Danja Zone- Warning! Queen Awards Poop-Obsessed Pedo with Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honor


Fergie has been the pot stirrer from the start

As we learned through Enty, the entertainment lawyer that Fergie and Eugenie have been dropping blind items about Meghan Markle.

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First off, do we believe this?  I think we should, and I might add, have kept up the shit show with a particular blogger that I won’t name. They took you down a false path.  Fake baby, making up riddles that led nowhere and time and time again they were proven wrong at every corner.  Wait and see, right?

Look, Meghan Markle is hoe bag, we all know that from our research but to lead us down the wrong path is wrong.  We all wanted the truth, and I said it’s all a distraction from Andrew, and it was.  I said all roads lead to the Yorks.

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Since this has come to light, I speculate that maybe the Yorks had hired Meghan Markle, meeting her at Soho House.  Remember, Meghan wasn’t supposed to marry Harry. It’s a little hard to control someone that has gone rogue. I was told by sources (not anons) that Meghan does have a recording of Harry talking, and she sold that information to the highest bidder.

Yet Harry still loved her, and Meghan just like him to get married. Now, she is in control and will take Harry to Canada. Does anyone care if he goes? Probably not.

We had two LARPS one was Harry’s side, and the other was Meghan Markle’s.  It clashed hard and fast and led to people threatening to kill one another.  What a disaster!

There could be a big tidal wave coming the Royals way because everything isn’t out yet.  We are only at the beginning of what we know.  It boils down to Fergie, the girls, and of course, Andrew.

Harry is spewing his guts out to Meghan, and it’s said she is the one writing the book on the Royals. Who knows what will be mentioned.

I wanted to add that someone was dropping blinds on Eugenie and Beatrice, Meghan Markle?


CDAN- Blind Item revealed #32 Royals

Blind Items Revealed #32

September 9, 2019

Much of the vitriol and leaks about A (alliterate one) are coming from B’s (pedophile and lover of them) camp.  C (on again/off again ex of B and apparently at least once orally serviced the dead pedophile) is still livid about various grudges relating to A’s pregnancy announcement and D’s (offspring of B&C who spent time with the pedophile, but not as much as D’s sibling) wedding. C has been slowly edging her way back into the family with the hope of remarriage once E (racist old guy who, much like Larry King will seemingly live forever) kicks the bucket.  All this scandal isn’t helping that cause.  Keeping the focus on A’s antics also keeps it off B.  C contributed anon tips for the foreign television show that trashed A.

The state of F’s (sibling of B who never makes the news) marriage is in the trash. Apparently she’s gone full cougar and is having a dalliance with a younger man.  Like father like daughter.

G ( A’s husband/frequent excuse maker for flying in private jets/privates holding after a wild party/secret parent to a child who was born in Vegas, but now apparently lives in North Carolina) and H (Bald guy who sure does look like a dear friend of his mother. I’m pretty sure everyone in the family looks like each other though after all these generations of reproducing with your second cousin) are barely speaking H’s wife wants another baby just to take her mind off her cheating husband, but hasn’t wanted to have sex with her husband to conceive.

The boss is aware of all of the above and is happy to let A (aka Wallis A’s last name is what she is being called) The boss also believes that C is responsible for B being hooked up with the pedophile in the first place, since there has been a constant and decades long scrounge for money to pay C’s bills. I would blame it on the madam for the introduction who B wanted to have sex with everyday or threesomes anyway.

A: Meghan Markle
B: Prince Andrew
C: Sarah, Duchess of York
D: Princess Eugenie 
E: Prince Philip
F: Anne, Princess Royal
G: Prince Harry 
H: Prince William (King Juan Carlos of Spain) (Kate Middleton) 
BOSS: Queen Elizabeth 
MADAM: Ghislaine Maxwell 

Fergie talks nonsense again

Fergie defends ex-husband Prince Andrew amid Epstein scandal that’s been ‘hard’ for her and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – and likens herself to Meghan Markle because she has ‘been in her shoes… and still is’

They all deserve each other. 😒


Anon submitted: Crisis Summit

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson arrives at Buckingham Palace for crisis summit with the Duke after defending him as ‘this giant of a principled man’ over his Jeffrey Epstein interview.

Defiant Prince Andrew carries on: Royal will fly to Bahrain for Pitch@Palace event despite being sacked from public duties by The Queen after his brother Charles ‘urged her to act to protect the monarchy.’

By Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter for MailOnline, and Rebecca English, Royal Corresponded for the Daily Mail

Prince Andrew will fly on an official junket to Bahrain in the next 24 hours in an act of defiance after it was revealed Prince Charles told the Queen to sack him from all royal duties to save the monarchy.

The Duke of York will jet to the Gulf to try to save his beloved Pitch@Palace charity as a slew of big businesses pulled their sponsorship to avoid being associated with him after his disastrous BBC interview about Jeffrey Epstein and his ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts.

Andrew will be the guest of honor at the Dragons’ Den-style event at a luxury hotel in Bahrain on Saturday night, and the winners will be invited to a bash at St James’ Palace in London next month.

Critics have questioned the timing of the trip just days after he said he was ‘stepping down’ from public duties for the ‘foreseeable future.’

And amid extraordinary scenes today, Andrew smiled and waved as he drove himself in his Bentley to see the Queen again on the morning after she retired him from royal duties. Hours later, just after Her Majesty left for Windsor Castle, the Duchess of York, turned up at Buckingham Palace to see her ex-husband.

It was an overt show of support for Andrew, who she called a ‘true giant of a principled man’ this week, wound down her Range Rover’s window to greet armed police before heading through the gates.

Today it emerged that Prince of Wales acted ‘decisively’ to force out his younger brother yesterday having called his mother from his tour of New Zealand urging her to cut off the Duke of York having become ‘increasingly alarmed’ the scandal was engulfing the entire royal family.

Her Majesty agreed and then summoned her ‘favourite son’ to deliver the bad news and told him he would lose his £250,000 taxpayer-funded salary and would only appear in public at family events.

A senior royal source told the Evening Standard today that Charles had told their mother: ‘This is about protecting the institution of the monarchy itself’, adding that ‘swift action’ was imperative.

The insider added: ‘There could be only one conclusion… The Duke of York had to withdraw from the fray and from public life. It is very sad. Obviously, both the Queen and the prince [Charles] love Andrew – but the health of the monarchy is too important to risk’.

Prince Andrew, who has not always seen eye-to-eye with his older brother, is back at Buckingham Palace today to see the Queen for the first time since she sacked him. It was business as usual for the monarch as she later held an investiture ceremony.

Charles and Andrew had a recent high-profile row over whether the Duke of York’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie should enjoy the perks given to Charles’ children William and Harry – and now the sisters’ public roles and income are likely to fall after their father’s demise.

Beatrice’s wedding plans for next year are also up in the air and may even be scaled back, especially as Eugenie’s nuptials last year cost British taxpayers around £2million.

The solemn-looking Duke of York arrived this afternoon to discuss his future and if he can continue his Dragons’ Den-inspired charity Pitch@Palace without any royal patronage – and away from the palace – as a slew of big businesses pulled their sponsorship to avoid being associated with him.

The Outward Bound Trust has also announced Andrew has resigned as the organisation’s patron – but his daughter Princess Beatrice will remain a trustee.

Despite his public life being largely over at the age of 59, the duke smiled and waved as he left his grace-and-favour Windsor home driving his £170,000 Bentley Flying Spur sports car as calls for him to give evidence to the FBI under oath reached fever pitch.

The Duke of York is today being urged to fly to America to speak to detectives, with lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims warning him ‘any delay’ must lead to US agents heading to London to interview him before Christmas.

Buckingham Palace is ‘braced’ for the ‘imminent’ arrival of a subpoena summoning Andrew to give evidence under oath in the US, according to the Telegraph, but leading QC Baroness Helena Kennedy, said if he was her client she’d advise him never to go to America again in case he is arrested and can never leave.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents five of Epstein’s ‘slaves’, wants to force him to give evidence in the US – but prosecutors would treat him as a witness to help prosecute Epstein’s ‘helpers’ and co-conspirators rather than a criminal suspect.

Ms Bloom said: ‘Andrew and his staff must cooperate with all investigations, show up for civil depositions and trials, and produce all documents. Nobody is above the law and everybody should have to answer questions’.

The Queen took decisive action against her second son last night in a desperate bid to contain the fall-out from the duke’s disastrous Newsnight interview about his years of friendship with the paedophile.

Andrew will lose his £249,000 annual income from the taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant as a result – but will keep his grace-and-favour home in Windsor and cash will still come in from his mother’s Duchy of Lancaster estate, the source of her multi-million pound private income.

The Duke wanted to speak to the BBC but he was skewered by Emily Maitlis. The misjudgment triggered days of catastrophic headlines and caused a string of businesses and charities to desert him, with experts calling it the biggest crisis to grip the royal family for decades.

Royal expert Penny Junor said: ‘I would think the Queen is horrified – it’s been a disastrous year’ and biographer Ingrid Seward, Editor in Chief of Majesty Magazine, said: ‘I have never known anything like this in living memory’.

Andrew has been pilloried for his TV performance because of a lack of contrition for his friendship with the paedophile and his failure to express sympathy for the dozens of women Epstein trafficked and abused over three decades.

His alibis for not having sex with Virginia Roberts three times including being in Woking’s Pizza Express have also been widely ridiculed by the public. And now his claim he was with Britain’s consul general in New York when Ms Roberts said they slept together in 2001 became at odds with the diplomat in question, Sir Thomas Harris, who said last night: ‘I don’t recall him staying with me’.

Prince Andrew flew off to Bahrain!  They have a considerable trafficking problem.  The royals just lied to all of you!  He won’t get any money, but he’ll still be seen at family functions, and now he bolted to Bahrain?

I guess that he’ll stay there. I wouldn’t doubt that the entire royal family will remain there in exile. Follow the money!!!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰



Some nuggets I discovered doing the most recent episode of the Enty Podcast, but didn’t have time to mention. This former royal turned spokesperson/celebrity reunited with her husband because men stopped paying her for sex. This royal frequently had the madam/procurer/sexual assaulter over to his place, but only when he had a woman willing to do a threesome. Apparently, he liked to watch the madam be rough with the other woman. The royal who likes underage girls has at least one illegitimate child that he publicly refuses to acknowledge but who he has to pay a significant amount of child support to each month. 

Former Royal turned Spokesperson/Celebrity: Sarah Ferguson

Madam/Procurer/Sexual Assaulter: Ghislaine Maxwell

Royal who likes underage girls: Prince Andrew   

IIRC Prince Charles also has a kid floating out there and was BFFs with Jimmy Savile. The BRF’s a hot mess…

Oh My Gawd 

Anon submitted: The Queen’s August horribilis

Harry and Meghan’s plunge from favour, the Jeffrey Epstein affair and Fergie AND Zara compromised… not since the early 1990s has the monarch seen her family tarnished so badly

The article was written by Penny Junor.

While we are on it, remember 2016 Harry’s Caribbean tour, where Meghan was on another island. There wasn’t any flight diversion to Canada.


Also, look into the visit to the Pearl of the Caribbean, resort, and racetrack. Harry met with Jack Warren, The Queen’s racing manager.


Later Zara was said to have been working for them. A Chinese firm. It was speculated that the Royals were investors.  It would be a natural jumping-off point to Miami for Horse racing industry.


We found out that Beatrice was working for Inskip firm, doing what, we’ll never know.  Inskip wedding was filled with friends that worked for the company developing software for online gambling.  Put two and two together, and everyone has their fingers in the pie.


Now, I await an investigative reporter to look into Meghan’s relationship with designers.  It is said that she is charging designers to wear their dresses. Also claimed by Enty, she is charging for public appearances.


Thank you anon, God bless American and Great Britain, 🌸😎😘