Fox News- Exclusive: Trump, Coronavirus task force participate- Q Proof!


The Coronavirus is a Chinese Virus



Mini Mike Bloomberg drops out of the race- No kidding, Duh

What an extreme way of blowing half of billion dollars! He could have built homeless shelters for those in need. Fed the many, many people.

I think he was there to take away from Bernie, what a strategy!

They had Mayor Pete and Amy drop out and amazingly Biden’s dead campaign was resurrected from the flames of hell. I find it highly suspicious that this knucklehead won anything.  He lies through his teeth during his victory speech. Half of the stuff he said he’s going to do the President has already done it! What a moron, I hope President Trump points it out during his next rally.

George Soros must be hitting himself over the head as young people didn’t vote as he planned.


Dan Bongino was spot on about California, the votes went to Bernie.

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff went too far and the Former vice president is under investigation for his role in Burisma. I do hope people are paying attention to this.

Why would Democrats vote for a corrupt leader that gaffes and lies? Because the rest are woke racists and the world can’t handle that hippie-dippie nonsense. The global agenda nobody wants.

What will you get with Joe Biden?  More corruption, more pay for play, business as usual and you had better know your place and shut up.

Is Fox News moving to the left?  Just saying


Meghan ‘never really came to terms with what was expected of the royal family,’ source claims

A palace insider who has worked with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told UK media commentator Neil Sean there were certain aspects of royal life that the former American actress was eager to ditch.


“She never really came to terms with what was expected of the royal family and the need to publicly suppress opinion,” the source told Sean. “She did not get that you can’t be political and have those thoughts discussed in public despite saying so to Harry at the start… [Kensington Palace] was just beyond anything she had known before.”