Gaetz gets into heated exchange with Google CEO

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will ‘target’ brands in support of advertising boycott of Facebook over ‘hate speech’

  • The couple have asked which brands they can ‘target’, according to organizer
  • Campain calling on companies to pull advertising from Facebook to force platform to stop the spread of hate speech 
  • More than 100 firms including Unilever, Dove, Honda and Ben & Jerry’s have pulled the plug on Facebook advertising in support of #StopHateForProfit 
  • The campaign called the company out for failing to stop so-called hate speech and misinformation being posted on its platform

Scoop: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back Facebook boycott

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been privately advocating for the #stophateforprofit campaign, which includes a boycott of Facebook, according to multiple sources working closely with the couple.

Why it matters: The boycott against Facebook has grown from an industry scuttle to a cultural battle over the way the tech giant moderates content, particularly around hate speech.

Details: Over the past few weeks, the couple has encouraged CEOs around the world to stand in solidarity with a coalition of civil rights groups, like the NAACP, Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League, which began urging marketers to stop buying ads on Facebook via the Stop Hate for Campaign two weeks ago.

JD says Tough shit! Life is not about censorship slugs! Everyone is entitled to their opinions. That doesn’t mean hate when someone criticizes you. 

I’m in the midst of transferring post to

The website is really cool! You can put money into your account to tip the posters.  You can transfer up to $500 bucks!

There is no censorship, which is very refreshing, considering these big tech giants want to silence your voice. Like I’ve always said, you don’t like what someone is saying scroll on.

I love that the Q movement is going there in droves to get away from Twitter censorship of free speech and limiting how many people you can follow. All your favorites are there!

The Big Tech is doing all of this to censor an election because they are biased and in the pocket of NWO type scoundrels.

I say to run there as fast as you can, and why not make a buck or two posting your stuff.  Your time is worth money, why should the big Tech giants laugh all the way to the bank?

Why let these Big Tech Giants make money on your words?

We can’t make this stuff up, and we are the bad guys, really