Anonymous said: Meghan is a tacky celebrity, not royal material

Anonymous said: Meghan is a tacky celebrity, not royal material

Anonymous said:

Meghan is a tacky celebrity, not royal material. Which one of her friends (well she doesn’t really have friends, she only hangs out with her stylists etc.) will upload photos of her tacky baby shower on their social media accounts so that the press can report about it?

They are coming anon, thank you, I agree with you!!🌸😎

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Irene Cara! Yeaaah Buddy!!

Irene Cara! Yeaaah Buddy!!


REMEMBER MY NAME!! Damn i’m old. lol


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No Ethics

Anonymous said:
Person A forces Person B to do something, but it’s ok b/c Person A has promised (in writing!) that the coercion will not go on for very long, just a little while. It amazes me, if this is indeed what happened, that B & family would believe that A would hold to what has been agreed upon! If A had any ethics, coercion wouldn’t have happened to begin with!

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How did this charity cookbook make it to America and Canada? Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, claims she is supporting the Grenfell tower ladies, the picture was a photo shoot taking from the Mosque according to the picture from the Daily Mail, not the Kensington Palace kitchen.  The Royal family pledged 10,000 pounds and did engagements for awareness and millions were donated. Many people were imprisoned for filing fake claims. Is the Meghan Markle being an opportunist to the tragedy?  MM has brought the cookbook to America and Canada, nice gesture but why? Is MM fishing for her job in the afterlife of being in the royal family? Let’s dive into what we have so far. I think she is scamming, this is American publisher, why wouldn’t you pick a British publication? This is rotten to the core.

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“The Duchess of Sussex made secret trips to a community mosque to cook with Grenfell Tower victims after the horrifying inferno that left 72 dead, it emerged today as she helped to release a new cookbook.” This is the Daily Mail.

Meghan Markle Just Announced a New Project: A Cookbook

This is vogue👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

Back in the day, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, used to share her love of cooking  with the world—on her lifestyle blog, The Tig, on the Today Show, on her Instagram. But once she joined the royal fold, her blog was shuttered, her interviews limited, and her social media accounts deleted. It seemed that Meghan’s life as a publicly effusive foodie was thing of the past—until now.

Today, Kensington Palace announced that the Duchess worked on a new cookbook, Together: Our Community Kitchen, a collection of 50 recipes from women affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. After getting displaced from their homes in June of 2017, a small group gathered to cook for their families at the Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre. Soon, more community women began to join them for support, and the Hubb Community Kitchen was born. (“Hubb” means love in Arabic.)

Kending Palace tweets

Money – Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version)

Money – Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version)

Meghan Markle’s family heartbreak: How relatives turned back on Duchess

Meghan Markle’s family heartbreak: How relatives turned back on Duchess

Henry Cavill Talks About Fame’s Effect on His Relationships

Read what the actor said…

I have read it, did he name any names, he is right fans have no right to spew hate at people he dates. We may not like her, but he does. Didn’t we clear this up yesterday?

Henry Cavill Talks About Fame’s Effect on His Relationships