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The Origins of Implicit /Unconscious bias.

AHA!  The game is afoot!  It’s a theory and yes we should be more accepting to one another but we do have a normal family standard! A few bad apples are no reason for the rest of us to be punished, we were getting on just fine. The motivation is MONEY, the benjamins as Omar puts it!

The NPR, what a joke, but they are bringing up bias of police officers kill or be killed situations. Walk a mile in their shoes, even the residents are scared of these violent people.  I can see having a town hall meeting with the police and residents to recognize one another as we are not the enemy. 


Cory Booker, privileged upbringing, son of IBM executives has soft spot for drug offenders not being violent?? What?? He obviously has never been to Newark at night! I suggest Kirsten Gillibrand take a walk in those communities after dark without a team of reporters, then get back to me. There will be bias because it’s a fact that violence exists in inner cities.  


Those people that make it out of the hood have a much better chance of raising their children to enjoy the American dream instead of being forced into gang life.  What the president is doing is something their representative should have done all along take care of the people in their districts. 


For the rest of us who don’t live there, the American citizens have a right to be angry at politicians trying to shame us. Maybe they are the ones who should hang their heads low.  What we have learned through these links is that when confronted with this theory that was jammed down our throats is resentment! 


Chicago is one of the most violent places in the country, black on black violence leading to death is the number one reason why single mothers go without fathers.  Same goes with Baltimore!  and Camden, and so on,  mostly democrat run.  We know these places are corrupt.


It’s more than just a hoodie and really what would a scholar know unless he went there and spent time with the people? The poor didn’t have opportunities as they were kept down by liberal policies.


Unravelling the concept of unconscious bias


One or two good reads on implicit or unconscious bias JD!

As always follow the money! Always ask: “And what’s in it for you? Or, everything is retail or business opportunity, and in this case, I would say millions of opportunities! Doesn’t someone have to make a profit somewhere? Even if it’s during the course of educating/inculcating the masses? Unconscious Bias training is now a very profitable industry.



You’re right Kitty! It’s a billionaire dollar industry! Google and Facebook have jumped on that train as well as the progressive left candidates who run for President. They are using exclusionary tactics that equate to fear. 


Unconscious Bias is still controversial as the tests or research was deemed to be flawed.
As usual, any useful or helpful dialogue is closed down, we are all it seems racists whether consciously or unconsciously.
Isn’t the idea to keep us quiet? In the “Brave New World,” we are being led or herded into being compliant and docile is essential. The most effective way to do this is to instill fear and suspicion into everyone we are now living in a fear-based society,


Anyone diverging from what is regarded as acceptable behaviour and thoughts is cut from the herd and attacked in a way that can only be described as being rabid and lacking in logic


What’s happening is all people of the skin rainbow are speaking out against this flawed theory. 

We all become the “Other “

Group Think

Obviously, I’m the rebel! 

Is this where we are heading? Are we already in this place?

Jordan Peterson
Collectivism Individualism and Western Society.

Brave New World.

A Must Read.


This link is great! It’s smartly written and snarky!


Soma puts you in a coma!  Easier to handle that way.  What’s the point of humanity if you’re happy all the time. Can you imagine only having one emotion?  This would be a great round table video discussion!

The novel tells the story of Winston Smith, a hapless middle-aged bureaucrat who lives in Oceania, where he is governed by constant surveillance. Even though there are no laws, there is a police force, the “Thought Police,” and the constant reminders, on posters, that “Big Brother Is Watching You.”

Another Must Read.


Lots to read JD .!

It all seems very dark and dystopian, but nothing is written in stone.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing “


Attributed to Edmund Burke this very prescient quote was written by John Stuart Mill in 1867.

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You killed it today!  I started reading last night, thank God someone is paying attention!  Yes, things can change if people stop drinking killaide. Human emotions are a gift from God and a defense for our brains! That’s why certain Mental drugs were developed for folks with mental illness. 

I could go to anthropology, where it’s the opposite of psychology. Tribal life that has never experienced western civilization would be considered insane, but to anthropologists consider them normal to their environments. The argument is what really constitutes insanity?  

As always it was my pleasure to read your links! 🌸😎🐱‍👓 Thank you!


CBS Producers receive unconscious bias training Survivor and Big Brother??? Harry Markle uses this speak

Neal Goodman, Ph.D., is president of Global Dynamics, Inc., a training and development firm specializing in globalization, cultural intelligence, effective virtual workplaces, and diversity and inclusion. He can be reached at 305.682.7883 and at For more information, visit

Hold everyone accountable, whether guilty or not!  Isn’t this what Harry Markle just did with Jane Goodall interview? Are we all turning into drab, boring people void of personality?  Bye, Bye Miss American Pie.


No thank you google; the mind is complex, you keep your sameness, woke, hypocritical thought policing to yourself. You have no right to tell anybody what their unconscious mind is thinking.  I reject your borg mentality because resistance is never futile.


Wiki has warnings on the page 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 it does come with a bunch of links like this one. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

I keep seeing Harvard all over this, what I want to find who started this and who funded this?  I need your help peeling this onion.

Aeltrileaf~ tumblr ~ Immigration crisis on the border ~ please read

I agree with most of this, I don’t think President Trump is racist, but he is trying to make changes in our prison system, so people have job training and rides thanks to Kimmy K. He also has the lowest unemployment for minorities there has ever been.

Aeltrileaf is correct she has been on top of this for over two years, tracking down the Pedos, cartels, and cabals. The deep state is real, and it’s scary.

Embed from Getty Images


CIUDAD HIDALGO, MEXICO – OCTOBER 21: A migrant caravan walks into the interior of Mexico after crossing the Guatemalan border on October 21, 2018 near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico The caravan of Central Americans plans to eventually reach the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the recent trade deal with Mexico and withhold aid to Central American countries if the caravan isn’t stopped before reaching the U.S. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Are you convinced now? It’s a crisis! For What? Votes?

This is the truth! I don’t care what party you’re for, help me get the word out, please!


George Soros and the Kock brothers have influenced the tech giants to not list anything remotely to the right. If you watch the video I posted with Nunes saying his Twitter account had been tampered with, there will be an investigation, and some Techs will be sued. There is talk about breaking them up.

Freedom of speech is our God-given right, and it’s under attack. Even this blog is not being listed on Google for politics. Shame on you, Google! Why worry about a little blog such as mine?  Could it be that Soros and Koch Brothers have brought stock and they are listening to these  Oligarchs?

Nunes rips Democrats: They don’t want to get anything done

This is a must watch video, it’s a smoking gun, Nunes is telling you the truth!  The Steele dossier was always fake, no Russians, Hollywood as I said before from peeling the onion the Dems and backers are paying for a narrative to change your thinking.

Twitter, Facebook, Google being sued for withholding republican content. Attacking freedom of speech, we can’t compete.

Please wake up and listen, I beg you!


Like all bad pennies they keep coming back on schedule~ The Markle’s

The Grift is on! When chatting with Sam Grant Markle, she revealed that Roslyn was an alleged drug addict and never met Meghan in her life.  What is she doing here now?  Because as we come to learn that when the shit hits the fan, you bring out the family.

Since the press is angry, they might as well start throwing them on fire as well.  Please, people, don’t buy any of their bull hockey.

This story originated from the Mirror, well I guess when you start burning bridges, you got to move on to the next thirsty media outlet. It’s a money-making opportunity with heavy competition.

Roslyn accuses Thomas of cheating on her, okay that’s the reason he shouldn’t see the grandchild? What about Prince Charles?  OMG, these people! Ugh!  How about the alleged drug abuse with both Thomas and Roslyn?

Mrs. Markle added: ‘He would scream, “f*** you,” “f*** off,” “leave me the f*** alone,” or “get the f*** out of here.” Everything was f***. He called me a f****** c*** a lot.’ 

Okay, Thomas did work a lot, and she isn’t a Markle any longer, and she claims he was an awful father, yet his son and daughter went to live with him, sure Jan, go buys some ripple. Plus, Thomas raised MM by himself because Dorito was allegedly in prison for fraud from an employer but turned her life around to receive her master’s degree and become a Yoga instructor.  That makes perfect sense to me!  She paid back her debt to society, and people do deserve second chances after all.  I mean Harry had a bundle of them, right!

Allegedly Meg even had a simple possession charge, who never got one of those before??  I mean, I haven’t but maybe I might one day.

She alleges that he would come home ‘smelling of women,’ and at one point even slept with one of her relatives while they were still married.

Hey, Maybe she might be on to something I’ve got some tea to spill, I posted this before.

Sorry, it’s a little blurry, but it’s from October 31, 2016, FaceBook, open forum down in Mexico where Thomas lives and a girl is complaining that Thomas wanted to pay her to 🤬 his girlfriend while Thomas watched.  This person has zero motive because the shit hadn’t hit the fan yet.

Warning to all Social Media users with kids~ Boost this post!

Warning to all Social Media User

Lock your accounts, protect your tweets, Facebook, Instagram

Your account is a shopping site for Pedos

This is something Facebook doesn’t want you to know. That’s why all of sudden they are protecting pictures!  Pedophiles become fixated on a child and will pay to have someone kidnap your child.  I’m not lying! It’s a real problem.

Please, it’s better to be safe than devasted. Watch what you post the world isn’t a beautiful place. Don’t publicly say you are out for the night, keep it private.  Degenerates are out trolling for the most innocent easy to manipulate people.

ki_native is on the run, or has changed her twitter name

Be careful on Twitter, lock your Facebook and Twitter account down these unscrupulous people are breaking the law at least in my state of Florida.  They are looking for personal information, and they think they have us on the run, hell no Suge!

Your grand poobah is in a bit of hot water at the moment.  If you are one of MM’s crazy demonic supporters, please note, this is royalty she married the 6th inline to the throne. This is a hereditary monarchy, and Harry has got a better shot of seeing God with a flat top then sitting on the throne with the Queen of MMean.  Wishing this means you want children to die!

Leave the Duchess of Cambridge be; she didn’t sign up for Harry’s bullshitter of a wife.  The gaslighting has to stop.  This nonsense has to stop, and I’m sure the little grey men are gathering the evidence as I type.

I’m less than thrilled to make the front pages of the Daily Mail and being stabbed in the back by an outlet I used to love.  It’s very dishearting, and I really promoted the shit out of them.

Remember #NoAir to trolls, report and block, don’t forget to get a screenshot.


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