CDAN – Yachting and Trolling for Rich Husbands

Blind Item #8

The alliterate former actress turned royal has a friend who knows all about the yachting and trolling for rich husbands because she was doing it too. The two are very good friends. Turns out though a divorce is in the works for the friend.

Meghan Markle nick soap commercial and Larry King interview

Interesting reblog from dirty duchess on tumblr

The Lies. 👀

Original video showing that writing advertising companies was a class project. 20 plus years later Markle tries to claim it was her idea while on the Larry King show, and during a UN Women’s Conference.

1st video below shows it was a “social studies project”.

2nd video shows how it’s suddenly become her idea. (Skip to about 8:18)

Please note that Lindsey Jill Roth was the producer on the Larry King show.  She also got Meghan work on the Foodnetwork

Coercion Theory ~ Meghan Markle ~ PR companies ~ the dirt they have on the Royals~ The Players

Coercion Theory ~ Meghan Markle ~ PR companies ~ the dirt they have on the Royals~ The Players

This is a post to let you decide if you believe in the coercion theory, combined with today blind it makes this more plausible to believe.  These are all the players involved in this.  It’s enormous, and the amount of money invested in this is staggering against the Monarchy over greed.  A giant payout for these scoundrels if they can distribute the dirt on a 1,200-year-old institution. They…

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It’s Katherine from Panama !

It’s Katherine from Panama !

katherine08lugo submitted:

Hi jd is me Katherine from Panama

I’m ok, my dad got his heart surgery now we are attacking cancer he has the surgery on January !!!!.

Gets what I’m going to London on 8 Feb to 16 Feb 🙆. Is gonna be epic. Send you all the pics of the drama…

Except on the 9 and 10 Feb ( i will be on Paris !!!)

Prayers are with you and your family, I’m so happy to hear from you! I’m…

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This site is getting better by the day.

This site is getting better by the day.

JD I have to say. I love the site. It works well and you have done an amazing job. It looks professional and stylish. Keep up the great work.

Love felix2001a❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Felix, I love you💋 for everything you do. You had encouraged me, given me emotional support when I needed it most, that to me is priceless.  We did close 17k page views last week on

JD, Felix, and Vin would like to thank…

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Roseberrycupcake, my friend

(JD, you don’t have to post this if I’m crossing the line by talking to your anons through submissions)

To Hautemonster and others leaving:
The reason I sent in my last submission (the story about wedding getting cancelled on the day of) was to keep the morale up. It’s not over until it’s over. Like Wink suggested, this game can go on until the very end. But the end is near.

**I’m not looking to start an argument with another blogger on someone else’s site. I just like to send in submissions (most of which can be applied to the general public) when I can. I’m only adding in this tidbit because it seems like some places more faith in NYC than the trio and even speculates whether Wink and NYC are the same people. I would like to note that JD, Felix, and Skippy were the ones keeping up the fight when many were confused and leaving. Felix and Skippy even lost their long polished and beloved blogs. While I respect NYC, she was never (and never claimed to be) the ONLY credible source. Also, Wink’s faith in Harry never once wavered while NYC’s personal dislike of him is quite apparent. Everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe, but I am more inclined to give credit to the people who stayed through thick and thin.

Thank you so much for the support, love JD, Felix, and Skippy

JD someone came on Skippy and said JM has a cousin who works at Hello. So now we know why Markle gets all the Hello articles and who pushes them.

Well, Do we know who it is?  I don’t care for Hello they did an article on Henry Cavill that was fake they never bothered to call his people for comment.  

I bet she got one at each paper. They have no idea she is screwing them. 

Thanks ckob 💜💜🌹🌹🌹