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Thinkspot , sounds good, in fact, it sounds great. , So much better than the insidious “group think ” Jordan Peterson has been subjected to.



What’s not to love about an intellectual, brilliant non PC so-called bad boy? One up for free speech 😊❤


Anonymous said: So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail.

So I had 3 comments deleted today at the Daily Mail. They are still trying to get rid of critical comments about MeMeMeghan. Apparently, everybody has to think she is perfect and has to LOVE, ADORE and WORSHIP her. She’s a true narc.
Meghan Markle is treading on free speech! She calls her self a Democrat, yeah right, socialist!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎🍌

I can be the thorn but…

Together we can be the spear that ends Tierney!



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Lonely Planet endorses Philadelphia, PA as best place to visit

Anon Said: the remarks of Jean Malek

JD, the remarks by Jean Malek were made a few days before the wedding so if you look at comments from the wedding week that should narrow it down. The actions of the ” thought police ” here in the UK very recently is worrying. Have a look at the twitter of Dr. Fanny Cradock @bustedwench. She has had an awful time, not connected to anything royal. They need to remember free speech.
I’ve followed Fanny💖, I put my twitter on private, I shouldn’t have to do this, but a fellow friend and tweeter said that the megulators took family pictures!   This is diffidently a coordinated attack, so someone planned this which makes this a hate crime, conspiracy??
We need the ACLU on this.
Thank you anon 🌸😎

Anon Said: I hope you sue the 🤬out of them

Jd I hope and pray that you sue the living fuck out of these disgusting excuses for human beings All of You sue them I hope that Meghan has to testify and all you said about her is proven I’m a public court of law as fact I hope those reporters lose their jobs for breaking the law and violating our first amendment rights A good lawyer will take this on, and those sad excuses for humanity will face repercussions.
Thank you for your support anon, the court of public opinion is strong!  As much as I hate lawsuits because the only people that make out in this are the lawyers.  They didn’t bother to reach out to me to say there is some reason to this madness. The press simply overlooked the real troll, and that is Meghan Markle.   The reporter admittedly said, “they may go after MM stans because their vitriol and hate is worse.” The word MAY was used. We all know what that means don’t we?
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I re-read the information I sent to him, and I gave him clear evidence to what is going on, I repeated Enty, the Entertainment lawyer so there would be no mistake.  They took what they wanted and left me in harm’s way, and Now I have a baseball bat next to me at all times.
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One thing I will never make fun of where people live or what their home looks like, any roof over your head is a blessing. Some people are out there rough sleeping, but we have the yachting duchess that needs to spend 3 million pounds to renovate a home in these troubling times for the UK. They picked the wrong bitch to mess with.  No one should tread on your God-given rights to free speech.
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Holly Fishwick delivers a petition to Windsor and Maidenhead Council, in Maidenhead, asking for them to stop removing rough sleepers from Windsor town centre before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images)

Anon said: Trudeau is not out to get the queen

OK…I am Canadian. I live in Ontario. Prime Minister Trudeau is NOT out to “get” the Queen. Never ever would he ever do that. He has a warm relationship with the Royal family. The Queen knew his dad, of course, Pierre Trudeau. Justin has known the royal family most of his life. This is absolute garbage. And offensive.
Yep, they are opinions and yes they can be very offensive, no matter what anyone feels is right or wrong about free speech we are entitled to it.  Did you come to my website to read my answer, no I bet you didn’t?  Why are you putting anon in tumblr instead on  devil’s advocate.  Thank you anon 🌸😎


“I have in sincerity pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust”.
– Queen Elizabeth II

If there is such concern about the response of the public to members of the BRF …. then quietly remove them from the public eye for a bit. For being so “concerned”…they have absolutely no issue stepping out into that spotlight. Don’t constantly send them to organizations that are good causes so that they can have a photo op while they draw on bananas and preach about empowerment. If you don’t like the reaction received from the people that you “serve”, then give the public that you’re concerned about a break. You won’t change opinion. People are not stupid and censorship will make things worse. You cannot take away the right to speak freely.

I don’t want to see a woman in an ill-fitting expensive outfit, where it is obvious that she’s more concerned about showing the clothes and catching a pic. I can watch the Kardashian’s if I want to see this. I don’t want to be told about yoga and the benefits of drinking less and eating better. I don’t want to hear about meditation and avocados and vegan paint. I am a middle class woman with a family in the US (who reports ALL of my income and pays my taxes) and I don’t want this ridiculous Hollywood fluff thrown at me.

I love the constitutional monarchy and their role in Great Britain. They aren’t celebrities. They are a family who is there to serve. To do good things and to highlight exceptional causes … not to highlight themselves and their lifestyle.

I can only imagine what those who struggle in the UK feel. I am not a supporter of the President, but my opinion is that this is why Trump won the White House in the US. Washington turned too “Celebrity-ish” and the average American didn’t care about being told that they should live a certain way, do certain things, act in a specific manner, etc. People felt like they were being told to support certain social movements and causes that didn’t affect them while what did affect their daily lives wasn’t being addressed (jobs, taxes, economy, etc).

This DM article is ridiculous. The response to members of the BRF is small compared to criticisms that other public figures receive through social media and other outlets. Again, Trump is an example where many will criticize his actions, his attitude and his appearance. While these comments may be petty or unkind… it is a right that is given to people speak their thoughts and feelings.

I like to read this blog and another blog titled Harry Markle. I like this blog because even if you don’t agree with the post, you share and provide an intelligent, respectful response. This blog doesn’t contain “vitriol” comments and in fact you commonly ask people to not comment with malicious cruelty towards MM. You encourage people to speak using intellegent arguments and encourage finding receipts and evidence. You have also genuinely supported the BRF, their purpose and the good that they do. This is why I also read Harry Markle who I believe provides educated points of view without making nasty personal comments towards MM.

I’ve tried. I have tried to continue to defend Harry but he is quickly becoming a “Candle in the Wind”. I don’t care what he’s like behind closed doors. He had SUCH potential. With his position in the family, he truly could have done such remarkable things in the world, as his mother did. He doesn’t have the responsibilities that William has, so he would have the freedom to be like his mother. With his charm, smile and infectious sense of humor, he could have reached and impacted many. My view of him has been impacted so much in the past 6 months that it truly breaks my heart.

Thank you for your blog and updates.

God bless you, anon!  Thank you, JD 🌸😎