Harry really went into the gutter for this crowd. They are all losers. And now Harry is a loser. What a pity. Harry better start thinking bout what kind of man he is what he wants to stand for. Thankfully there is Will and Kate.

Thank you for your opinion.  God bless Will and Kate. 🌸🌸😎




This is too good to pass up, there was a blind item CDAN Enty,  that said that Markle wanted a designer and one of her requests is you have to be friends with her. I think that is funny and pathetic at the same time. 

Sam Eastwood doesn’t have a Yoga body, or a healthy body, she is just bones and muscle. I think she suffers from orthorexya or something, she shouldn’t be able to give nutritional advice. When you think she has a daughter, can you imagine the kind of body image she will end up having? She is hanging with Henry for publicity for her training business, like the others. She is supposed to be a celebrity trainer, but somehow has no pics with her famous clients?


Put the claws in, comparing Sam to Markle, Sam wins hands down.  The Eastwood’s have been around for a year. The Cavill’s seem to enjoy their company at Durrell. You have to start somewhere. The one thing I don’t like is telling hungover people to work out vigorously when you are already dehydrated.  Other then that, Henry likes these people. I heard Corky is trying to give yoga lesson too, lol. That’s funny. 

Thank you anon 

One more thing, have you seen IG lately, everybody eats like that now that have lifestyle blogs. They drink a gallon of booze and have crap on a cracker it’s trendy. 😹😹 No offense, being funny 

MM’s yoga pose – she is not doing it right. It is called the Lord of the Dance pose and she is twisted not straight etc. She fancies herself this yoga expert and can’t get a basic pose right.

I believe you,  Look at the girl trip pics she not very tight. From my Henry Cavill fans, check out Sam Eastwood IG (friend of Henry’s), now that is a Yoga body. 

Thank you anon 

A look back at a very happy Prince Harry. This is the man he is. This is why the world was and will again be in love with Prince Harry. He was not with Cressida at the time but they were friends. All there for him. Elle Goulding was off with Princess Bea and friends this week so friends are still there waiting to re-engage with him when this is unfortunate episode is over.I could not attach the screenshot. Sorry. I do technology in baby steps.

Daily Mail 16 September 2014. Cressida Bonas attends the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games as Prince Harry celebrates staging the competition.

This one won’t wend in friends, she will shut him off and he will too. Hard to be friends with fame hoe. 

Thank you, Julie, 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹