Abortion ban in Alabama making it a criminal offense for doctors to perform the procedure

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Click on the tea rooms above and give your honest opinion in your heart. Would you get an abortion when there is birth control, condoms, foams, morning-after pills?  How do you feel about the latest ban on abortion in the southern states?  New York has made the most liberal abortion law that states you get one in your 8th month when the baby can live outside the womb!  I’m not sorry that’s murder!  More black women get abortions, isn’t that black genocide?  We are provoking thought.  Is the government reaching too far? Did you know that Roe v Wade the woman fought the rest of her life to change it back?

I have taken my friends who wanted to have an abortion because of the pressure of the boyfriends, and they regret this decision to this day, the guilt that they feel for killing a human goes against their teaching of holy scriptures. Thou shall not kill.

You think with your head and speak with your heart (soul) Are you killing one of God’s souls?

Here is Hillary Clinton’s take

Here is Charlie Kirk takes


Great News! Felix is on JD.com

Great News! Felix is coming to JD.com

Please join me in welcoming Felix back to JD.com. We met in the Daily Mail comment section, and he came to tumblr as a reader blog. I talked him into blogging, and he built quite an audience. Felix hails from down under and gives his no-nonsense approach.

We used to say that Felix played with his pray before rolling it.

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Many people are joining the website I created for you. We are all friends here.  We aren’t just royals. We can do anything. If you’re tired of the same old social media where it’s a dog eat dog mean girl society than I think you will enjoy it here much better.

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Remember this, you think with your head, you speak from the heart, make sure that you use head first.

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Anonymous said: In instances of surrogacy in the UK, a Parental Order needs to be made

In instances of surrogacy in the UK, a Parental Order needs to be made. The birth will then be re-registered to record the intended parents, and a new birth certificate will be issued.  The original birth certificate (listing the person that actually gave birth) will be sealed. This takes 8-12 weeks, hence the Harkles announcement that they won’t be releasing the birth certificate but in a few months when someone accesses it, it will feature H and M as birth parents….
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Tada! Instant parents!  So, for now, they can claim privacy because Archie is not a titled person.  People need to remember he is still in the line of succession.  You should always care even if he is not in a direct line to become king.

There is nothing wrong with surrogacy, it’s a wonderful thing to do but a credit to the mother that carried him. The stigmatism should be removed as normal, I can’t stand the hypocrisy with Meghan and Harry.  He never used to be like that.  It’s not shameful but it is because they want the title more than telling the truth!  I’m disappointed in the monarchy.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

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Today is Will and Kate day

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How Dumb is Meghan Markle PR Team?

How stupid is Markle’s PR team??? Why do they think removing comments will help Markle? It will make the situation just worse, and it shows the people whose comments got deleted were right about her. Man-child Harry wants to force us to like his stupid wife.
It will spread like napalm!  Dumb ass move, SMH, we aren’t children.
I was reading a specific reporter tweets, and  I really like him but when you make fun of peoples grammar that will make the situation worse.  His paper came out with articles that on fan flames further.  Never make fun of your readers they pay your salary in the clicks for reading articles.
That’s why I say don’t click on their articles. Post freely and often, use our user-friendly forum to comment on the articles.  Hit them in the wallet, MM goes by comments to get paid, and we make a stink she gets paid more.  Stay off the articles and don’t buy her crap fashions and accessories.
Complain to the designers respectfully and tell them it is against protocol to pay royals to wear your clothes.
Thank you anon 🌸😎