My response to tumblrs about immigration. Young and naive but that’s freedom of speech

My response to tumblrs about immigration. Young and naive but that’s freedom of speech

This was never about racism, and I’m sick to death of that narrative. Please, a white supremacist is just about dead, the KKK and other idiots are irrelevant.

What is relevant is coming here legally, safely, we will need them for the industries that are coming back to America.

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My response to tumblrs about immigration. Young and naive but that’s freedom of speech

This was never about racism, and I’m sick to death of that narrative. Please, a white supremacist is just about dead, the KKK and other idiots are irrelevant.


What is relevant is coming here legally, safely, we will need them for the industries that are coming back to America.

Good morning, my friends! Don’t forget we have categories

If you only want to look at Royals, you can do that. My front page is some of the posts I think is important that you see and I know some of you are not into our president.

I wish you would give the president a chance if anything look at the healthcare video, he eliminated the tax if you can’t afford Obamacare. His has given back a choice to choose which policy you can afford, not just one option with your employer.

President Trump and his team have worked hard to knock out the middleman in this outrageous drug prices giving us 80% discount, now that is a good thing. Many in America had to decide to take half the recommended dosage to make the medicine last, like insulin. I know, I’m there.  We need Congress to pass this and stop the ongoing Hillary narrative of hatred and get to work passing the things that matter to us now.

If you google search, you can clearly see the same like speech, I’m on to them, and I’m going to be a pit bull with a bone! I hope you will join me and tell them to pass Trump care and to stop punishing us with fake Hollywood Narrative!

The race baiting, gender bender, hatred, shaming has got to stop. We are a country of laws, and they do work both ways @HillaryClinton. We live in the greatest nation on the planet, and you chose who you want to be and who you want to like. Fight for it!

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We have a border crisis happening, and we need the money to support what’s happening with the millions of people coming to our country not only from South America but also Africa! Yes, how did they get here, backstroke??!  Billionaire funding, George Soros?? You bet!!

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Haitian migrants remain outside a migration shelter in Guatemala City on June 10, 2019. – At least 144 migrants of Angola, Congo, Haiti, and Brazil -whose final destination was Mexico- were captured on June 8 when they entered illegally to Guatemala from Honduras. (Photo by Johan ORDONEZ / AFP) (Photo credit should read JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP/Getty Images)


Many in the migration have diseases that our country has not seen in decades, that could wipe out hundred’s of thousands of people, and when we lose our loved ones, it will be too late.

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TIJUANA, MEXICO – NOVEMBER 30: Honduran father Alexandre holds his son Karmaliel, who is sick with a fever, as mother Liselda sits next to them on the sidewalk where they were planning to sleep on November 30, 2018, in Tijuana, Mexico. The family said they were part of the ‘migrant caravan.’ Some migrants have been sleeping in the street due to poor conditions in the Benito Juarez temporary shelter. Officials hope to relocate at least 3,000 migrants, many from the ‘migrant caravan’, to a new shelter. Around 6,000 migrants from Central America were crowded into the original shelter which was intended to hold 3,000. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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HERMOSILLO, MEXICO – APRIL 22: Mexican Red Cross workers carry a sick immigrant to an ambulance at a shelter on April 22, 2018, in Hermosillo, Mexico. Some 600 immigrants, part of a caravan of mostly Central Americans that began almost a month ago, is within days of reaching the border. Traveling together, many atop freight trains known as the “beast,” they have sought safety in numbers on the dangerous journey. Along the way, they have received an outpouring of help from local charities, the Mexican Red Cross, private citizens, and government officials. U.S. President Donald Trump sent National Guard troops to border regions in response to the caravan, although many in the group are families who plan to seek political asylum the U.S. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The cartels are trafficking kids; that’s why the Dems won’t tell you the truth; they have to separate the so-called families to see if the DNA matches up. The Cartels recycle the children over and over again. This is a dangerous 8,000-mile journey, well funded but not funded enough to keep everyone safe mind you.

This is the truth! Tell these politicians the border needs money, NOW!! 

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MCALLEN, TX – AUGUST 15: A sick Salvadorian immigrant stands in line with fellow immigrants for a bus to a U.S. destination on August 15, 2016, from McAllen, Texas. Central American immigrant families, who had crossed into Texas through Mexico, are processed at a U.S. Border Patrol center, given temporary legal documents and sent to their destination city, while their asylum petitions move through U.S. immigration courts. The families are assisted by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Immigrant Respite Center in McAllen before their departure. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

We need funding, and the Dems won’t give it up! 

Search George Soros on my website and see what that rat bastard is up too. He is not the only one! There are more than think! They think you are ruining the planet and they are trying to play God because of these insane people believe you are ignorant and are not smart enough to decide for yourself. First thing flood countries with refugees, ruining economies, check!  Spread civil unrest, check! Start Holy wars, check!  Stop Free Speech, check, Europe you know what I’m talking about!

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Fight against tyranny, George Soros is not elected by the people!  

These morons think the American way of democracy is outdated!  Time for a global agenda, hmm not on my watch! Fight back with your voice!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to like and comment! 🌸😎JD

D-Day~ A day to remember the cost of freedom against Tyranny it’s happening again to Europe and the US

Those many years ago the British and American Forces stormed the beaches of Europe to push back the Enemy, the Nazi, fascism!

On June 6, 1944, listen to General Eisenhower speech

We are there again today to fight back against the Globalist agenda, together we can fight for our freedoms with our voice and drown out those that want you to fit into a certain mold, take your freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live your life the way you want.

You shall not be shamed for your race, creed, or color. They will not pit against one another!

We will fight back against floods of people invading our countries to no fault of their own, these poor people don’t know that the Globalist want to wreck our economies, underserve our citizens that worked hard their entire lives for these vital services. We will be ripe for the picking. Millions are flooding Europe and the United State.

We pray for our cousins across the pond and promise to stand with them again as we did on that fateful day!  The war is being done on social media as well,  the rules of the EU are slowly taking away your freedoms. Stand up to them with your voice.  Don’t be afraid to speak out publically, protest legally!


Fox News Laura Ingraham talks about Doxing by the daily beast of a forklift driver ~Pelosi video

Tucker Carlson reports that they all but ruined this guy and the man didn’t even do the video, just a reblog! Outrageous!  To make matters worse, Facebook helped the democrat party out with the man’s details!  I hope he sues the daylights out of them because I know how it feels to be persecuted for my opinion and my follower’s opinions!

Freedom of speech is being threatened if you don’t fit into the extreme left’s narrative!

Doxing is wrong! Freedom of speech is worth the humiliation! Fight back, world!

Embed from Getty Images

Things are about to change, are you ready?

Could come any day, don’t be afraid to speak out for what you believe in, follow your beliefs and don’t be scared to be proud of where you came from.  Hold those traditions close to your heart.

Fight for what you believe in, don’t let people make you feel bad, you have that right to free speech. Who likes beige anyway, don’t let them change the world into gender neutral, washed down humans.  Let men be men and women be women if you’re somewhere between that’s okay too. It’s up to you! Not anyone else.

Times up! Alright! You are about to get your freedoms back to call out the injustice in the world without getting tread on by people who try to shame you, call you racist, nationalist. Stand tall, be proud, speak up! Let’s blow up the globalist narrative together!

To Julian Assange safe trip to the states.   💋 There is a treason treaty between the  UK and the US, throw MM on that plane.

Good night my friends, more to come. 🌸😎JD


Aida  submitted: DM Deletes ALL Comments

DM Deletes ALL Comments


The DM has just deleted all comments on this article:

matilda67, Berlin, Germany, 3 minutes ago

ALL comments (I believe it was 4 or 5 thousand) have just been removed, deleted from the top news article about Meghan’s trip…

Pface, London, United Kingdom, less than a minute ago

All comments deleted in other post, oh i wonder why….


All Best Rated comments were negative, I think the DM received a call from the KP. If all the top comments are now going to positive on that article, we know why the old ones got deleted – comment section manipulation again.


I’m going to say this now, and I bet you are going agree with me. The Daily Mail IMO has been complicit in Markle’s rise to fame.  They were the only ones invited to the party. All other tabs were left out. They hired paps to take those pictures for exclusive, and they don’t go unless they are called.

Same goes with the Markle’s; now I want some bloody answers, I wish the other outlets would call them out.

They have trashed the comments too often, that means it was a sponsored article form Markle’s PR.  I’ve seen some of the comments, and they are not that bad to delete.

Thank you, Aida, for your contributions to the blog🌸😎💋

Markle the PR Trolls ~cleanup time!

 Markle and the PR Trolls

Meghan Markle Public Relations Team

Time to clean up??

by JD 🌸😎

Since the beginning of introducing Meghan Markle to the world stage began with a massive campaign to make a B-lister happen.  Meghan a  co-star on an obscure cable network that had barely a million people watching planned and executed a dueling narrative campaign using racism & sexism to get people’s attention.

Embed from Getty Images

Along with MM’s lawyers, challenged the mighty Daily Mail and other media outlets with threats of lawsuits of racism. Those outlets did no such thing, and I was in the comment section daily with many others, and I can tell you that the only racism was happening was on MM street team taunting the United Kingdom citizens.

They spelled out you’re r a c i s t  to get away from being deleted by the computer algorithm, crying BROWN babies!  Now its Queen Meghan and King Harry!  Let me share some of the tweets from the obsessed.

Crazy Diane wants to do away with the hereditary monarchy















ki_native ring leader
.5 media group ki_native out of Oregon~We have tracked trolls from Oregon and Washington State, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, NYC, Atlanta, DC, Brazil, London, Singapore, Aus, LA, Tampa guess who has offices there?  You should have paid me off when they had the chance! Why not, Meghan allegedly paid off others?
Crazy Diane is using racism, she is an MM supporter

This PR is sick and twisted and I’m seeking the truth in this. Why run such a vile campaign?

I’m a pro-monarchy supporter, and since the beginning, I’ve asked many to join me against this aggressive campaign against the monarchy and reporters.

Many trusted royal reporters are being harassed and accused of racial slurs. They are being threatened with bodily harm, one that stands out is Rebecca English was threatened with acid to the face.

Richard Palmer came out in defense of reporters and told the Sussex staff he would hold them personally responsible if anything should happen to any of these people.   Their response was don’t listen to people yelling racism.

As you all know I take anons asks, I allow people to speak their mind. Many MM PR trolls have threatened me with harm, and death threats repeatedly typed my initials over and over to intimidate me.

A real reporter would have found all the details and reported them correctly.  Run down and confirm the leads given.  Some are running scared now, and we have become plausible deniability.  We are in the process of being dismantled, but not so fast!  If we are going, I’m taking some people with me!

Along with all the supporters, we will look into connections anywhere we can. Take copious notes, screenshots, and links. We know things can disappear instantly.

Another blogger accused me of not being so nice to anons when I questioned them and guess what, I was right along PR trolls. Anons can lie, don’t kiss ass it won’t get you anywhere.

Be objective!  I was beguiled with Wink because she was always nice, but after the wedding, the nonsense being spewed was a bit much.  My X partner swallowed that and ran with it!

Not everything is PR submitted; its click bait. Unwritten rule on tumblr is you shouldn’t post it. The effect was making Markle happen even more. I questioned this constant bombardment of showing the gas lighting happenings.

It was giving Meghan more air since I was having this one-way conversation, I needed to ask questions. I don’t know who to trust anymore, and I want to know why things were still happening when Meghan got the prize. Do your job, Meghan! You spent so much money on and follow the protocol like any other diplomat in the world.

Look at what is happening now!  Is it the same people who encouraged this to happen? Are they attacking us now to discredit us?

Passive strategy approach

The passive approach strategy, really? Why let Meghan in the first to play this game?  She won, right, Harry married her! WTH is going on? We should be protected, do they realize this is stressful? Skippy got a slap on the wrist for calling Meghan IT, Moron, Meggit and I’ve taken the moderate approach, and I got BBQ with my friend vintage who isn’t even a royal blogger!  I question why?

Letting Markle do her self in, giving her rope to hang herself?  It’s frustrating to read that when Meghan is getting away with murder.

I received a tip last night, the new tweeter torontopaper1 is the one that was trolling many of us for the previous two years. She opened her blog since we were yelling lawsuit and police intervention. This person based in Washington state and yes, I have IP addresses  WHY?

The article against us has only brought attention to this blog, why do that?  Some have said. People will look at the evidence, and I think it blew up in their face.  They are trying to discredit everyone us. Don’t believe anything and question everything.

I need a reporter that I can trust to hear the real happenings of the goings on these past two years.


thanks for reading, JD 🌸😎





Anonymous said: I knew that when the People Magazine came out

I knew that when the People Magazine came out and her friends aka PR team mentioned that letter, that this would happen. She knew that there would be a letter published and is hoping people will feel sorry for her. Playing “poor MeAgain” again. Meghan and Harry are a disgrace to the royal family. It’s sad to see that the British monarchy is going downhill.
This isn’t over and who knows what kind of budget they have.  The Royals better pull the plug, lots of REXIT going around. People have had enough of their rights being Tread on🐍.
Thank you anon  🌸😎