Judge Jeanine: If you questioned the deep state’s existence video


This case would never be unsealed if Hillary won.

The left-wing media is desperately trying to make this case about Trump. But the truth is it’s not.


Trump openly talked about Epstein in 2015 “Nice guy — uh, got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island, with Jeffrey Epstein,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in 2015, referring to Clinton’s connections with Epstein. “A lot of problems.” It’s become possible to revisit this case only with Trump in the office. He was not a politician back then, but he knew that “some of Clinton’s behavior was inappropriate at best. Criminal at worst …” (Dan Bongino told on his show)

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I love this guy, and he says it like it is, that is the Northeast way


Moreover, Christine Pelosi, who is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, referred to some politicians as “our faves” in her tweet. Bill was “their fave” President. Hillary was “their fave” to win the presidency.

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WASHINGTON – APRIL 29: (L-R) U.S. President Barack Obama attends the funeral service for civil rights leader Dorothy Height with first lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Washington National Cathedral April 29, 2010 in Washington, DC. Height led the National Council of Negro Women and marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


Nancy and Creepy Joe will face a lot of questions. They were in politics in decades. They knew former Madam Secretary and former President for years. And they heard nothing? Who will believe it?

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Who believe Oprah and Streep who were being friends with Uncle Harvey, heard nothing about his closet life.

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SANTA MONICA, CA – JANUARY 16: Oprah Winfrey and Harvey Weinstein with Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte at the 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at Barker Hangar on January 16, 2014, in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage)


I agree with you anon, Oprah going to have to give Uncle Harvey more money then she already has given him for his rape trial, maybe she should lawyer up!  Oprah is attending the alleged rape cruises thrown by David Geffen, per enty the entertainment lawyer.  Young boys, teens were raped at the pond scum pleasure.  Hey! Mischa Nonoo attended one of the rape cruises to nowhere, Meghan Markle’s friend also a well-known yachter.

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THE BROOKLYN BOROUGH OF NEW YORK CITY, NY – JUNE 12: Designer Misha Nonoo (L) and Global Membership Director of Soho House Markus Anderson attends the Cecconi’s Dumbo Opening Party hosted by Nick Jones & Soho House on June 12, 2017, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Soho House)

Allegedly, Markus is a middleman for the yachters, and they call themselves feminists? HA!


The lefties can yell all they want. When these monsters get locked up, what will they say then?  Hill and Bill are going down, not only for this but for using federal resources to spy on America citizens and make false accusations because they hate that Trump can’t be brought, won’t play the game. They are scared shitless!  I’ve watched the judiciary committee and I can’t believe what I’m hearing from the left!

Evidence is in front of them and they are shouting the opposite? WTF! You would think they would make attempt to seek cover but Chuckie is out of touch and living on Fantasy Island.


Thank you anon, there will be more coming soon, and this is federal, 80% of the sentence must be served! 🌸😎💋💋💋💋🍾

AOC is full of sh&t !!!!

Her fall will be dramatic! “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

Officials push back on AOC’s border station claims, saying she is ‘misinforming’ the public” Even pastors who try to stay away from politics are calling her out on her BS. Nancy lost all the control over those id0ts.




Oh yeah, Nanny can’t control the big mouth and doesn’t realize her foot is stuck in her ass.

AOC is a nutter!  Did you know that Google is blocking the video of the Border Patrol video! Outrageous! can someone send that in?


Thank you anon, keep bringing comments, videos, tweets,🌸😎💋

Journalism , today’s Propaganda Machine~ Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓

The Propaganda Ministry Known as “the Free Press”

What has happened to the idea of a free impartial press and real journalists? When did journalism become propaganda? Why is “news ” censored, what is mis and dis – information?


The above article exposing the New York Times and it’s very close “relationship “with “government agency or agencies ”
In this case, the CIA?

How the secret services in Great Britain have influenced the press.


This article exposes the relationship between the Guardian and British intelligence services


John Pilger. World renowned and award winning Journalist.

“Real journalists act as agents of people, not power “


Pilger on Obama. Unfiltered and Excoriating.

Where and How it All Began.

Fascinating, a must watch! I don’t agree with everything he says, but that is what America is about. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act!

Edward Bernays, often called the father of Public Relations and Propaganda, has influenced how we live, think, and view the world.



This article details how Bernays helped to influence the way our world works today.

Very long, but very interesting documentary on Edward Bernays and all his connections



This documentary will help with connecting yet more “dots “

BINGO! Emotions, no intellect, I’m still watching its long!

This is a must watch and read JD. This is the story of Edward Bernays and how through the use of propaganda he changed culture and society in the western world,


Propaganda to Public Relations =The Same thing

Bernays influenced how we perceive the world and how we decide what is reality or fiction. See who Bernays was connected to.

It is always about connections, connections, connections!

Kitty ❤

Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓


Another great job by Kitty!

I can tell you that PR is in every aspect of your life, I worked for restaurant corporations that employed psychologists to write handbooks about color, training and the way we talk to our guests and make suggestive selling to make guest checks larger. I  was a corporate trainer for ChiChi’s, Fridays and Steak N Ale.


I’m sure many have had some sort of training, like customer service representative all the way to the White House spin doctors.


I recognized this type speak during the 2008 elections, and John McCain never had a chance of winning. We experienced a massive displacement of overzealous mortgage brokers leading to foreclosures. We hit a recession, and for the first time, the middle class was on food stamps and depressed.


Obama only made things worse, but the American public was willing to give him a chance the second time around. He choked the hell out of the energy industry and put thousands out of work. He was supposed to the environmentalist president, but still Flint Michigan was drinking polluted water. People were still mesmerized by a person that bomb the hell out people, and he got a Noble peace prize?


People lost everything, and their retirement 401K plans gone! Poof!  I lost 30, 000 on my house alone after getting hit with massive medical bills you thought you could rely on your investment.  It’s was more like a depression to me. It made me want to get out of New Jersey ASAP and move south.


Along comes Donald J Trump to South Carolina, he energized the base and even me. Talking with my mother, I told her Trump is right, but they aren’t going to let him win. Boy, I’m I glad he won, but now he is being attacked.  A lesser man would have crumbled under pressure.


President Trump is overcoming all of the false narratives, and I had to help him, I believe in our country, I want to destroy the false narratives that  PR’s are spewing with fake racial crisis and getting people to think that illegal immigration is a right, it’s not. To overflow any country is horrible stress on our infrastructure and ultimately a collapse of our societies. They are leaving us ripe to be picked off by China.


Everyone should fight for our right to exist, never be ashamed of who you are, even though this is what the PR narrative wants you to believe.  It’s fake, and they are using your emotions to drive the herd.


Kitty, Hilton used George Orwell, I thought you would get a kick out of that.



Thank you, Kitty, let’s continue to do good works informing the world to wake up! 🌸😎💋💋💋💋💋


The further the worse

Let’s open up our borders. Let’s give illegal aliens free health care. Let’s give the right trans women to abortions … Joe Biden?

I cannot believe that Joe Biden, who was supposed to be against providing free stuff to illegals just a couple of years ago, raised his hand with the rest of the crowd!

It’s a train wreck. As an independent, I will have no choice other than voting for Republicans. By the way, is Obama still a Dem.?

It’s so cringing to watch these idiots, is this the best our country has to offer?  Have people become so stupid that they actually think that free everything is actually free?


I’m running to the right! I’m a former registered democrat lifer can’t support this kind of lunacy. You know it’s bad when Bill Maher makes fun of the pack of morons.


This is funny AF!!


Thank you anon, keep them coming, 🌸😎💋

Did you watch it, JD? Tucker says: Kamala Harris wasn’t bussed-she lied!


Poor Joe Biden! Did Biden even realize where he was when the MSNBS guy tried to ask him a few questions? He looked totally lost. It’s a good thing his wife came to the rescue.

I was trying to stay awake to watch this stuff, this comedy show of cringe moments. Has the Democrat party gone insane?  Why are they shoving this shit stew down everyone’s throat?  It’s disgusting they are trying to buy the votes of every minority because they can’t beat Trump fair and square.


It’s my understanding that most Latino’s tend to swing right, LMAO


Do they have a greeter at the border giving out happy stickers, saying, “Welcome to the US, vote democrat we fought for you!” as the terrorist Chants “Death to America,” welcome vote Democrat! As the Cartel drug runner says, we are here to poison your people with drugs! YAY! Welcome here is your sticker, Vote Democrat! As the pedophiles say, It’s the American dream to choose many kids that we can rape and cuddle afterward!


If you think I’m joking, I’m not, and the globalists are putting chaos theory to the test to wipe out population because from what I understand, we mere citizens are the scourge of the earth and shouldn’t be afforded anything in the future. Sound radical? It is, and the democratic party has no problem campaigning for this future idealism. They are too naive and blinded by campaign contributors whispering this is what you need to do.


Let’s get to Kamala Harris attacking Sleepy Joe, and it was like watching a wildebeest being taking down by a group of hyenas. The bloodthirsty democratic pack has zero respect for a man who served over 40 years trying to reach across the aisle and compromise.  Swalwell saying pass the torch, insinuating he is past his prime apparently, the younger crowd just turned off the over 50 groups with that stunt.  I actually felt sorry for him and thank god Jill was there to rescue him.

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Is Joe out? He could be but Trump would crush him.  That’s is a zero percent chance of Biden becoming the nominee.


Tucker brings up the point that Kamala Harris was never bussed, she lived the life of privilege, and her dad was an economics professor, which makes this extremely bizarre. Do you think she is hoping MSM won’t call her out for this?  I will push for this, nothing worse than a fake. 


I appreciate your ask, and I’m sorry I needed to take some time off. 🌸😎


Hang in there friends

I’ve been taking away temporally for some personal stuff with the reno from hell. We are finally on painting!

Coming up tonight is some Henry Cavill news! The sexiest guy on the planet and this site officially Hot Guy!  I love that you all are getting excited for Henry’s career moving forward!  He is going places!

Hopefully, Vin and I will have some great news to announce shortly, say prayers this happens!

I’m staying up on politics and the crazy field of Dems trying to buy your vote with stuff that will never happen. These policies will put us in a recession, 401ks will bottom out again.  I’m no experts, reparations for everyone and free college loan payoffs, and the price tag will be in the trillions,

These lawmakers preached you go to college! Then there were no jobs to pay it back loans, remember that? Instead, I love Ivanka’s idea about vocation tech training we need this desperately in this country.  Plumbers, welders, tech industry these are all high paying jobs.

Socialism Sucks Lemons and bankrupts countries

God Bless America, KAG

No Matter what country you’re from have pride, be patriotic, make your country great and Screw You, George the Crypt keeper Soros! We reject your narrative, and why don’t you piss off!


And one last thing, Hillary Rotten Clinton, you are not above the law!


Nunes rips Democrats: They don’t want to get anything done

This is a must watch video, it’s a smoking gun, Nunes is telling you the truth!  The Steele dossier was always fake, no Russians, Hollywood as I said before from peeling the onion the Dems and backers are paying for a narrative to change your thinking.

Twitter, Facebook, Google being sued for withholding republican content. Attacking freedom of speech, we can’t compete.

Please wake up and listen, I beg you!