Richard Palmer- Trump has arrived in the UK for his 3 day state visit.


Donal Trump has arrived in the UK for his 3-day state visit.

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Donald Trump talks about his visit to the UK and Meeting The British Royal Family Members..

Donald Trump was asked in an interview about his visit to the UK meeting the BRF members. He speaks about this will be his second time meeting Her Majesty and Prince Charles and that the first time he met the Queen they had a great conversation on many topics. This will be his second time meeting Prince Charles which he will certainly talk about Climate Change and Donald states that the US is doing well in the last to years tackling climate change and many more countries need to do the same.

He was also asked the Question about the negative comments the Duchess of Sussex said about him before the election and she will not attend due to her being on maternity leave. Trump claims that he didn’t know about the negative comments made against him and hopes that MM is doing OK. Plus he states that MM will do a great job representing the BRF.

Now I think he was playing nice as he has respect for the BRF and will not say anything offensive about any member which will make it an awkward visit.


Emily Andrews- Twitter Regarding Priyanka Chopra NOT visiting ARCHIE.




So Royal Reporter from The SUN Emily has tweeted that longtime Megan’s friend  Priyanka Chopra didn’t visit Archie from 3 different sources. But the Sun went ahead and published that she did a couple of days ago.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

You have to laugh at how these tabloids operate. Publish first and then ask questions..


Felix2001a ~ anon

but cdan sad she was strictly pay for play

Two very different ideas within 2 day span. hmm? disinformation EVERYWHERE. Just to keep ppl guessing, cause most don’t believe the marriage or the pregnancy to be honest and real.

And well, with the mass arrests going to take place in USA, the UK is next to be exposed, cause when America sneezes the world catches a cold. DISTRACTION is the name of the game for these BRF LIARS and MONEY GRUBBING USERS. Aussies shouldn’t be giving them any attention. RIDICULOUS! [OOH OOH let me praise these useless idiots who have more money than me cause they basically steal from my taxes daily.]

STOP BEING IDIOTS PPL THE BRF & CELEBRITIES ARE SH$T AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! SMOKE AND MIRRORS! They only tell you what they want to in order keep the illusion alive to outwit the masses and keep you under control and use your tax money to live lavishly, cause if you knew the truth you’d REVOLT! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Hi anon, Can you elaborate on these massive arrests which are going to take place in the US?

Quite true. The BRF promote hemselves to survive. They need to be in the limelight acting like they care for the world to show that they are doing what they are paid for but at the end of the day they don’t care. As you see the National healthcare system in the UK is struggling and here is the BRF advertising the millions of dollars from taxpayers spent on the wedding this year.

Have an awesome day anon😊🙏👍❤️

William does NOT work more than Harry


William does NOT work more than Harry

Felix, William does NOT work more than Harry. It’s just the PR that’s constructed that way because he’s in the direct lineage! Don’t buy into it, please! The helicopter work WAS a PR show as well. He only flew when there was media coverage – NOT ANY OTHER TIME!!!!!!! Harry has been more involved in charities than any of the young ones. He’s deteriorated badly with MegShit’s presence. And, indeed,…

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Question Felix 🤔


These anons that’s been posting lately are they here to promote Waity Katey 🤔? If so what’s with all this feet kissing all of a sudden 🤨? What’s going on or better yet what’s about to take place with this chicken headed woman 🤔🤨😑

No eclipse. They are pointing out great facts regarding MM compared to Kate. As you see Kate didn’t require PR teams to tell the world that she was in a…

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