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Anon Time!! Catherine wore a new dress

So Catherine worn an recycled dress to PHs wedding and a new one to this wedding. What does that tell you…
It tells me she had time to buy a new dress! The Harry wedding wasn’t supposed to happen. Elegant vs creepy Wallis Simpson, granny panties Markle. Thank you anon 🥂🌸🌸😎

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Anon Time!! Order of service

Order of service out – very interesting music choices including a Gaelic blessing. One ring and using the traditional order of service. So an English wedding. Harry used the contemporary order of service. I have hopes for this to be a lovely wedding.
How lovely for Eugenie and Jack! 💖💖

Anon Time!!

Did anyone figure out why Charles and Cam aren’t attending Eugenie’s wedding? Charles gets along with Eugenie as she is his niece and they grew up with Will and Harry. He is the future King, so his attendance is surely wanted by E. I assume Andy doesn’t want Charles there and told him not to come. That seems so short-sighted, not to mention using your daughter’s wedding to settle a score seems off. I don’t buy for a minute that Charles had long-standing plans and Cam had something else too.
Wait, I thought it was just Camilla? When did they change it to Charles? Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

katherine08lugo of PA said:

JD only two days for the real royal wedding 💜. We are gonna see George and charlotte (i cant wait for that). They are gonna stole the show. How sweet of eugenie and jack to include all the children even their younger cousins louise and james ✌👐. Love it. Everyone is waiting for friday. Go to hell sugars you are mean and jealous of a born hrh princess 😇. Katherine
That’s right! 2 more days to a real royal wedding,  done by Buckingham Palace. Not by So HOOOOE house. 
Hell YEAH Katherine!!!! 

Anon Time!! lovenowayworld submitted

So all the family members who were not part of Harry and Meghan’s wedding party are included in Eugenie’s.  Mia Tindal, the Phillips girls, Louise and James, Princess Michaels’ grandson.  And Robbie Williams son and this is priceless – Oliver de Givenchy a relative of the courtier Givenchy son too.  Givenchy of course being the brand Meghan is pursuing for a contract.  George and Char also.  LOL why do I think Eugenie did that on purpose.

Could not make it more obvious how little enthusiasm the family had for Harry’s wedding or how Harry chose to keep his family out of the wedding.  Except of course Harry dragged in George and Char – Megsy would have demanded that.

Thank you love💖💖

Radar online! Princess Eugenie bridezilla or is MM the jealous one? You decide?

Radar online! Princess Eugenie bridezilla or is MM the jealous one? You decide?

Her wedding is no different. She’s fully aware senior royals will look down on her wedding . as second best when it’s compared to Meghan and Harry.’s big day.

Here we go again with MM jealousy, compared to Meghan, MM name being listed first. Eugenie is a blood princess, MM is supposed to be a breeder, sorry to put it so bluntly. 

Folks, I got to wonder where is the parliament acceptance of this…

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