Ilhan Omar: Ethics complaint filed by Judicial Watch

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! 

Sharia Law says: Adultery is punishable by death, Thank god you live in America Ilhan Omar.  

Ilhan came out strong against India and Kasmir, then claims the GOP in Alabama has no right to criticize her because she doesn’t represent them? What?? 

That’s okay coming from someone that practices bigamy and hypocrisy.

Ilhan Omar bigotry is shining through!

The comments are blasting Ilhan’s bigotry.


Adjusted Well tweets Ilhan has lied

WS- reports that Omar brother is a gay- Wait- didn’t she marry him? caution offensive to LGBTQ

I was looking around for the David Steinberg information on Omar, lol.

This story keeps getting better all the time.  Ilhan isn’t even an Omar, WTH!! Right!  She came to our country with another family and took on the Omar name. I can’t make this stuff up! And guess what? She never divorced her brother! 😹😹😹


Homosexuality carries the death penalty in many Islamic countries.

LauraLoomer.Us Has The Story:

Because the mainstream media has finally caught on to the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her brother in an alleged immigration fraud and student loan fraud scheme, they’ll likely follow up by reporting that her brother is a homosexual in order to prove that the marriage was arranged, solely for the purpose of skirting immigration laws and getting student loans at North Dakota State University.

As a reminder, LauraLoomer.Us reported that story five months ago, and all of the other Johnny come lately stories about Omar over a year ago.

During her campaign, Omar was accused of marrying her brother for the purposes of committing immigration fraud when it was revealed that she was legally married to two people at the same time, and new documents from North DakotaState University (NDSU) and archives social media posts from her brother that show he is an openly homosexual man strongly suggest Omar committed student loan fraud through her fraudulent marriage with Elmi (believed to be her biological brother).

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Nur Said Elmi In 2009

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Aden In 2002

At the time of her marriage to Elmi, Omar was said to be attending North Dakota State University with Elmi.

According to Christopher Wilson, Chief of Staff at the Office of the President at NDSU, Elmi attended NDSU as a student of art from the fall of 2010- Spring of 2012. In an email, Wilson said that Omar graduated in 2011, which would mean that Elmi stayed in North Dakota for a full year after Omar, who was then his legal on paper wife, graduated.

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Do you believe it, JD?

—–Nunes retweeted a side-by-side comparison of the Dowd transcript text and the Mueller report text, suggesting that the Mueller report did not disclose the full Dowd message. The Mueller had redacted the part of the voicemail where Dowd said he wanted the heads up “not only for the president but for the country” and that he wasn’t asking for “any confidential information.” —–

Wow! Make everything public! Release all the transcripts for people to see. We want to know the truth. Mueller needs to testify. There are so many questions to him.

This is getting good! Now I was up last night watching Fox, Hannity, Ingram, and Carlson. AG Barr said in an exclusive interview that things weren’t jiving. No kidding, it’s a meltdown in Washington, and we must keep up it’s happening fast!

The Hannity special will leave you with goosebumps! This Shit show started as early as 2012; the Obama administration got better when Trump came along.

It was said that Micheal Flynn was a thorn in Obama side, they ruined this man that served his country.

Here is the most significant part, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Biden have got some explaining to do! The Law is you are not allowed to spy on American citizens, so the Clinton campaign went to our allies for help to do it for her!  They went to the UK, Integrity Initiative to help them with their dirty plan to bring down a sitting President of the United States. The Steele dossier was their insurance policy, this blowing up in their faces as it should. They are fighting to this day to make sure he never wins this election.

I implore all American citizen to fight back against these monsters who want to bring down democracy as we know it.


Anon said: People are interpreting the Eden story about Harry asking Audi

JD and Vin it is all over the blogs. People are interpreting the Eden story about Harry asking Audi for a one mil donation for him to play polo at Audi Polo event as verifying the CDAN blind about Markle running a scam with the charities. That Harry and Meg get “appearance” fees. Eden in the DM is saying the one mil would go to their charities, but CDAn was saying it went right into Megsy’s pocket.

If they are doing something like this and it gets out, it is the end of the BRF. People think Audi released the story to Eden cause they are pissed about it. I can’t believe Harry would go this low and absolutely endanger the entire Monarchy. It can’t be true, but it is now being discussed all over.


I agree with you it’s a slippery slope to navigate and this could end all the charities as we know them.

Meghan Markle is hell-bent on tearing the monarchy down to the ground you bet your ass that it will all be in her tell-all book when she leaves.

No matter how hard we tried to warn them, it seems as it’s fallen on death ears.  Experts must be brought in for their own good, and they need to listen this time. Stop being pompous; they are about to be crushed!  The passive to no strategy is going to fail them.

MM is working with CAA and Sunshine; they have initiated Beyoncé beehive, the social media war is being set up as we speak. I’ve never been so scared for BRF since Diana interview with Martin Bashir.

I know they said KP was keen to deny it, but it warrants the investigation.  Both sides know about Enty, the entertainment lawyer.  Listen to this man for the love of God!

How can we fight against this?  We are going to try like hell to defend them, but they need to help, the press needs help. We can’t do this alone.

Do you remember before engagement that MM was going to set up a charity close to KP for female empowerment?  They gave her the engagement and what was required of her.  MM stabbed them in the back again.  Wake up, Harry!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

People have the right to criticize their representative in democratic world

If KP, I guess through that press secretary guy, and Meghan are forcing people to respect and like Meghan, it’s not going to work!!! If anything, it will cause more anger from people who are forced to endure her behaviour and spending, which, in the long run, could cause a referendum. Guess what Meghan, and guess what press secretary, you can NOT force people to like other people. Respect is EARNED. Get Meghan to stop spending, and get HER to treat people with respect. That’s how it works!!
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Who likes to eat dirt sandwiches?  I don’t, and I hate having one forced down my throat!  The worst part is her pseudo mumbo jumbo feminist yachter bullshit, and half the world knows she is wearing prosthetics.  I agree with you and you do as I say,  not as I do!
Everyone is welcome here, I may not like what you say, but I will go to war for your right to say it!
I won’t be a grammar nazi, half of the people are on cell phones.  We can figure it out together.   I literally in tears.
We are deeply disappointed with this decision to defraud the people of the UK.  MM is getting paid to wear these clothes.  I want to know is she still sending Clarence House the bill?  Double dipping.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD

Harry fell for a fraud like MM

Harry fell for a fraud like MM

Anonymous said:
Like many, I am so disappointed in Harry. I can’t believe he fell for such a fraud as MM. I would have thought that he would have been able to see right through someone like her. The fact no one seems to have been able to get through to him, and he seems to be clearly under her thumb is shocking. What is it going to take to open his eyes? The red flags are and have been…

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Harry fell for a fraud like MM

Like many, I am so disappointed in Harry. I can’t believe he fell for such a fraud as MM. I would have thought that he would have been able to see right through someone like her. The fact no one seems to have been able to get through to him, and he seems to be clearly under her thumb is shocking. What is it going to take to open his eyes? The red flags are and have been everywhere. The RF really messed up coddling him the way they did. He really has problems.

I agree with you, I think they were hoping he would open his eyes and see what a real 💩head she is.  When you are desperate to save someone, I guess you do and say anything.  I forgive them, but they may have made things worse.

Family, they are the family of the world, sometimes you get angry and that’s normal human emotions.  There is always a few black sheep in everyone’s family, they must learn from their mistakes. They need to be accountable for this.

Harry, wake up!  I think Harry is torn, that’s why he flip-flops and it’s making me do it, ugh! How do you unlove someone?

Thank you anon 🌸😎🥂

Looby Lou London

Hi JD It’s LoobyLou in London. Just for clarity when referring to the Kensington Palace household, it’s likely not a reference to the actual palace homes but to the back office staff who are referred to as “the household.” It means William & Kate and Hollywood Harry & Sparkles will no longer have joint representation. Nothing to do with buying houses. Hope that helps?
No, that’s not what I meant at all, MM is allegedly pregnant in her mind, Kate didn’t get a house until she got pregnant.  Sorry about that.
We figured there would be split early on, but the Palace also said they would add MM on. Now the timing of the split has got us thinking the performance on this tour is what did it, MM is controlling, and the way all the royal SM account have been handled has red flags everywhere.
Some people were telling us this is not a real marriage, and Harry has to act to make it convincing.
Now we know this is a real marriage for as long as she wants to stay forever to her is two years.
Enty is saying she is asking people at the charities to pay her and she will see to it goes to the right charity has got us all thinking they want to separate the houses because of fraud activity. The merching she does MM get paid, that’s illegal. We know she handed in receipts to Clarence House and she split the money with Jess Mulroney.
Would you like to add to this?
Thank you Looby Lou London  🌸🌸😎
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