections with Meg is she is talking the Hillary /Soros speech, she allegedly banged Uncle Harvey and Brett Ratner for free (enty). Meg is friends with Ron Burkle, Bronfman. Same PR as The Clinton Foundation. Maybe she makes our list of human rights violators. 

Thank you, Kitty, 💋💋💋💋💋



Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Blind Item #9

There is a celebrity drug dealer in NYC who caters only to the elite. He has also killed off a few over the years. Apparently, he was told to be prepared to bring his best coke tonight for a very VIP guest. She has a lot of partying to make up on.


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