Anon said: BRF aren’t fun anymore

Anon said: BRF aren’t fun anymore

After following the BRF for almost 20 years now, I can really say it doesn’t make fun anymore. PH and MM are horrible, hypocritical, arrogant, spoiled, unlikeable brats. In the end, I dislike PH more than MM because he is the one who allows all this – MM’s shitty behavior, letting her control him, and so on.

Apparently my Getty plugin is malfunctioning but as you can see…

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“asked by the palace” ummmm Liz you may want to deny this immediately.



Sussex Royal Foundation is registered as a business not a charity. The Sussexes are IN BUSINESS with those companies. Can we expect a Windsor Disney on the grounds of Frogmore soon? The RF is certainly moving in that direction.

Hmm… Maybe it’s time they stop taking money from the taxpayers. Anyone else tired of these games? 

The happenings of a Gaslighter Meghan Markle this weekend!

The happenings of a Gaslighter Meghan Markle this weekend!

The Queens Patronages doesn’t include the National Theatre
I have scoured through the Royal Website along with another anon, and there isn’t any patronage for HM that include Nation Theatre or NT as it’s known.

(Photo by Dominic Lipinski-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Harry isn’t leaving the Royal Family because MM says so.  MM gave up her family willingly with no help from…

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Just Jared Meghan Markle’s old resolutions ~ @culinary 16 💋

Just Jared Meghan Markle’s old resolutions ~ @culinary 16 💋

culinary16 submitted:

Meghan Markle had a special New Year’s resolution the year she met Prince Harry.

Back in January of 2016, the then 34-year-old actress took to her blog to write that she wasn’t going to have a resolution!

In year’s past she had wanted to run a…

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