Princess Eugenie and Jules- The Anti-Slavery Collective in conversation with Grace Forrest and Serena Grant

Hey peeps! I really feel this critical work.  It’s happening all around us, yet no one is saying anything. It’s time to change the conversation.

The Anti- Slavery Collective in conversation with Kieran Guilbert

I think this is such an important topic to learn and discuss. I know it’s a dark subject, but we need to see this as an epidemic problem.

Can you imagine if you were sold to traffickers and had to work for free with nothing to fall back on?  When the slave got sick, they dropped you off at the curb of a hospital. or worse. 

Fergie has been the pot stirrer from the start

As we learned through Enty, the entertainment lawyer that Fergie and Eugenie have been dropping blind items about Meghan Markle.

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First off, do we believe this?  I think we should, and I might add, have kept up the shit show with a particular blogger that I won’t name. They took you down a false path.  Fake baby, making up riddles that led nowhere and time and time again they were proven wrong at every corner.  Wait and see, right?

Look, Meghan Markle is hoe bag, we all know that from our research but to lead us down the wrong path is wrong.  We all wanted the truth, and I said it’s all a distraction from Andrew, and it was.  I said all roads lead to the Yorks.

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Since this has come to light, I speculate that maybe the Yorks had hired Meghan Markle, meeting her at Soho House.  Remember, Meghan wasn’t supposed to marry Harry. It’s a little hard to control someone that has gone rogue. I was told by sources (not anons) that Meghan does have a recording of Harry talking, and she sold that information to the highest bidder.

Yet Harry still loved her, and Meghan just like him to get married. Now, she is in control and will take Harry to Canada. Does anyone care if he goes? Probably not.

We had two LARPS one was Harry’s side, and the other was Meghan Markle’s.  It clashed hard and fast and led to people threatening to kill one another.  What a disaster!

There could be a big tidal wave coming the Royals way because everything isn’t out yet.  We are only at the beginning of what we know.  It boils down to Fergie, the girls, and of course, Andrew.

Harry is spewing his guts out to Meghan, and it’s said she is the one writing the book on the Royals. Who knows what will be mentioned.

I wanted to add that someone was dropping blinds on Eugenie and Beatrice, Meghan Markle?


CDAN- Blind Item revealed #32 Royals

Blind Items Revealed #32

September 9, 2019

Much of the vitriol and leaks about A (alliterate one) are coming from B’s (pedophile and lover of them) camp.  C (on again/off again ex of B and apparently at least once orally serviced the dead pedophile) is still livid about various grudges relating to A’s pregnancy announcement and D’s (offspring of B&C who spent time with the pedophile, but not as much as D’s sibling) wedding. C has been slowly edging her way back into the family with the hope of remarriage once E (racist old guy who, much like Larry King will seemingly live forever) kicks the bucket.  All this scandal isn’t helping that cause.  Keeping the focus on A’s antics also keeps it off B.  C contributed anon tips for the foreign television show that trashed A.

The state of F’s (sibling of B who never makes the news) marriage is in the trash. Apparently she’s gone full cougar and is having a dalliance with a younger man.  Like father like daughter.

G ( A’s husband/frequent excuse maker for flying in private jets/privates holding after a wild party/secret parent to a child who was born in Vegas, but now apparently lives in North Carolina) and H (Bald guy who sure does look like a dear friend of his mother. I’m pretty sure everyone in the family looks like each other though after all these generations of reproducing with your second cousin) are barely speaking H’s wife wants another baby just to take her mind off her cheating husband, but hasn’t wanted to have sex with her husband to conceive.

The boss is aware of all of the above and is happy to let A (aka Wallis A’s last name is what she is being called) The boss also believes that C is responsible for B being hooked up with the pedophile in the first place, since there has been a constant and decades long scrounge for money to pay C’s bills. I would blame it on the madam for the introduction who B wanted to have sex with everyday or threesomes anyway.

A: Meghan Markle
B: Prince Andrew
C: Sarah, Duchess of York
D: Princess Eugenie 
E: Prince Philip
F: Anne, Princess Royal
G: Prince Harry 
H: Prince William (King Juan Carlos of Spain) (Kate Middleton) 
BOSS: Queen Elizabeth 
MADAM: Ghislaine Maxwell 

Anon submitted: DM The Royal Rich List – Meghan – Millionaire

They are still trying to spread the lie that Meghan was a millionaire when she met Harry.

Wait, someone is lying here, the Queen Mother was allegedly broke, and the Queen had to pay her debts?


They keep showing Frogmore house, not the cottage complete with swamp🐸✈✈✈


Smegs jewelry worth 500k, that crap she merches?  Enty conjected that there was no way she has amassed that much money; she wasn’t considered a successful actress in Hollywood.  Meghan struggled like other actors doing odd jobs at Soho House tossing salads.

This reads like a Royal hit piece, and it tells the public they are being scammed.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰🐸



Express- Slams Meghan and Harry’s spending as people rough sleep

Express- Slams Meghan and Harry’s spending as people rough sleep

Although Princess Eugenie is not a working Royal she is loyal to the Queen and she has a job as an Art Director.

It seems to me that Meghan and Harry are taking advantage of their situation with outlandish spending while…

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David Cameron lands role in US firm AL ~ Daily Mail

Thank you to Lila for finding the article, not only does Beatrice work there but so do half a dozen of the Royal friends work there as well.  Inskip, Jules, if you look at the JA wedding there a bunch that works there, and it was some kind of online gambling software last time I checked. What does this company really do?

Berlin- Prince Harry ~ Duke of York

Berlin- Prince Harry ~ Duke of York

Well he did not stay at the conference long two hrs it was said in Bild, and he was receiving people in a roped off area Bild also said. So he did not attend any of the talks. KP said he was “investigating” lol.

The same day The Duke of York this afternoon received Her Excellency Ambassador Madame Dho Young-shim (Chairperson of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s Sustainable Tourism…

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