Radar online! Princess Eugenie bridezilla or is MM the jealous one? You decide?

Her wedding is no different. She’s fully aware senior royals will look down on her wedding . as second best when it’s compared to Meghan and Harry.’s big day.

Here we go again with MM jealousy, compared to Meghan, MM name being listed first. Eugenie is a blood princess, MM is supposed to be a breeder, sorry to put it so bluntly. 

Folks, I got to wonder where is the parliament acceptance of this charlatan? Did we see that? Why so are many games being played when she won the prize? The trolls are paid for which is ridiculous for a grown woman to act this way. 

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I’m starting to feel sorry for Princess Eugenie. Meghan must stay home or she’ll steal the spotlight away from Eugenie on her wedding day

I agree with you, but you know the reality MM will be there in her own little world. From what I’m hearing she believes her own lie.  You can take that with a grain of salt or not. 

I believe in Sarah the Duchess of York will make sure her daughter gets the attention she deserves. I hope other blogs will join us in the happy royal marriage. Royal women do count. 

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I read that George and A-male were going to Eugenie’s wedding. This recent Italy story must have something to do with that, I wonder?

Anon, they will be there, Jack is involved with his liquor company.  That was a speculation article. Do me a favor, don’t make people feel uncomfortable about their sexuality, I not being mean to you. 

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The UK furious with Eugenies $2 million dollar wedding. I can’t recall if they were outraged over Harry’s $40 million dollar wedding.

They will make so much money back for that small price tag.  Think about it, it’s for overtime of police officers. Compare it to Prince Harry and the actress?? Small potatoes. 

A Real blood Princess wedding to a happy hard working Englishman. 

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