Nope, that is not true.

“Wait that peanut butter Jelly blogger is stating now that she works for the queen?” – If the peanut butter jelly blogger both of you are referring to is Skippy, then no she/he has never said that they work for the Queen.

HI, anon.

That’s what the other anon stated in the ask. Well ok, she has never said that but I found that funny. what peanut butter jelly brain has stated is that she is there for the monarchy but beating down on MM. That’s not a smart move on her behalf.

So what’s the new goss now anon?? What new fantasy theories are they coming up with now?? Let me guess they are still stuck that ARCHIE is a doll..不不不不不

Have a wonderful day anon and thanks for posting.

love felix歹

This just in , she states she is here on behalf of BRF


Hey Felix! You’re getting the band back together!

I’m so happy that you’re here! Let me ask you this, do you believe that Meghan Markle will be arrested for treason like you know the peanut butter blog who claims she is working for the Queen? LOL

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Hi Anon.

It’s good to be back and here with JD. This is the new chapter in blogging and JD and I are excited to be doing this together.

Now let’s begin. How is MM going to be arrested?? She has not committed any crime and in reality, the BRF accepted her into the family as there was a wedding.

Wait that peanut butter Jelly blogger is stating now that she works for the queen?不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

That is a brilliant anon. It is funny on so many levels that peanut butter jelly has claimed a lot of things that won’t happen but in reality, it was HM that approved for a wedding to go ahead and as we all saw she even attended the wedding in person.

Now, this peanut butter blogger has literally called the Queen a LIAR as she has rambled on that ARCHIE is a DOLL…

I used to think that MM was really dumb but WE have a winner now with peanut butter Jelly making these claims.

Peanut butter Jelly brain states that she is all for the Monarchy and is here to help them. If she was really here for the monarchy shouldn’t she be making MM look good as we all know and see that the RF has taken a hit with MM coming onto the scene.

So why keep on bashing MM???

Now that’s why peanut butter jelly brain is the Winner of the DUMBO prize!

Have an awesome day anon

love felix歹

Meghan and Harry, I’m sick of them 丐

God bless you guys for coming out to say that Harry is just as much at fault as Meghan Markle is, I used to like both of them. This long drawn out drama is getting old, and I can’t stand people fighting over these two idiots.

The deluded blogger that thinks everything is fake has been wrong and led us on for over a year. This is going to happen, that is going to happen, and nothing ever does! I’m taking a chance asking a question here, she apparently has spies everywhere. Be careful!

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I agree with you anon. She has many spies but they don’t scare JD and I. We are here stating the truth about these 2 Royal Clowns who in reality are the perfect match. We all saw exactly what Prince Harry is capable as he chose MM who lied to the world and made her his wife. These other bloggers who I won’t mention any names as I respect JD and this blog are DELUSIONAL as you stated above and don’t want to believe reality, That’s why they come up with these narratives which keep on failing because you, I, JD and many other anons and bloggers have seen the real Harry..

Have a great day anon

love felix歹

Hey Felix! You’re getting the band back together!

Check this out

The daily mail is now claiming that Frogmore needs more renovations. Do they think we are stupid?

LOL. The DM is always going to be publishing Articles that raise Questions as they have done with the latest article Spitting of the Royal Foundation. Now there a rumor going around that MM is staying at another apartment somewhere in London paid by Prince Charles. I don’t believe that because I will let you on a little secret. HM owns a lot of property in London and around the UK. So why would they be paying for her accommodation when she could live in any of their private residences?

Now No One has bought proof to me or any other blogger stating that MM and Harry aren’t staying at Frogmore Cottage. The media might know but they will never tell as Harry will place an IPSO on privacy and win.

Have a great day anon歹

trooping and archie

well, the norm would be that no infants are on the balcony. George and char and even will and harry as children did not show up till they were older. If anyone shows up this year it would be Louis who is now 1 yr old not a few weeks old infants. But all the rules get broken for Meghan and Harry so who knows. The RF really is a mess and clearly, do not know what to do about this grifter they let marry in.

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Exactly right anon. All the rules have been broken since MM has come along so expect to see Archie and cousin Louis on the balcony. We will shortly find out.

The RF let Harry do his own thing and this is the result. Harry chose MM and the Queen approved for a wedding to be held which we all saw on TV. Now we have a child and probably another announcement for a second child in the coming months.

EXPECT the UNEXPECTED when it comes to Harry and MM.

Have a great day anon歹

Meghan Markle was a failure in Hollywood claims biography

About Winky?

As soon as the anon, mentioned her in their post, I just wonder if she showed up on your blog by any chance, JD? I would be glad to hear from her even if she was a troll, lol. Do you think she was simply trolling us?

Have you heard anything from NYC and Felix? I know many people became totally disappointed with Harry, reconsidered their support for him and moved on with their lives.

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Wink is still watching; they are all on the radar.

No, I don’t think Wink was a troll, she loved Harry, and I know she was as shocked as everyone else how this is unfolding.

Felix is stopping by and not saying anything; we have reached out but nothing.

NYC and her merry band, I think they are close, stealth mode.

That seems to be the narrative being pushed right now; the best thing to do is to stop but stay informed. We are in some scary times with Brexit. Pray for the UK that they get Brexit and maybe we will see the charlatan go. Life hangs in the balance for the next week.

Thank you anon, 賅

Tumblr anon wants to know what happened to Felix

Whatever happened to Felix? I thought he was coming back and he said he had info to expose Skippy..
Felix is welcome to come back here anytime he likes; I see he was checking in on the blog yesterday. We shall see anon if he does or doesn’t. Will people be willing to listen to what we have to say now?
Thank you anon, 賅

Anon asking about Felix

Felix has not been logging. I hope he is just done with the MM c**p and he is all right.
His Mum is not well; he’s been following the story. When all is better, he can do the Australianshift, and I’ll be taking a small break. I will still be around.
Thank you anon, I know Felix appreciate reading this. 賅