Anon said: Looking odd

Meg’s face looks different, and I don’t think it has something to do with the pregnancy (IF she was pregnant) – she’s looking odd. She’s been up to something, wherever she’s been. Don’t think it was Frogmore Cottage.

It’s not Frogmore as it was confirmed they are renting a house and double dipping per enty, the entertainment lawyer. Hey, what does the Royal family care she is MeAgain the elephant in the room, they are mice scared of the race card and Diana! Yikes!

It’s up to Harry and Me Again, not us, and they aren’t elected they can do anything they want.

My complaint, why does she have to wear such dark clothes for summer? That is not being fashioned forward!

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Anon doesn’t believe they live at Frogmore

I absolutely 100% do not believe they live at Frogmore. The place was not renovated for them. C’mon we know how the tabs especially DM operate. When Apt 1a and Anmer were being done the tabs scrutinized and knew about every expense and were all over the renovations with pictures of how the work was proceeding. We even knew about the kitchens what color, what cost, etc. But zip zero nada on Frogmore. No pics of renovations only a pic of the mausoleum in a marquee passed off as a pic of Frogmore Cottage.

So yeah this is another lie another deception and the DM is signaling that. So where does the happy family live? Why is there no heritage house being granted to them cause it is obvious they aren’t at Frogmore. They have not been given a place to live no apt at KP no home in the country. What does that tell us? They aren’t at SFH anymore for sure. So is the RF not giving them anything and why? Maybe cause they know this is not lasting? Or did H and M reject a gift from the RF cause Megsy wants the ten mil home in LA? And now allegedly they have a baby. A vulnerable innocent life that needs a stable home. So where is said baby?
This mystery re: Frogmore says a lot to me about the irregularity of this whole mess. They do not live there; it is not being renovated for them, and it is just another one of the many lies. So what does that mean?


So many questions for the press to run down and that’s when you need boots on the ground for this job. It’s all more smoke and mirrors!  MM is following the script, and prince dimwit is playing along, he doesn’t have a clue he is being used.  I might have been labeled a vile troll for questioning both of their motives, but someone must do this.

This is your monarchy tell them how you feel! Don’t cower, fight! With your voice!  There are some with agendas that want the monarchy brought down, don’t let them!

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Anonymous said:The DM is so shady. Piers Morgan published a new article

The DM is so shady. Piers Morgan published a new article and they are not letting all the comments through (the piers is an idiot comments are allowed).
Let me go grab it…

It’s a good article! they are letting on comments now.  What’s strange about the daily mail article they keep posting a picture of Frogmore cottage and it’s partially boarded up with junk seen in the windows.  Why do you suppose that is? I talk to half a dozen people that live in the area and they say it’s not fit for habitation.  Is that another lie?


This is one from Getty

Embed from Getty Images


WINDSOR, ENGLAND – APRIL 10: A general view of Frogmore Cottage at Frogmore Cottage on April 10, 2019 in Windsor, England. The cottage is situated on the Frogmore Estate, itself part of Home Park, Windsor, in Berkshire. It is the new home of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. (Photo by GOR/Getty Images)
This the newer one, why are they using the old picture?  hmm… Are the windows still boarded up?
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well don’t want to sound like a tin hat

don’t want to sound like a tin hat (LOL) but I think Frogmore is locked down because they don’t want anyone to know neither Harry nor Meghan live there.

I don’t know where they live maybe NC but Frogmore is not being renovated for Prince Harry

1) the pics in the tabs of an alleged FC shrouded in a marquee were not pics of Frogmore they were stock pics of the Victoria and Albert mausoleum being set up for the restoration work. And the mausoleum is still under that marquee. Now, why are the tabs putting up a stock pic of the v and a tomb that is clearly labeled v and a mausoleum and calling it Frogmore?

Second, there is a public path that is just a few feet away from the actual Frogmore Cottage, and that path as per Google Earth has NOT been diverted. So yeah they are allowing the public to walk right up to the house? You can look in the windows from this public path. If they lived there the path would have been moved. It hasn’t been moved.

3) not a single pic of vans arriving there with furniture possessions?

All the so-called renovations pics were either of the mausoleum or old pics of FC current pics of FC show it has still not been painted still no new windows roof tiles still iffy looking. They don’t live there. Maybe they still have the Cotswold house maybe they are at KP but no way is Frogmore Cottage been renovated as they claim.


Embed from Getty Images

Right! I only have five pictures to choose from in Getty Images, and I have heard that the Royal couple are not there.  I’ve asked if any local can get a picture to send in for us?  If there are any lights on at night?

We are all tin hatters at the moment things are locked down tight.

The press did report the lease was broken in Cotswold after the flyover down by Coleman Raynor one of MM paps she and her family use from LA. What no paps from the UK available that day?  The Markle’s have leaked like a broken sewer pipe!

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Frogmore Cottage to Windsor Castle by Car takes 7 minutes

Map from Frogmore Cottage, Windsor SL4 2JG, UK to Windsor Castle, Windsor SL4 1NJ, UK

Why would they have anything set up at Windsor Castle?

Why did Meghan Markle unfollow the Royal Family?  Might have something to do with the leak that William cheated on Kate? Mind you fake leak. William was famous for setting up new friends to see if they ran to the press.  Hey Meghan, you failed the loyalty test!

Meghan is punishing the Royals for not allowing her to go Easter, what did you think they would do? And Am I the troll?

Now, they know you’ve leaked all this time. Too bad, I was trying to warn them.

Cosmo writes~ Did Meghan go into labor? Tweets were on fire

Calm down it was nothing! The palace will let the press know when and if they decide Markle is in labor.  Nobody got arrested, nobody got taken away in an ambulance. Stop believing the bullshit that LARPers are doing to bloggers for goodness sake.

LARPers are doing their job to gaslight you! Confuse and give the misinformation and one of these days we are going to find out why.

But sadly, it seems it was a false alarm – and a case of people reading way too much into what was actually just a coincidence. Regular royals editor at the TelegraphCamilla Tominey, was the one to give everyone the reality check they needed.

“Ambulance spotted near Frogmore Cottage yesterday is a driver training vehicle picking up food for students while out and about all day,” she tweeted, after contacting South Central Ambulance Service. “Keep calm tweeps. It could be another few days yet.”

MM PR pumping out she moved into Frogmore🐸

|Come on now, who is lying? What Harry do this time MM?  Are the workers busting their asses around the clock for you? I might have to believe the nonsense you are sofa surfing.

Express ~ Taxpayer pounds hard at work~ Frogmore

Express ~ Taxpayer pounds hard at work~ Frogmore
Holy guacamole! Three million pounds sterling with homeless people rough sleeping on the drive in!  Taxpayer expense.  If you think she is not staying think again.

A cover shields the Grade-II listed building as renovation works to the building's interior begin

A cover shields the Grade-II listed building as…

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