Good Morning Squad Members! A Meghan Markle round up- parody

Of course, it was poking the bear! They are tacky and jealous they aren’t allowed to rule the world, thank goodness!

MM, are you pushing the kid’s book on how to abandon your rescue dogs for a man? Wait, it could be a color forms MM stick-on set for gender-neutral kids??


Imagine Meghan being immortalized in vinyl with interchangeable Givenchy clothes?

Parts include rescue dogs, Archie in a flour sack, change the babies diapers, Harry with a shock collar, private jets, helicopters, the peasants picking up plastic straws.

Fabulous A-listers sold separately, of course. A ghosting jail featuring Piers Morgan and your best friend, Ninaki Priddy! Sets for over 18 yo include love scenes from suits and tossing salads.

How about a this for Christmas, oh I mean the festive season, god forbid I wouldn’t want to piss people off with exclusion.


A Magic Meghan Markle Mirror with your image that says I’m the fairest of them all, not Kate! I love me! Comes with a wig so little boys (him) and girls (her) or they and them can look just like you! Bonus while supplies last! A tub of bronzer with Sparkle Markle dust!


Pregnancy sets not including and still in development:  one moon bump, sympathy vest with working boobs for harry *he’s so progressive!




Express- Harry and Meghan in shock split~ I told you so

The Clinton like foundation will follow them straight to the United States. Where she will eventually kick Harry to the curb after she has, she treated him like a circus monkey.  Smeg will sue him for divorce, leaving Harry a shell of his former self.

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I’ve warned from the very beginning this will be a disaster, and it is with Royals taking the passive approach. This situation is what a Narcissist will do isolate the victim from everybody! Well done, Meg, how predictable of you!

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Please note that Express referred to her as the American and Duke of Sussex and I agree with them completely! This could have been avoided in the first place. How will the pay Sara Latham now?  Those dreams of a charity for profit being dashed? Oh well, maybe they will start the break-up narrative.

Is it time?

Culinary1604 submits: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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SMDH, she is never going to get it

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Oh, look cameras! Goodie!

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How much did former classmate pay to be there?  Is it hot under the tig wig?

Express- Slams Meghan and Harry’s spending as people rough sleep

Although Princess Eugenie is not a working Royal she is loyal to the Queen and she has a job as an Art Director.

It seems to me that Meghan and Harry are taking advantage of their situation with outlandish spending while thousands are rough sleeping. Gee, Meg, I wonder what the poor people are doing?


Is it comedy day for Royals~ Express ~ MeAgain Kardashian

That’s the last thing they want to be

Meghan’s connections, LMAO

E! News chief correspondent Melanie Bromley claimed Meghan could help the Family become “more successful than the Kardashians” and bring a celebrity-like twist to the monarchy.


Maybe for Meghan Markle being she is so thirsty!

There is only one Kardashian family, and I do like them, they work hard, but Smeghan isn’t ever going to be them. Royals want to be Royals so Smeggie zip it!  You chose the Royal short cut, be Royal and don’t complain and don’t explain to reporters in Canada

Express~ Princess Eugenie PHASED OUT: Why? Eugenie receives no Allowance! Ouch!

What in the hell is going on?  This has been a hit squad all week against the Royals.  The blind items are screaming! I don’t get this,  who is going to cover all the engagements?

Besides, 553 million from the Lancaster duchy, I’m sure that they will take care of Bea if she would ever be in need. The taxpayers should appreciate that Beatrice does charity from the heart! It’s not about money, and it’s a genuine love to help the monarchy.

We love Beatrice!  🌸😎

Express~ Royal Snub

It’s Super Tabloid Day! No One is safe!


According to Hello Magazine, the Queen’s granddaughter and her family missed the celebrations because of a horse show.

Zara was competing in the Bramham International Horse Trials, and husband Mike and their two daughters, Mia an Lena, went along to support her.

By the way, Hello Magazine owns the Express, okay, much ado about nothing, just a shocking headline

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At least post a new picture, Mike had his nose fixed


The express is trolling hard

So The Express just figured out that DoC is more popular than Meghan? Jabba the Hut is more popular than Meghan. Darth Vader would be a better dinner guest than Meghan. Voldemort is beloved compared to Meghan. 16,000 comments on DM for her re-appearance at Trooping and most agreed she is not exactly well-liked. So brilliant observation writers of The Express (I think Markle forgot to pay them this week).


After, I’m joking, little nip and tuck

I know it, darling!

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That’s right bitches, I’m back, MeAgain! Even if I have to talk to myself again!

Thank you anon!!! 🌸😎