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Less and less people want to watch Fake News CNN~ Watch Fox!

CNN’s ratings drop again after three-year low last month

CNN’s ratings dropped again in April after the network experienced its worst month in three years.

Prime-time viewership at CNN was 761,000 with 553,000 viewers during the daytime, according to Nielsen Media Research.

CNN’s ratings drop resulted in the lowest number of demographic viewers since August 2015. CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime” with host Chris Cuomo saw its worst demographic viewership numbers since its debut in June 2018.

In April, CNN had its worst ratings since October 2015, experiencing a 26% fall in viewership from the same month a year ago.

That’s what happens when you continue to lie to people like me, you get your ass roasted!  More voters are going to the middle with Dumpster fires like CNN and MSNBC.

Is there no adult in charge over at this stations to tell them, look, kids, you blew it! The shit show is coming to an end this is the time for grifters to get out of dodge quick before pitchforks and torches show up on our doorstep.

Here is a note of advice stop taking copy from Public relations firms the narratives are as fake as their clients who pay that pile of poo.

Although I used to love CNN back in the day with Bernard Shaw, Bill Hemmer, and Lou Dodds, Benard is with God and Hemmer and Dobbs are at Fox.  Plus there is Sheppard Smith, Martha Maccallum, Dana Perrino a former White House press secretary.  Laura Ingraham with the Angle who is great and I do DVR her show.  Many are lawyers, they are real experts. Oh, shout out to Gutfeld (funny guy), Jesse Watters (Philly boy).  Tucker Carlson who I watch all the time.  Neil Cavuto with his calm demeanor packed full of information.  They have Chris Wallace who is the journal god.


CNN is a dumpster fire now!  Who do they have Don Lemon that twit, spewing that race-baiting negative crap to scare Americans?  It’s fiction and Tumblr writers can do it better!  Oh, wait, Anderson Cooper who I once liked, since I love the above people there is no need to watch CNN.  Somewhere on the blog, I talk about how my TV homepage was stuck on CNN and I thought I’d scream!  Thankfully, it’s now on Fox and my doggo has to watch it in bed while I listen and do this all day.

I no longer do morning shows since 911, no thank you.

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Mueller~ Newsweek

1,000 federal prosecutors who served under both republican and democratic administrations have analyzed the Mueller report and said it is clear Trump engaged in obstruction of Justice.

there is no need to be triumphant about Trump he is as bad as any of them. Corruption runs deep. None of these clowns have the well being of the working and middle class in their minds.


Thanks for your opinion, but he didn’t obstruct and allowed everyone to testify.  Yes, corruption runs deep with Hillary R Clinton and Obama figuring a way to spy on American citizens via the UK. The Steele Dossier aka the insurance policy is fiction.  If that’s fake then everything else is, many legal experts have weighed in on this and there isn’t enough evidence legally to charge Trump but there is evidence to charge others in the democrat party.

Like AG Barr said the Mueller report “isn’t jiving” Let’s wait to run the president over after the investigation is over with misconduct into the witch hunt of the century!

I don’t trust any Main Stream Media, it’s said that many reporters were being paid off.  Washington Post claimed Fox News are the ones that got it right! NYT is telling it’s reporters not to go on to CNN and MSNBC.

Personally, the first time we got back money from a tax return, fuel is affordable and I can go to the grocery store (Publix) instead of Save a lot which their meat comes from Mexico, our friends are owner-operators truckers.

Wait until I post about the President Trumps prescription drug plan, it’s impressive.

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Mueller passed the bucket.

It’s clear that Mueller passed the bucket. The Trump-is-a Russian-spy narrative fell apart. He stated it clearly that there was no collusion. He has no intention to testify even if many Reps want him to. He knows if he does testify, there is no way for him to avoid tough questions on the opening of the investigation.

The reason Durham got appointed is delivering all those answers. Mueller left Dems on their own to decide if they want to pursue the obstruction case, they can go ahead and try and do it. However, Pelosi knows if there is no underlining crime, the obstruction case is pure politics. So, it is what it is.

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This is a big dumpster fire of epic proportions! Nancy knows that it would mean certain death for anyone up for re-election on the Dems side.  You have to realize they hope this Mexican tariff deal blows up in Trump’s face, but they all know it’s not going to happen.

I should post the AG Barr interview if I can.

This is the mainstream media side who wouldn’t be happy even if AG Barr carved up President Trump for Thanksgiving.

One thing I taught my kids was to look at both sides of the argument to become better citizens, and upon doing that, I too learn to stop thinking one-sided, and it pulled me to the center. I suggest to everyone to do and teach your children the same.

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Don’t forget that Felix is on during the wee hours in this half of the hemisphere.


Im sorry

“Numerous doctored video clips of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, are spreading on social media, deceptively portraying her as if she were intoxicated.” No, she was drunk … was NOT* She is under much pressure. She is dealing with two groups of people in her party. “To be or not to be”


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This is what I have to say to Nancy, be a leader!  Tell her people to stop!  This horse shit is going to pull more people to the middle and the right, fact! Look at me a staunch Democrat, a lifer, but not when you try to roast the President of the United States of America!

Leaders must get freshman in line, and they need to follow their leaders, not dictate.

The country is doing great, low unemployment for all and this man brought down minority unemployment. Companies are coming back to the US, that means jobs for Americans.  Trump is not a politician, he is a businessman, and it took a businessman to fix things. We the people begged for someone like this, and a lesser man would have crumbled.  Let’s rally behind this man by supporting him for the next four years.

Trump is making America Great Again!

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What? Blackmailing? Comey/Trump😱

“Former FBI general counsel James Baker said this week that he and other officials were “quite worried” that former FBI Director James Comey appeared to be blackmailing then President-elect Trump during a 2017 meeting regarding salacious allegations found in the Steele dossier.” Did you read this article, JD? I cannot believe it … I am shocked … speechless …

OMG, a hell of a lot of money in this campaign to slur the President of the US.  Steele dossier is a British spy ring called the ii, the Integrity Initiative, a one-off MI6 operation that continued into the Presidency of Donald Trump.

When I talk to neighbors about this, it reminds them of the end days where the king of the south defeats the king of the north.  If you look at this geographically, Britain is north, and DC is the south.  I know, I’m getting bible but this incredible paid globalism, NWO stuff is in line so who are the monsters pushing this agenda?  Billionaires with offshore money to get the people to think a certain way, to dumb down the next generation.  They are causing holy wars if you don’t believe me watch the tremendous European experiment that George Soros funded groups to flood Europe via Africa!  It was only for Syria, not the continent of Africa.

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