Camilla Long for The Sunday Times on Harry and Meghan

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Excellent read!

What a heaping pile of rubbish!

This part of the book must pure fantasy made up by MM’s five friends while they were on their girl’s trip in the Mediterranean.


Harry was a hound dog and used to send widespread texts to all girls.  He did this to see who he was going to hang with, and using the ploy wanna be my duchess was used—all that for a piece of ass.


Soho hunting grounds for Harry was easy pickings. Yep, he had that reputation as a male hoe. Everybody knew about it! You could pick up Land Yachters and pay to get your way with girls. Soho is famous for it! Starving artists will do just about anything for a chance at a part. And Harry used that too! Meghan was paid for by a friend for Harry, and he paid her as well. That’s why Inskip got his walking papers because he knew all about MM.  All his friends knew about MM land yachting.


Apparently, Harry is okay with the yachting, but I got to say, this isn’t pretty women.


The reason why he liked MM so much is she wanted to party hard! Two birds of a feather flocking together, pass me the straw! Inside sources told me they would smoke anything; they were both wreckless.  MM used to get her drugs from a person who lives in Canada.


Yep, Harry’s gang of friends hated MM because she would constantly talk about herself and brag. They knew the kind of person she was.  They turned their backs on Harry, and they told him to get rid of her. At one of his blonde hair friends’ parties, RPO didn’t take the cell phones.  MM recorded them, and they were scared. The party got wild according to sources. She later shopped the recording at Gina’s office and wanted 35 million.


Meghan wasn’t in love with Harry, watch the unedited version of the engagement interview.  She said in the Lisa Ling chronicles that she was smarter than Harry. She even pulled off a pregnancy scare in December 2016. According to sources, she told former live-in boyfriend Cory she couldn’t have kids.  Sam Markle told me that she had her eggs frozen and used a surrogate.


PS: One of my sources close to the situation said Meghan is a dumpster fire!

Just Harry finds himself surrounded by ‘Team Meghan’ at the couple’s £14.5million LA villa

  • New York gossip column Page Six suggested the family were ‘house guests’, rather than renting the empty mansion from actor and comedian Tyler Perry
  • Meghan is now surrounded by her long-term friends though Harry’s friends back in England have told how he misses his his old Army comrades
  • Conservation campaigner Jane Goodall said she had spoken to Harry last month and revealed he was finding his new life somewhat difficult

Meghan and Harry’s pals are attacking the monarchy – Dan Wootton

DAN WOOTTON Meghan and Harry’s pals are toeing the line by attacking the monarchy in the press

I love Dan Wootton! He is calling them out for being the trolls that they are.  A respectful silence is exactly what was being called for but NOOO, Meghan Markle wants people to suffer, off with their heads said, the red queen! If she hates the British press so much why doesn’t she shut her mouth? Move on and  🤬 off. 

Meghan Markle’s plans are backfiring! Canada doesn’t want them and certainly doesn’t want to pay them. They can only stay for six months. 

He is right about Prince Charles too! I remember the Jobson’s stories talking about Meghan being his favorite and throwing Prince William under the bus.  I was astonished and couldn’t believe my eyes. 

The Harkle’s do these stunts and he still wants to pay them?  WTH.  


Anon said: The Sussexes and their “friends”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s VERY starry new social circle: From George and Amal Clooney to Oprah Winfrey, ALISON BOSHOFF on the not-so regal A-list celebrity set who’ll welcome them with open arms

You can smell the PR from here, LOL 


New Format . Kitty! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤💋

New Format . Kitty! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤💋

Hi JD. Just read your latest message. The new format sounds great, so pleased you’re dropping The Dumb Bartons, they are becoming so boring and predictable, and we’re paying for this torture!

It’s the same old crap, just a different day. It makes me sick to my stomach. A Couple of zingers and that’s it! Dumb and dumber are not taking over the blog.  We have more important stuff to do. 

If you…

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Andrew’s friends, some are wanted for crimes against humanity!

Andrew’s friends, some are wanted for crimes against humanity!

Trump meets the Kim on the DMZ

Trump meets the Kim on the DMZ

I stayed up to watch this historic event in the wee hours, please doubt the haters that think they know what they are talking about, they don’t.

There is a way to do business in Asia, one is to never humiliate someone you intend to do business with, it won’t get you anywhere. Ever hear the saying losing face?  Be humble! Trump knows what he is doing.

North Korea’s leader…

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