mm/ph and Skippy

Just read a post, who is Felix, and why do you not rate Skippy, sorry new to all this. Don’t know what to believe about PH/MM.


Felix was a blogger, friend, and fellow commenter on the daily mail.  I asked him to start a tumblr blog three years ago. He was shut down for getting carried away, calling anon a black bimbo. It’s complicated with Felix.

Skippy is a blogger on tumblr that used to be my friend until she pretended to be shut down and lured me away from tumblr so she could get the most anons. She is petty and delusional, thinking Harry is playing a role. If you don’t agree with her, you get blocked or yelled at.  I don’t know, but I think she is expecting a medal for sticking up for the royals. Skippy is making shit up as she goes. 

Skippy also turned against NYC and caused a big stink because I loved NYC. She eliminated all the competition. 

Harry and MM are in this together like Thelma and Louise until he wakes up. The Royal family gives it five years, but I don’t think MM can wait that long. So take him to California and divorce his ass. 

Thank you anon, 🥰

Anon asks about Felix

Do you know if he is ok? He is not posting, and the last I heard was there was a family issue. I hope he is ok and wishes him the best. Miss his sarcastic wit.

Yes, his mum had some surgery. He never came back on after we found out that our website was compromised. It was something I didn’t take lightly and discussed it with other members before pulling his membership here. I loved Felix, and I used to love Skippy, but to do what they did for anons is ridiculous.  I was much more conservative in my approach to Meghan Markle.  

I wish he would talk to me and clear up any misunderstanding. He always did say he had something on skippy. 

Thank you anon, 🥰

Poor baby


Poor Felix u where paid off and are not posting anymore. Lol

What I was paid off???😂😂😂😂😂 Where do People come up with these fairy tales?

I bet You want to pay me, JD and a few others off not to blog so We don’t spoil the fairytales which you believe in.

Oh well I have news for you anon. We are are just warming up. So no amount of cash will stop us from blogging about the truth..

C ya…

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About Winky?

As soon as the anon, mentioned her in their post, I just wonder if she showed up on your blog by any chance, JD? I would be glad to hear from her even if she was a troll, lol. Do you think she was simply trolling us?

Have you heard anything from NYC and Felix? I know many people became totally disappointed with Harry, reconsidered their support for him and moved on with their lives.…

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Tumblr anon wants to know what happened to Felix

Tumblr anon wants to know what happened to Felix

Anonymous said:

Whatever happened to Felix? I thought he was coming back and he said he had info to expose Skippy..

Felix is welcome to come back here anytime he likes; I see he was checking in on the blog yesterday.  We shall see anon if he does or doesn’t.  Will people be willing to listen to what we have to say now?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

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Anonymous said: Please let felix know we will keep his mum in our prayers

Anonymous said: Please let felix know we will keep his mum in our prayers

That is so sweet, and there has always been us, he deserves to go the distance on this journey, he really does.  We all learn so much along the way. We changed for the better.  I adore him for that.

Thank you. Anon 🌸😎😁💖Have a great day!

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Anon asking about Felix

Anon asking about Felix

Anonymous said:

Felix has not been logging. I hope he is just done with the MM c**p and he is all right.

His Mum is not well; he’s been following the story.  When all is better, he can do the Australian shift, and I’ll be taking a small break.  I will still be around.

Thank you anon, I know Felix appreciate reading this. 🌸😎💖😁

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What’s happened to Felix?

What’s happened to Felix?

Hey guys, I have to confess I haven’t been following him for a little while, but was just wondering what happened to Felix. Always enjoyed his posts.

Few more days, his mum is in the hospital, I just finished chatting with him!  I can’t wait to get the band back together and he is keeping up with the drama!

That will give me some time to chill and dream of more things to do with the site.


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Keep ringing your liberty bells~ Felix is coming back here

Keep ringing your liberty bells~ Felix is coming back here

Hello, JD! Where is Felix, you communicate, he is gone, is he tired? MM is nothing, you and your family are most important! Good luck, take care of yourself!!!

I spoke to Felix last night, and he will be coming here for a bit and giving me some time off, I will be checking in, I’m having lots anxiety over MM trolls coming do me bodily harm. A Hiatal Hernia is back from 25 years ago.


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